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A reply to doubt number one:


You seem to equate all world religions with manmade mythologies. But the true science of God is beyond the creation of humankind and its poets. Do you think man is everything? Did humans create the sun and planets, do they create time and life and death? Can they control these forces? Not really, although puffed-up scientists may claim to. To begin to understand God and religion, you have to accept the existence of acintya-sakti, or inconceiv­able powers beyond human understanding. Since time immemorial spiritually-minded persons have inquired into the existence of the Supreme, and God has revealed Himself to them in sacred texts or scriptures. Krsna consciousness honors the truths found   in   other   scriptures,   but   also   teaches something more—a nonsectarian science by which all religions can be appreciated in their highest essence. That science is known as Bhagavata-dharma or bhakti-yoga. Bhagavata-dharma refers to the universal religion that is passed down by God to humanity, wherever it may occur in the world. Those who are sincerely interested in ultimate truths may consult this science by the proper method, and see for themselves. It is certainly un­like any ordinary book.