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Nandimukhi: Lalita has spoken to me the following words: “O friend Nandimukhi, when the cows enter the cow pens, then Kanha quickly goes near Govardhana Hill.  Pleae go there and tell Subala to remind his friend Kanha about Radha.”  (She beigns to walk)  Why is Padma coming here?

Padma: O Nandimukhi, you are very expert.  Pleae tell me some remedy by which I may relieve the agitated Candravali?

Nandimukhi:  What is the cause of her agitation?

Padma:  You must certainly know.  It is Kanha, who delights and charms the entire community of Gokula every evening with his pastimes.

Nandimukhi:  Yes, this is true.

Padma: At the present time not even the fragrance of Kanha can be found in the southern part of Vrndavana.

Nandimukhi: Don’t become unhappy.  I have seen aibya, her forehead decorated with pictures drawn in mineral pigments, and I have seen Syama, her hair, as beautiful as a camara whisk, decorated with garland of forest flowers.  I have also seen Bhadra, appearing very beautiful, her shoulders decorated with a garland of gunja.  I have seen them in the company of the spiritual master of the gopis, who is right now the guest of Govardhana Hill.

Vrnda: (offstage) The companion of the son of Nanda, the flute, is the original residence of the waves of all wonderful music in the universes.  Placing that flute in his left hand with love, his eyes full of bliss, he is slowly wandering, searching for a suitable cave on the summit of Govardhana Hill.

Nandimukhi: O Padma, please delight Candravali with this news and I shall got to Subala.  (She exits).

Padma: (looking again) Vrndadevi, who is following us, understands the intentions of this formidable, noble woman.  She will use a trick to try to hinder Candravali.

Vrnda: (off stage) Why do you, just like Radha, desire to passionately embrace him, whose intimate association is so difficult to attain?  O bewildered girl, donot listen to the words of this proud old woman.  Do not go outside.  Lord Hari, agitating the beautiful gopis of Vraja with the lustre of the corners of his amorous eyes, and stealing away the rubies which are the gopis minds, is now arriving.

Candravali: (enters looking anxiously in all directions) How is it that Vrnda is speaking a lie?  Where is Kanha?  (Thus she laments).

Padma: (approaches Candravali) Why do you not drive this terrible blazing forest fire from within your heart?  Why do you pollute the bimba fruits which are your lips with these deep sighs?  O fortunate and beautiful friend, accompanied by the cries of the peacocks, the Lord of the Yadu dynasty is now resounding in the forest near Govardhana Hill, near our village of Sakhi-sthala.

Candravali: (glances at Padma) Is this my dear friend Padma?  (Deeply embraces Padma) I hope that what you have said is true.

Padma:  Yes, it is true.

Krishna: (accompanied by Subala, he enters) Look, look.  The dimly shining sun is now setting in the peaks of the western mountains.  The beginning of the evening, with its faint yawning of darkness is now delighting us.

Subala: O friend, if because of your desire to perform pastimes, you neglect to milk the cows, what will you gain?

Krishna:  O friend, someone described the peacocks to me, and thus reminded me of my beloved Candravali.  I am now very eager to see her.

Subala: What was the description of the peacocks?

Krishna: This person said to me, “Just see the extended tail feathers of this agitated peacock, who is so furiously dancing for such a long time.  The beauty of those feathers chastises the splendour of Lord Indra’s rainbow, and the eyes in those feathers seem like a multitude of moving dark moons (Candravali).  By hearing this I was reminded of Candravali.

Subala: Please play some charming music on your flute.  (Kanha places the flute to his mouth).

Candravali: (hearing the sound of the flute she becomes agitated).  This rascal flute performs unprecedented pastimes.  It is very amazing to hear.

Krishna: O friend Subala, today we should try to please Candravali.

Subala: Yes.

Padma: Look, the son of the king of Gokula is hastening towards you, and calling to you with his flute.

Candravali: (looking at the flute) My dear friend the flute, you are actually full of many holes of faults.  You are light, hard, juiceless and full of knots.  But what kind of pious activities have engaged you in the service of being kissed by the Lord and embraced by his hands?

Krishna: (jubilantly looking ahead) O friend, here is Candravali, the moon whose splendour causes the lotus flowers of my eyes to blossom.  O beloved, the circle of your face apepars like the moon, your fingernails and toenails are also moons, and your forehead appears like the new (crescent moon).  Therefore you are very appropriately named Candravali (the possessor of many moons).  (She becomes bashful).  O beloved, because I became absorbed in killing many wicked demons, I was unable to see your moon-like face, and thus I passed my nights very miserably.  Because of your presence I have become free from that great suffering.

Candravali: O handsome one, you are just like a bumblebee who is always seeking new companions.  How is it that you wish to enjoy among these gopis who are like withered lotus flowers due to separation from you?

Krishna: O dear Candravali, you appear newer and fresher at every  moment.  Please cool the burning fire of separation from you with the nectar of your embrace.

Padma: How is it that you are burning with distress simply because of the separation of my dear friend Candravali?

Subala: Don’t speak in this way! My friend is staring at Candravali just as a thirsty cakora bird gazes at a cooling water-laden cloud.

Krishna: O beloved please listen.  During our separation, when I was in the forest, there was only one thing to relieve my distress.  That thing was full of nectar, cooling to the touch, and very sweet.  That thing was Radha.  (Bewildered) I mean dhara, dhara.  (Dhara means a stream of water).

Candravali: (with jealous anger) Then Go! Go serve Radha!.

Krishna:  O beloved, I said ‘Water’ not ‘Radha’.

Candravali: Then why did my ears hear something else?

Krishna: O beloved, your ears did not properly hear what I said.

Candravali:  (turns her head down, reddened with anger) O generous one, what is the need of this pretense?  Today the captivating gold earrings, which are the 2 syllables of Radha’s name, have been placed upon my ears and filled them with nectar.

Krishna:  O Candravali, your eyes are as beautiful as those of a frightened deer.  Your words are very appropriate.  Your golden earrings are certainly beautifying your ears.  However the nectar like liquid gold coming from your moon-like face and mouth is now agitating my eyes and ears.

Padma: O friend, do not meditate upon your misfortune and become morose, one who is enamoured by Radha will naturally speak the name Radha.

Candravali: (sighs) O friend Padma, this is true.

Krishna: O beloved, there is no cause for you to be suspicious.  Because the moons beloved star Radha, which is manifest only during one portion of the moon’s phase, shines in the sky.  How would it be possible for me to meet this star on the ground?

Padma:  You are expert in the 64 arts.  It is not at all difficult for you to attain this star, the favourite of the moon.

Krishna: (with humbleness glances at Padma) O Padma, your eyes are like blossoming lotus flowers.  When I see the 2 moon like cheeks on the lotus flower of Candravali’s face polluted with this false logic, I become greatly frightened, and my heart becomes full of plaintive words.  In this condition I cannot become happy.

Candravali: (with feigned mercifulness) O Lord you are the very life of the inhabitants of Goloka.  What bewildered gopi would be able to control her intelligence after appreciating your auspicious and transcendental qualities.  Therefore do not become frightened and needlessly shrink away from me.

Krishna: (aside) With a sweet expression upon her face, Candravali hides her symptoms of severe anger.  (Openly) O beloved this spitting of intensely poisonous words is all useless.  These words of anger are actually the sweetest nectar.

Candravali:  O Gokulananda, I am not able to show my face before you, because I spoke very arrogantly and offended you.  I shall now go home.

Krishna:  (appealing) o beloved, be kind to me, be kind to me.  I am folding my hands.

Candravali:  O fortunate one, I am speaking in a very straightforward way.  Why do you suspect that I am speaking untruthfully?  Please give me permission to see the deity of Bhadrakali.  (Candravali and Padma exit).

Krishna: O friend, the many moons which are Candravali are very splendid.  Those moons are now eclipsed by many stronger Rahu planets, and I can no longer see them.

Subala:  O friend, why are you speaking in this way?  Candravali is a simply girl.

Krishna: O friend, the nature of great souls is very difficult to understand.  Although Candravali is very respectful to me, her words are full of the waves which are her humble prayers, and the corners of her eyes are full of sincere honest, she has nevertheless cleverly hidden her anger within her heart.  O handsome Subala, let us go to the grove of Bakula trees and there I shall again meet Candravali.  (They walk)  O friend this grove of Bakula trees is very charming.  Look, Look! On the right there is a glittering lake, on the left a pond, and rivulets in every direction.  This forest of Bakula trees, full of streams and lakes, is greatly delighting us.  (The word Niradhika means abundance of water, but it also can mean without Radha).

Subala: (aside) My opportunity has now arrived.  (Openly) O friend, if Radha were present, this place would delight you.  Why do you say that it would delight you ‘without Radha’?  (He takes the second meaning).

Krishna: (embraces Subala) O friend, you speak  the truth.  Radha’s presence would certainly increase the beauty of this grove of Bakula trees.  Pleae tell this to Lalita.

Subala: Yes I shall.  (He exits).

(Padma and Madhumangala enter)

Madhumangala: O Padma, I have heard that Candravali became unsatisfied, even though my friend tried to placate her with sweet words.

Padma: Yes, this is true.

Madhumangala: Because of this my friend has become dejected.  It would be very fitting if we could arrange to re-unite them.

Padma: O pious boy, I shall certainly allow you to do this.

Madhumangala: (looking ahead) O Padma, look! My dear friend is speaking to a bumblebee in this groce of Bakula trees.

Padma: O noble boy, let us hide in this network of creepers, and listen to what he says.

Krishna: (remembering Radha, Krishna becomes agitated) When my beloved moves the arch of her eyebrows, cupid loosens his bow of flowers.  My beloved is like a treasure chest full of enchanting jewels.  May she become an ornament for me.

Madhumangala: O Padma, he is speaking about your dear friend Candravali.  He longs for her.  Let us go and bring her here.

Padma: O noble boy, we have clearly heard his words.  He is full of love for her.

Krishna: (with longing) The beauty of her face defeats the splendour of the full moon.  Her waist is adorned with a vali (a slight fold of skin on the upper portion of the belly) This verse can also mean - Her face defeats the splendour of the full-moon night.  Candravali shines in the middle...(He stops midway).

Madhumangala: O Padma, there is no need to continue listening.  Let us quickly go.

Padma: You speak well.  (They quickly walk far away)

Krishna: When will I place beautiful Radha upon my chest?

Padma: O pious boy, I say this: My dear friend Candravali is very proud.  If she meets Krishna she may treat him with disrespect.  Please go to Krishna and tell him this.

Madhumangala: You have spoken well.  (He returns and approaches Krishna) O dear friend, by eavesdropping I was able to hear all the words you spoke describing your longing to be with your beloved.  Please order me and I shall quickly bring your beloved here.

Krishna: (with praise he embraces Madhumangala) O friend, I give my blessings to you.  Pleae quickly bring her.  (Madhumangala and Padma exit).

Krishna: What is the cause of this great anxiety of love?  When a bumblebee hums in the grove, my mind thinks it hears the sound of my beloved’s jewelled ankle bells.  When the grass moves in the wind, my mind thinks that my beloved must have arrived.  (Accompanied by Padma and Madhumangala, Candravali enters).

Candravali: O Padma, is this a grove of Bakula trees that I see?

Padma: Yes.  Let us quickly go there.

Krishna: (hears the tinkling of the ankle bells) O, I am greatly bewildered by this buzzing of the bumble bees.  I should not become bewildered and foolishly think that my beloved is arriving.  (He becomes agitated) When there is some hope to attain one’s aspiration, a person becomes easily deceived, just as a cataka bird cries twice as much when the clouds arrive (hoping the rain will come).  (Krishna becomes very attentive) How is it that I hear the tinkling of ankle bells nearby?  (Craning his neck with expectation, he becomes agitated).  My beloved has actually arrived!  (He rushes to Candravali’s side) The bumble bee of my heart is moved by the auspicious radiant fully-blossomed creeper of radhika.  (He stops abruptly).  This verse may also mean - The bumble bee of my heart is moved by the fully blossomed creeper.  You have an abundance of radiant auspciousness.

(Candravali glances angrily at Madhumangala) (She takes it in the first sense).

Madhumangala: (glancing at Candravali) O friend Candravali, my dear friend is describing your abundant auspicious qualities.  (He takes the second meaning).

Krishna: (embarrassed at the awkward situation, he says to himself) O why has he brought Candravali?  I shall remedy the situation by flattering her.  My friend has awakened Candravali’s love for me, and she has quickly come here.

(Bashful, Candravali places a vaijanti garland on Krishna’s neck).

Krishna: (jubilant) The many desires of the multitude of cakora birds become fulfilled when they serve the single moon.  O beloved, you are as beautiful as many moons.  It is not very amazing therefore that you delight the two cakora birds of my eyes, which are engaged in your service.

Madhumangala: (proud) O friend, now you have seen how clever I am.  Although you possess an unlimited number of transcendental qualities, you were not able to become free from your offense to your dear friend Candravali.  I have now released you from that offense.

Krishna:  O friend, in relation to the pastimes of cupid, who wields an extra-ordinary bow of flowers, you are very expert at the political manoevres of making peace and making war.

Padma: (speaking to Madhumangala) O pious boy, there are some blossoming malli flowers.  Let us go and pick them.  (Padma and Madhumangala exit).

Krishna: (aside) I do not think that Radha has come to this forest.  I shall go somewhere else. (Openly) O beloved, not very far from this place is a grove of fragrant naga-kesara trees.  That place is as big and splendid as a city arena, therefore let us go there.  (Krishna and Candravali exit).

(Talking to Lalita, Radha enters)

Radha: Friend, look, look! All the directions are covered by a terrible darkness.

Lalita: O dear friend, why have you decorated yourself with these dark ornaments which are suitable for a secret rendezvous in the middle of the night?

Radha:  Yes it is so.

Lalita: (smiling she glances at Radha) You have places necklace of sapphires upon your braided hair, a garland of blue lotus flowers decorates your breasts, your eyes are decorated with black cosmetics and musk.  O friend, I think that you have become greatly agitated with the desire to have a secret rendezvous with the enemy of Kamsa, and in this condition you have forgotten the entire world.

Radha: Give up this joiking.  Quickly show me the path to the grove of naga-kesara trees.

Lalita: O dear friend, here it is.  (Lalita timidly walks) O friend, covered with the dark cosmetic of night, your beautiful limbs move through the forest of Kadamba trees.  Although you desire a secret rendezvous with the enemy of the Mura demon, your limbs, as splendid as bolts of lightening, pierce the great darkness O Radha, by thwarting your own desire for secrecy, you have become your own enemy.

Radha: Stop these harsh words!  Look we are near the grove of Bakula trees.  The fragrance of Murari does not madden my nose, and the effulgence of his fingernails and toenails does  not illuminate this forest.  O dear friend, I suspect that your friend Krishna desires to play a joke upon us, and he is hiding in some secret place, covered by creepers.

Lalita: O friend, come here.  I see a grove of Kadamba trees on our left.

Radha: (goes to Lalita) O clever boy, I see you.  I see you.  Why do you cover yourself with your hands.  (She searches in all directions)

Lalita: O friend, give up this searching.  Come let us decorate Keli kunja.

Radha: O lotus-eyed friend, please decorate the entrance to Keli-kunja with bakula flowers.  Place a goblet of Madhvika nectar near the couch, and decorate the couch with lotus flowers.  Please do this and Lord Hari will surely praise you for your skill.

Lalita: (decorates the place in that way) Just see, Kanha is late.  Let us enter the grove and wait for him.

Radha: (agitated, walks about) I think that Hari has been stopped somewhere by Padma, who is devoted to pleasing her friend Candravali.  For this reason, even though we have come to this cottage in the grove, he has not come here to meet us.  Alas, the moon is now rising and delighting the eastern direction, which is presided over by the husband of Sachi, Indra.  That moon is the enemy of beautiful girls who desire a secret rendezvous with their lovers.  (They exit).

(Krishna enters)

Krishna: (looking in all directions) The bumblebees are no longer enthused to move among the lotus flowers, and the owls are looking for the trees where their nests are kept.  The light of the pole-star is gradually fading.  IS the sun now eager to rise on the eastern mountains?  I do not know if Radha will be greatly angry and disappointed because I have arrived so late.  Yes, I shall go to the grove naga kesara trees and pick flowers.  (He picks flowers and goes on) Radha will certainly say to her friend: ‘O friend, even now that cheating Madhava has not come.”  How will she be able to pass the night in such great distress?  (Walking on, Krishna sees the grove of Bakula trees and laments) Radha has thrown away the mixture of betel nuts and camphor, and she has discarded her charming necklace of emeralds.  With her fingernails she has ripped apart the fragrant crown of flowers.  In this way the grove proclaims Radha’s great distress.  (Walking ahead)This is the altar where Radha worships the sungod.  I shall go near to it.

(Accompanied by Lalita and Visaka, Radha enters).

Radha: (looking ahead) O Lalita, look.  Your handsome young man is standing near the altar.

Lalita: O friend, become like a golden diety.

Krishna: Here is my beloved accompanied by her friends.  I shall go to speak to them.  (He approaches them) O Lalita, well done, well done.  Now I can see how you are an expert teacher in the matter of giving bad advice.  At this altar in the forest, you have now initiated me in the vow of staying awake all night.

Lalita: Ah, what treachery, you did not arrive until the rooster crowed!  Resting on a couch of newly blossomed flowers, my friend waited for you.  In your absence she considered a moment to be a kalpa.

Krishna: (with feigned arrogance) Ah, she is expert at deception.  (He points to the bakula flowers) Tonight, seeing my grief, this Bakula tree also became unhappy.  The flowers of this tree continuall drip honey, as if they were eyes continually shedding tears.

Lalita: Ah, he is deceptively clever.  He used the word ‘kesara’ which can mean either the inner part of the Bakula flowers, or the naga-kesara flowers.

Krishna: (pretending to be disgusted) O Lalita, please stop this clever playing with words.  It is not you who are at fault, but I, who desire to befriend such golden-complexioned gopis, who are so eager to find fault with me.

Note: “Drsta-dosabhih’ can be interpreted to mean - one who finds fault with others, OR or who is himself full of fault.

Vishaka: What fault do you see in the gopis?  (She took the second meaning).

Krishna:  Look, look.  Full of fresh, nectarean water, a charming dark cloud has appeared to alleviate the burning heat of the earht.  Golden flashes of lightening appear in that cloud for a brief moment only.  (Alternatre translation) Full of the nectarean mellow of conjugal love, the charming dark cloud of Krishna has appeared to alleviate the burning distress of the earth.  The golden flashes of lightening which are the gopis, stay in that cloud for a brief moment only.

Vishaka: It is proper for the delicate gopis act in that way, Krishna is as harsh as a thunderbolt.

Lalita: O Vishaka, please hear a certain song.  (Pointing to a bee, she sings)  After having abandoned this champak creeper, full of yellow flowers which are as splendid as fresh gold, this black bee is moving restlessly as if it were a dark streak of lightening.

(Alternate translation) It seems like a fickle paramour of dark complexion has run away, after having abandoned this flower-like, fair complexioned girl, who is just like a champak creeper and whose beauty is enhanced by her deep love.

Krishna: (smiles) You are certainly the queen of all those who speak eloquently.

Lalita: Because you are speaking so proudly and fearlessly, I do not think that you are free from fault.

Krishna: There is a very truthful common saying that youthful girls with crooked eyebrows cannot give up their contrariness.  Hearing your eloquent words has not depressed me.  On the contrary, now I, who have no superior in eloquent speech, have been conquered.

Lalita: (concealing her actual intentions) Be merciful to Kanha.  In truth he is depressed because he has stayed awake all night.

Radha: (glances at him from the corners of her eyes) You are expert in the art of cheating the foolish.

Krishna: (blissful) These blossomed kesara flowers shall decorate your braided hair.  Please do not let my efforts go in vain.  (He opens the package of flowers).  O beloved look at these kesara flowers, the best of all fragrant things.  I have now become aromatic just by holding them.

Radha: (with a joking smile) You have become aromatic because of the sweet scent of Candravali.

Krishna: O beloved, your joking words do not offend me.  At this very moment the sweet scent of Candravali is indeed emanating from my body.

Radha: (angrily turning away) O Lalita, dod you hear that!

Krishna: (smiling) O beloved, why have you become so agitated just because of these syllables which also mean something else.  By saying ‘candravali’ I meant an abundance of camphor.

Radha: (smiling) Give me the flowers.  (She extends the corner of her sari).

Krishna: (Looking at Radha’s face, he says to himself) Ah, decorated with restlessness, the eyebrows of Radha are expert in the art of Tandava (fierce) dancing.

Vishaka: (whispers) O Lalita, look, look.  Because Radha has aimed the enchanting arrow of her side long glance at Kanha, he has become bewildered and it not aware that he has placed his flute on the edge of Radha’s sari along with the flowers.

Lalita: The transcendental cowherd boys are not able to steal away the flute from the son of Nanda, even when he sleeps.  The fortunate Radha has nevertheless bewildered him with the art of her side-long glance, and she has stolen away the flute, before his very eyes.

Radha: (aside) This is the same flute which causes the gopis hands to become numbed when they perform their household duties.  At night-time this flute attracts the golden-complexioned gopis, even from the laps of their husbands.  This flute loosens the gopis tight belts, even in the presence of their superiors.  This rascal flute, the property of Gokulamangala is now under my control.

Madhumangala: (from off-stage) O dear, you must have seen my dear friend.

Krishna: How is it that Madhumangala is coming here?

Madhumangala: (Holding a garland in his hand) I have heard from the mouth of Subala, that Radha is staying awake in the middle of theforest.  I have therefore come to give her courage.  (He approaches Radha) My dear friend, Radha, Krishna appears very charming, garlanded with many forest flowers.  He wears glistening golden bracelets, and his limbs bear many decorative lines drawn in colourful mineral pigments.  He is the Lord of all the worlds.  How is it that, attracted by the waves of your side-long glance, he has become stunned, and now appears as a great dark stone?  (Radha smiles).

Krishna: O beloved, my dear friend knows how bewildered I become during the darkness of night.

Radha: O noble boy, now out of affection and courtesy, please instruct me in how to cross over the ocean of this endless forest.

Madhumangala: O friend, it is well that you should understand.  You must have remained awake thinking the movements of the creepers was due to wild animals in the forest.  All glories to you.  Now you know that there are no wild animals here, there is only my dear friend and Lord.  Now you can enter into the cottage without any fear, and sleep.

Radha: O noble sir, why do you speakin in this way?  Alas!  In this forest, when I do not for a moment seet the series of moon which are the splendour of the tips of the nails of te enemy of Kamsa, then at once the rising moon wounds me and the merciless rising of the sun leaves me completely bereft of hope.  In such a condition I am overcome by exhaustion and fatigue.  (The first part of this verse may also be taken as follows) When, in the beginning it was seen that in Krishna’s grove were the splendour of the tips of Candravali’s nails, then...(etc.)

Madhumangala: (He takes it in the second meaning) (aside) Alas, Radha has seen Candravali meet Krishna in this forest grove.  I will give up trying to cheat her, I will simply flatter her.  (He says openly) O beautiful girl, when he could not see you, Gokula’s prince became filled with despair.  In that condition, Candravali....(Halfway through Madhumangala’s verse Krishna knits his eyebrows, signalling him to stop.  Struck with wonder, everyone gazes at each other).

Madhumangala: (aside) Alas, alas! I am a brahmana boy who spoken very recklessly.

Krishna: (reflecting) I have had a long night.  Madhumangala is so exhausted that his throat is now choked with tears.  I shall complete the verse he has begun.  (Smiles) Madhumangala meant to say, ‘clinging to the sight ofthe moon (and being reminded of you) I was somehow able to pass the night’.  (Candra-moon, avalina-clinging to)

Madhumangala: Dear friend, you are omniscient, so its natural that you should know the second half of the verse I kept in my heart.

Lalita: Radha, even now you are bewildered?  Look at how the handsome limbs of this rake bear the marks of amorous pastimes.  (Angrily she says in Sanskrit)  My dear girl, turn your heart from this Krishna, whose chest is as splendid as a sapphire and whose side-long glances rest on the breasts of the young girls of Gokula.  Do we not already know how this rake attracts respectable girls, pollutes them, and then fearlessly leaves them?

Radhika: Alas! Alas! I have been cheated!

Krishna: Beloved, you rebuke me without any good reason.

Radhika: (taunting him she says in Sanskrit) I know that your eyes are red because some pollen fell in them when, without blinking, you searched for the path to come to me.  And I know that the wound on your bimba-fruit lips was created by the cold forest wind.  My lord, do not fear I am not criticising you.  I have simply been struck by my own destiny.

Krishna: Beloved.  I am your submissive servant.  I fear even to decorate you.  (With ornaments).

Radhika: In all the worlds you are famous as the supreme independent.  How is it possible for you to become the submissive, dependent servant of me?

Krishna: I am not alone in my subordination to you.  My ten incarnations are also your subordinates.  My fish incarnation, Matsya is subordinate to the fish which are your restless eyes.  My tortoise incarnation, Kurma is subordinate to the 2 beautiful turtles of your breasts.  My boar incarnation, Varaha, subordinates himself to the association of your throbbing chest.  My Nrsimha incarnation, who delights Prahlada, subordinates himself to your delightful lips.  My Vamana incarnation who bound Bali with ropes is also subordinate to your waist which is bound by a slight fold of skin.  My incarnations of Ramacandra, Parasurama, and Balarama are subdued by the beauty of your face.  My Buddha incarnation subordinates himself to your intensely beautiful body.  My incarnation of Kalki has been subdued by the quarrelsome, crooked nature of your heart.

Radhika:  Ah!  Lalita! Now have you heard!

Lalita:  O Kanha, your incarnations all remain within your self.  We can clearly see the symptoms of these incarnations in your character.  You possess the restlessness of Matsya, the hardness of Kurma, Varaha’s tendency to touch the earth, the cruel fingernails of Narasinga, the expertise at cheating of Vamana, the charming moon-like glow of the destroyer of Ravana’s dynasty, the untiring persistence of Parasurama, the intoxication of Balaraam, Buddha’s wish to torment sacrificial performances and Kalki’s ability to overcome all obstacles in order to have a climatic end to his pastimes.  Clearly, therefore, Matsya and all the other incarnations are splendidly manifested within you.  (Note-touching the earth (go-sangatih) can also be translated as associating with cows)

Krishna: (smiles) Friend, look! Look! Lalita has become unfriendly, Radha has become my enemy. I am now burning in pain and the branchless tree named Vishaka is unable to give me any shade.

(Taking a garland of malli flowers from the hands of Madhumangala.  Krishna bows down before Radha and speaks the following praises)

Krishna: O Radha, just like you, this garland is very precious, splendid, delicate and very fragrant.  Let it be the pathway that leads to your heart.  I pray that this garland may become like the celestial river Ganges which beautifies the Lord Siva’s head of your breasts, which are the abode of crescent-moon-shaped fingernail scratches.

(Moving his eyebrows, Krishna tries to gain Vishaka’s sympathy.  He hands the garland to her and she in turn places the garland before Radha).