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Ksatriyas in Spirit


The best example of those who enjoy a good fight are the ksatriyas.When Maharaja Parlksit learned that the symptoms of the Age of Quarrel had begun to infiltrate within his state, "he did not think the matter very palatable. This did, however, give him a chance to fight" (Bhag. 1.16.10): Srila Prabhupada writes, "A perfect ksatriya king is always jubilant as soon as he gets a chance to fight, just as a sportsman is eager when there is a chance for a sporting match" (Bhag. 1.16.10, purport). Similarly, when Dhrtarastra, on the advice of Vidura, left his com­fortable home and went to practice austerities, he looked forward to the risks that awaited him:


The gentle and chaste Gandharl, who was the daughter of king Subala of Kandahar [or Gan-dhara], followed her husband, seeing that he was going to the Himalaya Mountains, which are the delight of those who have accepted the staff of the renounced order like fighters who have ac­cepted a good lashing from the enemy. —Bhag. 1.13.30


We may not be physically fit or bold enough to fight like a ksatriya, but we can become ksatriya-like in spirit. This will be required if we are going to do battle with staunch opponents like our own mind.A healthy organism thrives on a certain amount of stress by which he exercises his will to live. Although psychologists often tell us how to reduce stress in the modern age, we also have to learn how to live with stress. The body is made strong by stress and tension. When properly applied, tension creates art, music, and athletic prowess. When a healthy human being exerts himself or herself in the cause of Krsna, that is called tapasya, stress for a good purpose.