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Thinking  of Krsna   While   Working


Lord Krsna advises that His devotees should "always think of Me," but this may prove par­ticularly difficult for a grhastha at his work place. Externally, his work may have nothing to do with Krsna. It is relatively easy to see the connection between work and devotion if you are dressing the Deity on the altar, or cleaning the temple floor, but what if your work is to repair cars or computers? Srila Prabhupada advises us to select our method of work in consultation with the spiritual master and not do something whimsically. But when  one is convinced that his work is authorized devotional service, then he can engage in a moment-to-moment meditation even while at his place of work.And while working in that way, one should think of Krsna only: 'I have been appointed to dis­charge this particular duty by Krsna.' While acting in such a way, one naturally has to think of Krsna.  This is perfect Krsna consciousness. —Bhagavad-gita 18.57


Aside from meditating on one's purpose, one can also chant Hare Krsna always, either aloud or chanting within the mind. Although a worker in a mundane establishment might seem to be at a dis­advantage compared to a temple chanter, it is sometimes even more meaningful to call on the names of the Lord in a difficult situation than in the relaxed atmosphere of the temple routine. At any rate, the grhastha does not have the luxury of staying home to chant, so he must learn to adapt himself in the so-called material situation. Lord Krsna expected Arjuna to remain in Krsna consciousness even on a battlefield.


Krsna does not advise Arjuna simply to remember Him and give up his occupation. No, the Lord never suggests anything impractical. In this material world, in order to maintain the body one

has to work. . . The Lord therefore tells Arjuna that he need not give up his occupation, but while he is engaged in his occupation he should remember Krsna (mam anusmara). if he does not practice remembering Krsna while he is struggling for existence, then it will not be possible for him to remember Krsna at the time of death.—Bhagavad-gita As It Is, Introduction, p. 28