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Making   Friends


Grhasthas sometimes ask if it is all right to de­velop friendly relationships with workers who are not Krsna conscious devotees. The answer should be "Yes." Even if it is not possible to speak directly about Krsna to a fellow worker, one can at least set a good example by being friendly and conscientious on the job. This indirect method of representing Krsna is often more effective in making a good im­pression than showy religious displays. There is a limit, however, in how freely a devotee will want to mix with those who have no interest in Krsna consciousness or in following religious principles. Perhaps you cannot be the hit of the office party because you do not drink liquor, smoke, or chase after women. If refraining from licentious behavior means that one does not become intimate with the boss, then that is the price one has to pay. But gradually, fellow workers will see the devotee as a person of reliable character, and they will admire him, even if they do not practice the higher prin­ciples themselves. A supervisor of a counseling agency regularly turned to the Krsna devotee among his counselors whenever difficult cases arose. He said, "You have a special peacefulness within you. You can deal with these cases."