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Brahmacaris   and   Brahmacarinis


There is also sometimes a thin line between a brahmacari's obligation to protect his celibacy and his obligation to be kind to women devotees. When a brahmacari becomes fanatical in his behavior, he exhibits the "love-hate" syndrome, manifesting at­traction to women by displays of hatred for them. A moderate but strict approach is advisable.When a brahmacari decides to become a grhastha, is that a falldown? The answer is no. He should be encouraged to take the responsibility for the asrama that is most suitable for him.


However, devotees in the Krsna consciousness movement should encourage unmarried men and women to remain celibate if they desire to do so. A brahmacari once wrote to Prabhupada that the tem­ple president was pressing him to get married. Pra­bhupada replied:


I do not think that Hamsaduta is pressing you for marriage. Marriage is a concession for a person who cannot control his sex desires. Of course it is a difficult job for the boys in this country because they have free access to intermingling with the girls. Under the circumstances, it is my open order for everyone that everyone can marry without any artificial pose. But if somebody is able to remain a brahmacary, there should not be any canvassing for his marriage.


. . . Our students, either brahmacary or householder, are being trained up for constant engagement in Krsna consciousness service without any personal interest. This is perfect order of

sannyasa. So if everyone is trained up in this line of action, all of us are sannyasins in all circum­stances.—Letter, 3/15/70


Unmarried ladies who aspire for celibacy are encouraged by several verses in the Srlmad-Bhagavatam, Fifth Canto, spoken by Laksmi-devi. She advises all women to accept only Krsna as their husband, otherwise one will have to accept a creature made of flesh, blood, mustaches, stool, and urine, a so-called husband who cannot offer his wife any ultimate protection.