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The   Intellectual   Approach


One response to skepticism is to fight back with knowledge. This is recommended by Krsna in the Bhagavad-glta, and we may refer to this response as the intellectual approach. Flush out that demoniac doubt and get it to speak to you. Enter into dialogue with your doubt. You can do this within your own mind or in a diary. Or it may be more helpful to talk with another devotee about it. Srila Prabhu­pada used to encourage debate on his morning walks. He would ask the devotees for opposing views—"What do they say?"—and he would train us to argue against the atheistic points of view. Let me raise a couple of doubts and respond brief­ly to them by the intellectual or debate approach:


1."Krsna consciousness seems to be just another of the many world religions and world mythologies that speak of gods and have a theory of creation and afterlife. So isn't the Vedic view a relative thing? And aren't all these religions really creations of humans?"


2."Even if I accept that there is a divine force that is beyond the senses and the mind, how can I accept the exclusive viewpoint of the Vaisnavas of India, that Sri Krsna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead? Does this mean all the other religions are wrong? I'm afraid if I follow Krsna consciousness I'll just get into a narrow sectarian process."