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acarya—a spiritual master who teaches by example.

asrama—the four spiritual orders of life: celibate student, householder, retired, and renounced life. Also, a dwelling place for spiritual shelter.



bhakti-yoga—linking with the Supreme Lord through devotional service.

brahmacarl—a celibate student.

brahmana—one wise in the Vedas who can guide others; the first Vedic social order.



dandavats—literally, "falling down like a rod"; offering prostrated obeisances.

dhama—abode, place of residence, usually referring to the Lord's abode.



grhastha—regulated householder life; the second order of Vedic spiritual life.



japa—soft, private chanting of the holy names.



Kali-yuga—The Age of Kali; the present age, characterized by quarrel; it is the last in the cycle of four ages and began five thousand years ago.

karma—fruitive action, for which there is always reaction, good or bad.

kirtana—chanting the glories of the Supreme Lord.



mantra—a sound vibration that can deliver the mind from illusion.

maya—(raa-not; ya-this), illusion; fcrgetfulness of one's relationship with Krsna.



Rupa Gosvami—the leader of the Six Gosvamis of Vrndavana, the principle followers of Lord Caitanya.



sadhana—regulated spiritual practices.

sannyasl—a person in the renounced order of life, the fourth spiritual order in Vedic society.

sastra—revealed scripture.



Vrndavana—the  transcendental  abode  of Lord Krsna.