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Eating and Illicit  Sex


There is a connection between one's eating habits and the tendency for sex life. In Upadesamrta, the bodily "pushing agents" that should be controlled are the tongue, belly, and genitals. Prabhupada writes, "One may observe that these three senses are physically situated in a straight line and that the bodily demands begin with the tongue. If one can restrain the demands of the tongue by limiting its activities to eating of prasadam, the urges of the belly and the genital can automatically be con­trolled" (Nectar of Instruction, Invocation, purport). In these same purports Prabhupada states that even prasadam, if overeaten, prepared in too luxur­ious a manner, or eaten in the mood of sense gratification, can also lead to the uncontrolled tongue—which leads to desire for sex life.