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sadbhih -- by these six (U/2)

sadbhih -- by these six (U/3)

sadbhih -- within six months (S3/31/4)

sadbhih -- six (S4/9/30)

sadbhih -- six (S4/3/17)

sa-karam -- the syllable sa (S6/8/8)

sanda -- group (S3/15/41)

sanda -- trees (S1/7/3)

sanda-amarkau -- Sanda and Amarka (S7/5/1)

sandah -- neuter (S8/3/22)

sasthah -- sixth (S3/10/17)

sasthah -- the sixth (S4/7/37)

sasthah -- the sixth (S8/5/7)

sastham amsam -- one sixth (S5/15/11)

sastham amsam -- one sixth of his orbit (S5/22/5)

sastham amsam -- one-sixth part (S4/20/14)

sastham -- sixth (S9/4/3)

sastham -- sixth (S9/4/3)

sastham -- the sixth (S9/7/20)

sastham -- the sixth one (S1/3/11)

sasthani -- the six (B/15/7)

sasthe sasthe -- every sixth day (S4/8/73)

sasti -- sixty (S4/1/39)

sasti -- sixty (S4/29/21)

sasti -- sixty (S4/27/13)

sasti -- sixty (S3/21/18)

sastim -- sixty (S9/17/7)

sastim -- sixty (S6/6/1)

sastim -- sixty (S9/17/7)

sasti-sahasrani -- sixty thousand (S5/21/17)

sasti-sahasrani -- sixty thousand (S6/6/33)

sasti-sahashrinah -- the sixty thousand sons of Sagara (S9/8/9)

sat pradhananam -- of whom there were six foremost sons (S9/23/33)

sat -- six (S3/11/11)

sat -- six (S3/21/18)

sat -- six (S3/10/18)

sat -- six (S3/11/8)

sat -- six (S3/15/27)

sat -- six (S4/24/8)

sat -- six (S5/13/2)

sat -- six (S5/1/18)

sat -- six (S5/21/13)

sat -- six (S4/28/56)

sat -- six (S4/13/12)

sat -- six (S4/13/17)

sat -- six (S1/13/54)

sat -- six (S8/1/4)

sat -- six (S6/14/34)

sat -- six (to study the Vedas, to teach the Vedas, to worship the Deity, to teach others how to worship, to accept charity and to give charity) (S7/11/14)

sat -- six (S9/23/6)

sat -- six (S9/24/51)

sat -- six (S9/18/1)

sat -- six (S7/8/10)

sat -- six (S9/21/28)

sat -- six (S9/15/1)

sat -- six times (S9/4/33)

sat -- the six (birth, existence, growth, transformation, dwindling and at last death) (S7/7/18)

sat-angaya -- having six different parts (S7/9/50)

sat-anghri -- of bumblebees (S4/29/54)

sat-anghri -- of bumblebees (S4/29/53)

sat-anghribhih -- with bees (S3/23/14)

sat-atma -- six circumstances (lamentation, illusion, old age, death, hunger and thirst) (S10/2/27)

sat-guna-isah -- master of the six senses (S1/3/36)

sat-indriya-namanah -- who are named the six senses (the mind and the five knowledge-acquiring senses) (S5/14/2)

sat-indriya-vargena -- by these six senses (the mind and five knowledge-acquiring senses, namely the eyes, ears, tongue, nose and skin) (S5/14/1)

sat-masah -- the six months (B/8/25)

sat-masah -- the six months (B/8/24)

sat-navatih -- ninety-six (S5/24/16)

sat-pada -- bees (S8/2/14)

sat-padam -- bees (S4/6/29)

sat-padam -- bumblebees, which have six legs (S8/8/15)

sat-panca-varsah -- five or six years old (S4/12/43)

sat-sahasrani -- six thousand (S9/24/10)

sat-sapatnah -- six co-wives (S5/1/17)

sat-sapatnah -- the six enemies (the mind and five senses) (S5/1/19)

satsu -- in six (S5/22/3)

satsu -- six (S10/2/4)

satsu -- six primary (S2/2/19)

sat-saktibhih -- the six opulences (S6/8/11)

sat-trimsat -- thirty-six (S4/12/13)

sat-trimsat -- thirty-six (S4/9/22)

sat-trimsat-laksa-yojana-ayatah -- 3,600,000 yojanas long (S5/21/15)

sat-varga -- six senses (S4/22/40)

sat-varga -- the six elements, namely the five working senses and the mind (S7/15/28)

sat-vargah -- the mind and the senses (S4/23/8)

sat-vargaih -- by the six symptoms of the senses (lusty desires, anger, greed, illusion, madness and jealousy) (S7/7/33)

sat-vargam -- the six senses, including the mind (S9/19/24)

sat-vasu -- six kinds of enjoyable material opulence (S9/23/26)

sat-vidhah -- six kinds of (S3/10/19)

sat-vidham -- six kinds (U/4)

sat -- enduring (S7/12/20)

sat-vargikam -- endowed with all the potencies of His opulences (S1/3/36)

sodasa -- in sixteen divisions (S2/4/23)

sodasa -- sixteen (S4/29/74)

sodasa -- sixteen (S7/9/21)

sodasa -- sixteen (S4/1/48)

sodasa -- sixteen (S1/11/30)

sodasa -- sixteen (S7/7/22)

sodasa -- the sixteen (S2/9/17)

sodasa-are -- with sixteen spokes (the five material elements, the ten senses, and the leader of the senses, namely the mind) (S7/9/22)

sodasa-atmakah -- being the generator of these sixteen (S2/4/23)

sodasa-atma -- the chief of the sixteen material elements (the five gross elements, the ten senses and the mind) (S5/11/5)

sodasabhih -- by sixteen (servants) (S6/9/29)

sodasa-kalah -- having all sixteen parts (the full moon) (S5/22/10)

sodasa-kalam -- made of sixteen parts (namely the ten senses, the mind and the five sense objects) (S6/1/51)

sodasa-kalam -- sixteen primary principles (S1/3/1)

sodasa-kalaya -- whose parts are the sixteen original ingredients of creation (namely the five objects of the senses and the eleven senses, including the mind) (S5/18/18)

sodasam -- the sixteenth (S2/9/6)

sodasame -- the sixteenth (S1/3/20)

sodasa-sahasram -- sixteen thousand yojanas (S5/16/7)

sodasena -- by these fifteen items and the mind (S6/1/50)

sodasi-ukthau -- types of sacrifice (S3/12/40)

sthivana -- spitting on the body (S5/5/30)