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ucatuh sma -- uttered (S10/10/28)

ucatuh -- spoke (S7/5/48)

ucatuh -- they both replied, accepting the proposal of Cyavana (S9/3/13)

ucatuh -- they spoke (S6/15/1)

ucatuh -- they spoke (S7/5/52)

uce -- Krishna said (S10/13/13)

uce -- uttered (S2/7/3)

ucivan -- began to speak (S4/21/19)

ucivan -- while speaking (S3/1/14)

ucivan -- narrated (S9/3/1)

ucivan -- spoke (S1/3/11)

ucuh -- addressed (S1/12/15)

ucuh -- began to say (S4/7/27)

ucuh -- prayed (S4/7/34)

ucuh -- prayed (S4/7/35)

ucuh -- replied (S6/1/32)

ucuh -- requested or spoke (S9/13/7)

ucuh -- said (S4/15/2)

ucuh -- said (S4/1/56)

ucuh -- said (S8/24/43)

ucuh -- said (S6/18/63)

ucuh -- said (S4/7/42)

ucuh -- said (S4/5/9)

ucuh -- said (S4/7/43)

ucuh -- said (S4/7/37)

ucuh -- said (S4/13/26)

ucuh -- said (S4/7/45)

ucuh -- said (S4/7/38)

ucuh -- said (S4/7/28)

ucuh -- said (S8/21/9)

ucuh -- said (S4/7/44)

ucuh -- said (S1/12/19)

ucuh -- said (S3/15/31)

ucuh -- said (S3/16/16)

ucuh -- said (S10/7/9)

ucuh -- said (S10/8/28)

ucuh -- said (S10/11/4)

ucuh -- said (S3/19/30)

ucuh -- said (S3/15/32)

ucuh -- said (S3/20/20)

ucuh -- said (S1/1/6)

ucuh -- said (S1/19/19)

ucuh -- talked (S4/14/7)

ucuh -- they said (S8/9/23)

udha -- great, deep (S3/5/44)

udha-bhaya -- affected by fear (S2/7/24)

udha-hasam -- overtaken by laughter (S2/7/25)

udham -- taken to (S1/18/22)

udha-vayasam -- mature in age (S4/9/66)

uhatuh -- they exchanged (S4/9/48)

uhitum -- to understand by reason and argument (S5/18/23)

uhivan -- you have carried (S5/10/6)

uhuh -- bore (S4/19/8)

uhuh -- carried (S7/4/17)

unam -- although younger (S9/18/42)

unam -- short (S10/9/15)

una-padam -- devoid of strength to stand (S1/16/34)

urau -- on the lap (S1/3/18)

urau -- on the thighs (S2/7/14)

urau -- thigh (S4/6/38)

urau -- thigh (S3/4/8)

urdhva -- extending upward (S7/8/19)

urdhva -- raising (S7/3/2)

urdhva -- upper (S5/17/1)

urdhvabahu -- Urdhvabahu (S8/5/3)

urdhva-gitaya -- by loud declaration (S4/22/63)

urdhvam -- above (S6/8/34)

urdhvam -- above (S5/22/14)

urdhvam -- after mother Sitaís going into the earth (S9/11/18)

urdhvam -- forward (S8/24/32)

urdhvam -- in the near future (S9/9/38)

urdhvam -- upward (S7/3/4)

urdhvam -- upward (S4/23/26)

urdhvam -- upward (B/15/2)

urdhvam -- upwards (B/14/18)

urdhva-manthinam -- of the brahmacaris (S5/3/20)

urdhva-mulam -- with roots above (B/15/1)

urdhva-retasah -- completely celibate (S5/1/26)

urdhva-retasah -- infallible celibates (S4/9/30)

urdhva-retasah -- those who do not discharge semen at any time (S4/11/5)

urdhva-retasah -- those whose semen flows upwards (S3/12/4)

urdhva-retasah -- unadulterated celibates (S4/8/1)

urdhva-retah -- having controlled his senses (S9/2/10)

urdhva-retah -- without discharge of semen (S4/23/7)

urdhva-roma -- Urdhvaroma (S5/20/15)

urdhva-romnah -- with hair standing on the body (S6/1/28)

urdhvayana -- Urdhvayana (S5/20/3)

urja -- Urja (S8/1/20)

urjah-vantam -- full of energy (S3/20/42)

urjah-vat -- nourishing (S4/18/9)

urjaketuh -- Urjaketu (S9/13/22)

urjam -- invigorating (S6/4/8)

urjam -- Urja (S4/13/12)

urjasvati -- Urjasvati (S6/6/12)

urjasvatim -- Urjasvati (S5/1/24)

urjasvatim -- Urjasvati (S5/1/34)

urjah -- food grains (S4/17/10)

urjayam -- in Urja (S4/1/40)

urje -- unto the provider of the Pitrloka (S4/24/38)

urjita -- decorated (S4/4/6)

urjita -- more than expected (S7/4/9)

urjita-arin -- very strong enemies (S5/1/18)

urjitah -- achieved (S8/15/25)

urjitah -- and Urjita (S9/23/27)

urjitah -- very powerful (S8/11/32)

urjitam -- excellence (S1/3/3)

urjitam -- excellent (S8/2/14)

urjitam -- glorious (B/10/41)

urjitam -- strongly built (S1/3/18)

urjitam -- very glorious (S8/18/20)

urjitam -- very, very great (S8/22/16)

urjita-vikramah -- extremely powerful (S8/15/31)

urmau -- in the waves of acceptance and rejection (S7/15/53)

urmayah -- waves (S3/11/31)

urmaye -- the waves of material existence (S4/17/29)

urmi -- and of waves (S6/9/24)

urmi -- waves (S3/13/29)

urmi -- by the waves (S10/3/50)

urmi -- from the waves (S8/7/15)

urmi -- the waves (S5/13/24)

urmibhih -- by their waves (S7/4/17)

urmibhih -- with waves (S4/10/27)

urmi-cakrat -- out of the circle of waves (S3/8/17)

urmih -- whose waves (S3/24/44)

urmi-malini -- possessing rows of big waves (S5/18/28)

urna-nabhih -- a spider (S3/21/19)

urnanabhih -- the spider (S2/9/28)

urna-nabhih -- the spider (S2/5/5)

urna-patah -- spiderís web (S4/6/43)

urnayam -- in the womb of Urna (S5/15/14)

urnute -- covers (S2/9/28)

uru -- legs (S9/15/31)

uru -- thighs (S1/19/26)

uru -- thighs (S8/6/36)

uru -- thighs (S1/3/4)

uru -- thighs (S3/7/22)

uru -- thighs (B/11/23)

uru -- thighs (S4/11/5)

uru -- thighs (S4/24/51)

uru -- thighs (S8/10/37)

uru -- thighs (S1/14/11)

uru -- thighs (S9/5/8)

uru -- thighs (S2/5/35)

urubhih -- with thighs (S4/10/18)

urubhyam -- on the thighs (S2/5/40)

uru-dvayam -- the two thighs (S2/1/27)

uruh -- the thighs (S2/1/37)

urukriyah -- Urukriya (S9/12/10)

urum -- on His thigh (S7/8/29)

urum -- the thighs (S4/14/43)

urum -- thighs (S3/3/13)

uru -- the two thighs (S3/28/24)

urvim -- the world (S9/18/4)

urvoh -- at the thighs (S3/28/23)

urvoh -- from the thighs (S3/6/32)

urvoh -- from the thighs (S8/5/41)

urvoh -- on the thighs (S8/20/23)

urvoh -- on the two thighs (S6/8/4)

urvoh -- the thighs (S2/5/37)

urvyam -- very powerful (S3/3/13)

ushatih -- unfavorable (S6/10/28)

usha -- named Usa (S6/6/16)

ushivan -- lived (S1/6/8)

ushmana -- heated by the warmth (S3/11/30)

ushmanam -- heat (S4/28/46)

ushmanam -- the letters sa, sa, sa and ha (S3/12/47)

ushyam -- in barren land (S1/15/21)

utayah -- impetus to work (S2/10/4)

utayah -- the creative impetus (S2/10/1)

utaye -- unto the Lord, who has created this material world as His pastime (S8/5/44)

utim -- such activities (S8/7/33)

utih -- activities of the Lord (S1/3/37)