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(Followed by Lalita, Purnamasi enters)

Purnamasi: O child, on my account, the son of Nanda, has become embarrassed to associate with your friend Radha.

Lalita: O noble gopi, great souls are difficult to understand.  They do not immediately reveal their minds.

Purnamasi:  (glancing ahead) O child, just see how Madhu-mardhana (the killer of the Madhu demon) is happily sporting with Madhumangala in this garden of kadamba trees.  The flute of Krishna’s pastimes measures 3 fingers in length, and it is bedecked with indra-nila gems.  At the ends of the flute are arusa gems (rubies) glittering beautifully, and in the middle of it is plated with gold and set ablaze with diamonds.  This auspicious flute, pleasing to Krishna, is glittering in his hands with transcendental brilliance.

Krishna: (Enters showing signs of regret) Due to embarrassment, Radha suddenly turned her face from me, as her smiling friend held the corner of her garment.  How is it that today I failed to embrace Radha between my arms?  O friend Madhumangala, her eyes are like that of the khanjarita bird and her blossoming, graceful feminine gestures, have completely stolen away the bumblebee of my mind.  (With longing) Radha once said the following words, “O friend, my favourite pearl-necklace has broken and I must now search for the scattered pearls’.  Using this trick, she affectionately glanced at me from the corners’ of her charmingly, bewildered beautiful eyes, even in the presence of her elders.

Purnamasi:  (sees Krishna from a distance and says apprehensively) Murari’s slightly agitated eyes move about and his sighs cause his garland of vicalika flowers to wilt.  Who is the fortunate, beautiful girl in Gokula, who has quickly brought the Lord to this state of meditation?  O child, Radha is certainly the cause of this.

Krishna: (seeing Purnamasi he approaches her) O noble woman, I offer respects to you.

Purnamasi: O handsome boy, may you be the chief ornament on the sloping breasts of the gopis.

Krishna: (slightly laughing) Do not give these useless benedictions.  With the bud of my hand, I have not even touched this dark-coloured creeper, who is celebrated as the gopi (Tulasi).

Madhumangala:  (laughing) O master, we are looking for a golden creeper, not a dark-coloured one.

Purnamasi: (with a playful, joking smile) O Madhava, you are the son of the king of the cowherd men, and you are very well behaved.  You are famous in Vraja for the strength of your arms, and for performing hundreds of wonderful pastimes.  Why have you so greatly agitated this pious girl?

Madhumangala: O harshly speaking old woman, wait a moment, wait a moment.  It is my dear friend who has become agitated by your Radha.  He has become so bewildered that he does  not understand how he has lost his crown, buffalo horn an stick.  He does not know where he has dropped them.

Krishna: (embarrassed) O pious woman, this talkative boy is speaking lies.  I will speak the truth to you.  I have not fallen in love with your gopis.  He should answer this question truthfully here.

Madhumangala: O pious Purnamasi, this is true.  This is true.  I have never observed that the heart of my dear friend has shown any love for your gopis.  On the contrary, it is Their cosmetics that are seen on Krishna’s chest.

Krishna: (affectionately angry) O fool, fie upon you.  Although you are my intimate friend, you will not abandon this dishonesty.

Purnamasi: This boy has spoken the truth.  O killer of Kamsa, according to your desire you manifest a reservoir of unlimited transcendental qualities, and you are a great ocean of beauty.  You are always possessing a multitude of auspicious opulences.  Therefore in your pastimes of playing your flute, it is no wonder that when the gopis hear that sound their clothes become loose even inside their homes.

Madhumangala: O pious woman, you have only described the pastimes of his playing the flute.  He has done may other things which you do not know.  This very day I have seen him take the gopis garments from the shore of the Yamuna river, and place them on his shoulder with his own hand.

Krishna:  (Knitting his eyebrows, he checks Madhumangala) O noble woman, even though the sound of my flute is so attractive, your gopis remain gloriously chaste.

Lalita:  Some king of the rascals has certainly taught you some bewitching mantra, or herb by which you have destroyed the happiness of household life for all these pure, beautiful wives of the cowherd men.

Madhumangala: Lalita speaks the truth.  Without some powerful mantra, how could this boy, who is by nature as gentle as a fresh cool lotus flower, have put to shame great demons who were as big as mountains.

Lalita: O pious boy, please do not tell us how cool he is.  Even the mere remembrance of your friend creates a distressful burning sensation within us.

Madhumangala: O friend, although you are so cooling, the gopis say you are very hot.  By touching you, I shall see if this is true.  (Madhumangala respectfully places his hand on Krishna’s chest).  Lalita speaks the truth.  (Madhumangala reflects for a moment) O Lalita, I understand, I understand.  Your Radha has entered the heart of Krishna and caused him to become very hot, even though he himself has made millions of moons cool.

Lalita: O pious boy, my friend’s fragile and unlimited love has been greatly injured by this Krishna.  How is it possible for her to enter his heart, which is as hard as a diamond.

Madhumangala: O fickle girl, my friend is full of very intense and beautiful love for your gopi friend.  Cheating sleep, he meditated upon her with single-pointed concentration of the mind, just like a king of the yogis.

Krishna: (Turning his face away with embarrassment) Fool, stop these lying jokes.

Lalita: By the grace of providence, my dear friend has become very fortunate.

Purnamasi:  O handsome boy, please stop these jokes.  Hear what I have to say.  O Krishna, you are just like an ocean.  The river of Shrimati Radharani has reached you from a long distance, leaving behind the tree of her husband, breaking through the bridge of social convention, and forcibly crossing the hills of elder relatives.  Coming here because of fresh feelings of love for you, that river has now received your shelter.  But now you are trying to turn her back by the waves of unfavourable words.  How is it that you are spreading this attitude (indifference)?

Madhumangala: O even though your intelligence is sharp/pure still you ask this question?  Just see how I have constructed this bow of flowers for frightening away cuckoos with their vile warbling.

Purnamasi: O moon-faced Krishna, when this young girl perceives the sweet aroma of the Madhavi creepers, and then again sees how diligently her female companions are guarding the gate, she trembles with fear.  When she sees the drops of water on the chandrakanta jewel on her terrace, she suspects the imminent moon-rise and faints with anxiety.

Krishna: (aside) Ah, this is a very painful situation.

Purnamasi: O handsome boy, the neglect of another’s love I a greatly sinful deed, which causes very bitter consequences.  Just see, the jewel of the day (the sun) is now abandoning the reddened twilight, and it is immersing this world in terrible darkness.  (Ashamed Krishna bows his head) (Glancing at Krishna she becomes very happy and says to herself): By good fortune, Krishna is smiling and his right eye is blinking auspiciously.  (Openly) You should become the decoration of this grove of mango trees.  One of my friends (Lalita or Vishaka) will bring you to the proper place.

Krishna: (embarrassed) As you say.  (He and Madhumangala exit).

Purnamasi:  O daughter Lalita, now I am completely happy.  Please go now to radha.  (Engaged in conversation, Radha and Vishaka enter).

Radhika: O friend, although I have drunk the coconut juice of Krishna’s conversation, which is mixed with the camphor of his smile, because I have not drunk the nectar of the touch of his body, I have become greatly emaciated and am no longer able to remain alive, as if I had swallowed poison.

Vishaka: O friend, you do not know how glorious you are.  Although, Syamasundara, has become so affectionate towards you because of your intense love for him, you still nevertheless fear that you are impure.

Radhika: O friend, at night the jungle elephant of conjugal love (cupid) has thrown away the fence and fearlessly trampled the multitude of lotus flowers which are my longings to meet Krishna.  Alas, even though the glowing moon may rise for a long time, it is possible for those wretched lotus flowers to become happy?

Purnamasi: (Seeing Radha ahead): O daughter Lalita, I am eager to induce your friend Radha to describe her love for Krishna.  Please remain silent as I speak to her.

Lalita: I shall do whatever you say.

Purnamasi: (approaches Radha and says with feigned unhappiness) O Radha your eyes are as charming as a pair of khanjana birds.  With sweet words Madhava continually begs for the touch of your body.  He considers that no other remedy will even slightly cure the agitation of his heart.

Radhika: (as if perplexed) Why should I feel embarrased here?  (She folds her hands) If a delicate rangana creeper is scorched by a blazing forest fire, what can sace that creeper, except for the appearance of a dark rain-cloud?

Purnamasi: O Radha, you are the granddaughter of an elderly gopi.  How is it that you aspire to attain Krishna, who is very difficult to attain, and whose feet are embraced by the goddess of fortune herself?  Please listen to my words, and pacify your mind.  Do not become curious to grasp in your hands the moon, which is moving in the sky.

Radhika:  (her voice choked up with emotion) Because of your insistence, I shall give up my love for Krishna, the conquerer of the Mura demon.  Nevertheless, now that evening is beginning, my mind is very eager to hear some encouraging words from your mouth.  Please grant me the benediction that in my next life I may become a bee on a garland of forest flowers.  (She hints that she is about to commit suicide, because her love for Krishna is frustrated).

Vishaka: O noble Purnamasi, please protect Radha.  Her eyes are wide open and her condition is very frightening.

Purnamasi: (agitated) Alas, the snake of time, which brings great catastrophes has forcibly intruded.  (She mercifully embraces Radha)  O child, become calm, please become calm.  You are now agitated by the manifestation of great love.  Please listen and I will tell the truth to you.  Desiring a brief glance of you, Lord Siva and the other unlimitedly powerful controllers of the universe, perform severe austerities to achieve this end.  Even Krishna has become thin because of his thirst to see you.  O beautiful Radha, how can I glorify your indescribable good fortune?

Lalita: With the flute at his mouth, Krishna is now exclusively engaged in singing beautiful songs to glorify your pastimes.  Making beautiful ornaments to decorate you with has become his exclusive activity.  Your names have become more pleasing to him than all of the inhabitants of Vrndavana forest.  O Radha, the enemy of Kamsa has made for you today a mandala of fragrant creepers.

Radhika:  (becoming calm, she says to herself) O fickly mind, even now you do not believe this.

Purnamasi:  Lalita, you are very bold.  When Vishaka returns here from the base of the Mango tree, accompanied by Mukunda, please conceal Radha from the other gopis, in the previously arranged grove of Karnikara flowers.  I must go and attend to my own duties now.  (The 3 exit).

Vishaka: (after walking a great distance).  I can see Kanha staying under that mango tree.

Krishna: (eagerly glancing behind) The brilliant sun, appearing as beautiful sphere of molten gold, has now set, entering the waters of the ocean.  The darkness appearing as a perfect cosmetic for the eyes of these many owls, has caused even the elephants to stumble and stray from their normal course.  (Anxiously looking at the path)  How is it that I still do not see that gopi friend?  (Turning around, he looks behind)  Moonlight is very expert at disturbing the sleep of the pious gopis, who appear as beautiful as sleeping lotus flowers.  That moonlight threatens to humiliate the lotus flowers and cause their beauty to fade.  That moonlight is lamented by those whose lovers never arrive at the place of rendezvous.  That beautiful and cooling moonlight is now decorating the eastern sky.

Krishna: (perplexed) The moon has risen, and still Radha’s messenger has not arrived.  Perhaps Radha considered her religious duties and restrained her desire to see me?  Perhaps she was prevented by the harsh and critical objections of her superiors.  Perhaps she has fainted in distress, and she is now motionless.

Vishaka: (aside) Krishna is eagerly looking at the path, expecting my appearance.  I shall joke with him for a moment.  (She turns her face down and becomes silent).

Krishna: O my friend, why are you silent?

Vishaka: O moon-faced boy, I am very unfortunate.  Why should I speak?

Krishna: (apprehensive) Why is this?

Vishaka: O handsome boy, Sarasvati, the goddess of eloquence, does not grace me with her appearance.  Still it is not proper for me to conceal what has transpired.  O prince of Vraja, the wretched Abhimanyu has taken my dear friend Radha to Mathura (Her speech is interrupted by dry crying).

Krishna:  (alarmed) When was she taken to Mathura?

Vishaka:  At the time when you met noble Punamasi.

Krishna: (grief-stricken) O Vishaka, why was she taken to Mathura?

Vishaka: It was suspected that she had fallen in love with you.

Krishna:  How was it detected?

Vishaka: Who would not be able to detect the appearance of that extraordinary love?

Krishna: The uncivilised breeze from the malaya hills fatigues my body, and the moon appears to be scattering blazing particles of fiery dust with its moonlight.  Wretched cupid scolds me with the buzzing sound of the bumble bees.  I am not able to live without Radha even for a moment.  (Krishna becomes bewildered).

Vishaka: (respectfully) O bliss of Gokula, please become peaceful, become peaceful.  I was simply playing a joke with you.  Although radha is greatly distressed, her life is protected by the delightful garland you gave her.

Krishna: (relieved) O rascal, you are teasing me.

Vishaka: You have forgotten your own nature.

Krishna: O friend, please describe the symptoms of my beloved Radha’s love for me.

Vishaka: When radha hears your name, even from a distance, her eyes become like red madira flowers, and she calls out and trembles as if she had become intoxicated.  Oh, what more can I say?  When by chance she sees a dark rain-cloud (she remembers you), and her mind becomes very eager to embrace your 2 shoulders.

Krishna:  Let us go quickly to her.  Indeed I can almost see my beloved.  (They begin to walk).

Radha: (grief-stricken) Perhaps some obstacle has prevented my friend from going to Krishna.  Perhaps Hari did not believe her appeal.  Alas, perhaps cruel fate has become my enemy.  Perhaps these are the reasons why I cannot perceive, even in the distance, the fragrance of his forest garland.

Vishaka:  (as they come within sight of Radha) O Krishna, this girl bowing her head, is constantly gazing at this path shaded by trees.  At one moment she rises from her seat, and then again she sits down bewildered.  She takes 3-3 steps, glances at Lalita, and again turns around.  Just see how she has become devastated by an over-whelming desire to associate with you.

Krishna: Radha is so beautiful that the lustre of her face has eclipsed the moonrise.  Her smile is as sweet as a multitude of red lotus flowers, and the splendour of her fingernails and toenails has conquered the loveliness of the stars.  Her eyes are as beautiful as the eyes of deer, and she makes the charming dusk appear as insignificant as a blade of grass.

Radhika: (dejected) Why did he reject me so cruelly?  Although he is independent, is he controlled by the fragrance and side long glances of other affectionate gopis?  Although the world is being engulfed in moon-light, still the son of Nanda has not yet reached this cottage of creepers.

Krishna: (approaching Radha) Because of the excellent mercy of Purnamasi, this girl as beautiful as moonlight is now delighting me.

Radhika:  (full of wonder she says to herself) Ah, this person who is the bestower of all good fortune, has now arrived.  (She loses composure).

Vishaka: The fortunate gopis, delight the killer of the Madhu demon, with their pastimes and novel jokes.  Although I am such a fortunate gopi, my good fortune is insignificant because in my presence my dear friend Radha has become stunned and is rolling on the ground. (In ecstatic love).

Lalita: This handsome young man, who enchants the swan of your mind, is now standing before you.  O sh Radha, do not become overwhelmed with fear.  At this moment courage will help you to fulfil your desires.  (She drags Radha forecefully to Krishna).  O cheater, the swan of my friend Radha’s mind saw you from a great distance and began to tremble, overcome by thirst.  In that condition, the swan dived into the lotus flower of your face and was trapped by the network of your restless eyebrows.  It is right therefore that you act in this contrary way towards us?

Krishna: Persons of my calibre do not take advantage of weak young women.

Vishaka: O pious boy, this is true, this is true.  The kadamba tree at Bhadra-Kali tirtha (where Krishna stole the gopis clothes) is a witness to the truth of this.

Krishna:  O friend, lalita, what will make you belive that I am faultless?

Lalita:  If we skilfully subject you to a trial-by-ordeal, we may believe you.

Krishna: O crooked girl, put me on trial, as you like.  The brilliant effulgence of my good reputation can never become stained with disgrace.

Lalita: In between Radha’s golden, pitcher like, raised breasts, there is a young female black snake who is Radha’s intimate follower (the fine line of hair extending from her navel).  If you can place your hand ont he great jewel which decorates that serpents head, and remain unhurt, the moon of your nonourable reputation will shine without any taint of disgrace.

Krishna: (pretending to be afraid) O cruel girl, you are named Laltia (playful) very appropriately.  In this matter of a very insignificant offense, you have prescribed a very severe trial-by-ordeal, where the accused person places his hand in a pitcher containing a poisonous snake.

Radhika: (affectionately angry) O Lalita, stop, Stop! (Knitting her eyebrows, Radha glances at Lalita).

Lalita: Why does Radha criticise me?  I am just seeing if he has been completely corrupted (or not).

Vishaka:  O Lalita, I know the intention in Radha’s heart.

Lalita:  Please tell me, I shall listen.

Vishaka: Krishna has already touched so many serpents and he has remained unhurt.  He touched the serpent Agha whose form reached up to the clouds, and he also touched Kaliya, who was very proud, angry and hostile, and who belched forth flames.  Krishna also touched the serpent who was swallong Nanda Maharaja.  That serpent later became transformed into a celestial demigod.  Krishna appears to be the guru of the serpents.  How will your trial by the ordeal of touching a serpent have any effect on Him?

Lalita:  (laughs) O Radha, you do not understand the glorious position of your follower.  Look at this, O friend, your romavali in the form of a female serpent, is able to bewilder thecrest-jewel of Garuda, whose own shrill cries remove the pride of all the serpents wives.

Radhika:  (affectionately angry) O bold Lalita, first you bring me here and then you mock me.  I shall go to Vrndavana and tell the elderly gopis about your activities.

Lalita:  O bewildered Radha, first determine whether my activities are actually pious or dishonest, and then you may go.

Krishna: O cruel Lalita, because you will not give up this wicked idea, I accept this trial-by-ordeal.  (He approaches Radha).

Lalita:  (observing Krishna) O clever one, stop, stop! I understand.  I understand.  At the beginning of this trial, you have become frightened and your agitated hands are trembling.  Indeed your whole body is shaking and the hairs of your body are standing upright like peacock feathers.  Therefore it has been revealed that you are the sovereign emperor of rascal thieves.

Lalita: O clever boy, you admit it with your own mouth.

Krishna: O friend, because of affection for me, please tell me how I may become free of my offense.

Lalita: Please enter amidst the great and pure liberated souls who have climbed the mountain of perfection in yoga, in a solitary place.  Trembling, beg shelter from them.  These magnanimous souls will accept even a greatly sinful person because they are full of saintly qualities.

(Alternate translation) Please become the central jewel on thenecklace of splendid pearls which decorate the solitary slopes of Shri Radha’s breasts.  Please enter amidst these pearls and beg for shelter.  These saintly pearls will certainly accept you.  The Supreme Personality of Godhead, whose arms are broad.

Krishna: O friend, your instruction is exellent.  Blissful, he approaches Radha and places his hand upon her.

Radhika: (with a faltering voice) Ohandsome one, it is not proper for you to do this.  (She repels Krishna’s hand and then disappears into the trees).

Krishna: (At Radha’s departure Krishna becomes alarmed) O friends, where has your friend Radha gone?

Lalita and Vishaka: O charming boy, when we find her, we will certainly tell you.  (They approach Radha from behind) O Radha, now you have an opportunity to joke with this playful Krishna.  For a moment please conceal your real emotions.

Radhika: (cunningly moving her eyebrows) O Lalita, how can you advise me to joke with him?  This bold and reckless deed is very improper for me.  I should leave.

Lalita: (approaching Krishna) O moon-faced boy, our dear friend wishes to say something to you, but she has become afraid.

Krishna: O friend, there is no need to be afraid of someone who is submissive and obedient.  Radha may order me as she likes.

Lalita: My perplexed mind is greatly inundated by waves of fear and my hands are trembilng.  My throat has become choked up, my head is spinning and my limbs perspire.  O Lord of Vrndavana, I am not able to do very great and powerful deeds.  You have come at night from a great distance to this rendezvous.  Pleae forgive my offense.

Krishna: (aside) I cannot understand whether she is joking or whether she speaks in this way out of religious duty.

Radhika: (partly visible) O friend, quickly send him away.  No one should see me.

Krishna: (unhappily says to himself) The love of young girls is very flickering.  What is not possible for them?  (Openly) O Radha, with ardent love you invited me to this secret rendezvour.  Is it proper that my purposes remain unfulfilled in this way?  It is natural that I am attracted to you, just as iron is attracted to the magnet.  I just slightly touched you.  Why have you hidden nearby?

Lalita: O Gokulananda, why do you criticise Radha, when you should criticise your own sinful deed!  Although there is great mutual affection between You and Radha, this foolish and uncivilised act stands as a great obstacle between the two of you.

Krishna: Look, lookd friend, those full of great love abandon even the rules of morality in order to approach their beloved.  Tara, the wife of Brhaspati who is the spiritual master of Indra, kissed Candra (the deity of the moon). 

(Alternate translation) Those full of great love abandon even the objects of material attachment in order to approach the path of devotional service.  Therefore if the wife of a very powerful or opulent husband has attained the exalted stage of love of God, she is able to affectionately kiss the Supreme Personality of Godhead Lord Vishnu.

Lalita: Who indeed is prevailing in your replies, back and forth.  Therefore Radha you should go back to your husband, away from this person who is defeating you.

Radhika: (deliberately approaching Lalita) O Lalita, I shall tell you something and then return.  (Looking at Lalita) My chastity resounds in the mouths of all the dutiful gopis, my family is free from defamation and my husband is opulent and handsome.  Nevertheless, by the playful moving of Krishna’s eyebrows, cupid conquered my pride with his bow.  Now this vain introduction is causing my heart to be overcome with fear.

Krishna: (glancing at Radha he sighs and says to himself) Radha’s moving sidelong glances have darkened the colour of her diamond earrings, which now have the lustre of emeralds. Her eyebrows are very beautiful and a smile shines within her words.  O mind, do not become dejected.  I think that perhpas Radha’s aversion to me is an artificial device inspired by her friends.

Lalita: (she sees Krishna’s face and whispers to Vishaka) O Vishaka, he understands my intentions.  He has uncovered our secret.

Vishaka:  yes, its true.

Krishna: (smiles) O Lalita.  Radha who is expert at deception, is uselessly trying to trick me.  Trying to trick me in this way is like trying to capture a maddened elephant with a spiders web.

Vishaka: O friend Radha, your teasing is now useless.  You should now immediately fulfil the desires of your beloved.

Krishna: (with great love) My 2 ears have become deafened by the calling of the cuckoo.  Please sure them with gentle and eloquent words of praise.  My limbs are burning with the fire of intense love.  O beautiful Radha, please fearlessly cool those burning limbs with your embrace.

Vishaka: O handsome one, the goddess of bashfulness has come before us in the form of Radha.  In front of her I shall ofer words of praise.  For that length of time, pleaes remain very cool, calm and gentle.  (In her presence).

Krishna:  (respectfully) O friend, by nature I am very cool and calm.  I shall now become like a garland of blue lotus flowers at the new golden pitcher-like breasts of Radha.  (He slowly approaches Radha).

Radhika: (Shrinking away) O Vishaka, why have you abandoned me?  I am frightened.

Lalita: O Radha, how can Vishaka conceal and protect you?  This garland of lotus flowers is surely competent to protect you because we see that it has attracted many bumblebees.  Wear it and it will protect you.  (Vishaka means without hands, so Lalita says that because Vishaka is handless she cannot protect Radha).

Radhika: (affectionately angry) O harshly speaking Lalita, although your desires are all fulfilled, you still do not go away.

Vishaka: O Radha, Kanha has consecrated himself to perform the Vedic ritual of giving fearlessness to all the residents of Gokula.  Why are you afraid of him?

Krishna: O beautiful Radha, you are certainly much stronger than I.  Why are you afraid of me?  Assuming the form of the creepers which are your eyebrows, Kaliya, the king of the serpents, surrounds me with his crooked looks.  Assuming the form of the sharp corners of your eyes, the demon Dhenuka chastises me.  The demon Pralambha, assuming the form of your long braided hair, has violently robbed away my strength.  Although I had formerly defeated these demons, now that they have taken shelter of you, they have conquered me.

Lalita: O Kanha, from where has radha received her superior strength?  No one is able to take these transcendental opulences away from you.

Vishaka: O friend Radha the enemy of Kamsa, is very affectionate to his many swan-like devotees but for some reason you will not release the king of swans, your mind.  Therefore you should immediately cast off these bonds by the pastimes of embracing.  O deceitful and beautiful faced girl, one cannot attain one’s desired tranquility through dishonesty.

Radhika: O sinful Vishaka, you have become corrupted by the breezes wafted from the poisonous creeper who is Lalita.

Krishna: O friend Lalita, how is it that even now Radha will not let me become immersed in the nectar of her mercy?  She forces me to stand on the shore of that mercy ocean.

Lalita: O Kanha, give up your cleverness.  One cannot attain the mercy of our dear friend Radha immediately, simply by asking for it, as you can with Candravali.

Krishna: How can one attain your friend’s mercy?

Lalita: By constant service.

Krishna: (joyfully glancing at Radha) O Radha, shall I draw pictures with sandalwood passte upon your breasts, or shall I decorate your braided hair with a crown of flowers, or shall I use my hand to massage your extremely beautiful limbs which are so greatly afflicted by cupid.

Radhika: (playfully shrinks from Lalita and pointing her finger scolds her) O crooked rascal, you shall remember this.  I shall release myself from your hands and go home.

Lalita: (pulling the corner of Radha’s sari) O friend Radha, don’t go home.  I am determined to stop you with my own hand.  O deaf girl, how is it that you keep gold tied within the knot at the corner of your sari?

Radhika: Let go of the border of my sari, let go!  When I leave this place, I shall inform the pious Mukhara of all these activities.

Mukhara: (calling from off-stage) O granddaughter Lalita, where is your dear friend Radha?

Lalita: O here come the pious Mukhara.

Krishna: (alarmed) I shall go far away.  (He goes far away).

Mukhara: (glancing ahead she says to herself) Something which appears to be a dark bue emerald column is attracting my eyes from a great distance.  This column has such an extraordinary sweet fragrance.  It must certainly be Krishna.

Krishna:  O pious woman (half-spoken)

Mukhara: (with pretended harshness) who said that?

Krishna: O pious Mukhara, may you become happy.

Mukhara: O charming boy, how can I become happy as long as your flute is not silent?

Krishna:  O pious woman, how has my flute offended you?

Mukhara: You should ask the young girls of Gokula, who although prohibited by their superiors, nevertheless run into the forest time after time, whenever they hear the sound of your flute.

Krishna:  You ar very appropriately named Mukhara (talkative).

Mukhara: O charming boy, by entering here in the dark of night, you frightened me.

Krishna: You are needlessly afraid.  Purnamasi told me that a very amazing deer is roaming here in this courtyard.  That is why I came.

Mukhara: O handsome boy, in the morning you shall see this deer.  Now you should go home.

Krishna: Old woman, you are as hard as a ram’s horn, but I trust what you say.  I shall go now.  (He disappears into the darkness).

Mukhara:  O Lalita, has Kanha actually gone?

Lalita: He certainly has.

Krishna: (aside) This old woman is very agitated.  I shall become silent and tug at the corner of Radha’s sari.

Mukhara: (her eyes wide open with anger) Impudent Lalita.  In my presence Kanha, wearing a yellow dhoti is tugging at the border of Radha’s sari.  Why are you trying to deceive me.  (Krishna becomes a little frightened and retreats).

Lalita: (aside) I shall trick this old woman, who cannot see clearly at night.  (Angrily speaking out) Old Mukhara, you cannot see clearly, but without any reason you have become afraid.  This is a dark Tamala tree growing here on the shore of the Yamuna river.  A golden bench is situated at the base of this tree and the branches of the tree are moving in the wind.  It is these tree branches which are shaking the garments covering the breasts of my friend Radha.

Mukhara: (aside) She is not speaking alie.  (Openly) O child, I have become very agitated.  I shall go home and go to sleep.  (She exits).

Vishaka:  O Radha, Kanha’s face is covered with perspiration.  Please wipe away that perspiration with the border of your sari.

Radhika: (knitting her eyebrows) O Vishaka, since childhood, you have taken a vow to do these things.  You should do it.

Vishaka:  O Radha, the delightful garland which decorates your neck is speaking the following words, “Do not become angry.  You also may be initiated into the performance of this vow.”

Krsha: (glancing at the delightful garland Krishna praises it) O Radha, your eyes are as charming and restless as Khanjana birds.  I think that tehse delightful flowers must have performed many pious deeds for a long time at the best of holy places because they have achieved the happiness of association of your breasts, a position so difficult for me to achieve.

Radhika: O Vishaka, please remove this withered garland from my neck.  The priceless necklace of gunja, obtained by you, was forcibly taken from my neck.  I now want it back.

Vishaka: O Gokulananda, my dear friend Radha is very angry with me. She wants this gunja necklace which was taken from her.

Krishna:  I shall give it to her.  (Thus he approaches smilingly and gives her the garland).

Radha:  (aside) on the pretext of offering me the garland Krishna has touched the border of the cloth covering my breasts.  (She refrains from knitting her eyebrows).

Vishaka: O Radha, have you attained your desire?  Indeed you have.

Radhika: (biting her bimba fruit lips) O impudent girl, stop, stop! (She strikes Vishaka with a lotus flower).

Vishaka: (laughing) O bold Radha, don’t become angry.  I bestowed upon you the necklace.

Krishna:  What austerity may I perform, to be struck by your lotus flower?  Please strike me, even if only with the roving corners of your lotus eyes.

Lalita:  Now that you have offered your body to Lord Hari, how is it that you have become a miser and will not even look at him?  If one gives a valuable cintamani jewel, it is not proper for the donor to withold the case which carries the jewel.

Radhika: O Lalita, please do not offend my superiors by talking in this way.

Vishaka: O friend, why are you afraid?  Purnamasi can expertly propitiate your superiors.

Lalita: (joyful, aside) By her good fortune, my dear friend is now embracing Kanha with the waves of her smiling sidelong glance.

Vishaka:  O Lalita, look, look, the moon beautifies the sky, and the effulgence beautifies the moon.  O beautiful faced Lalita, the forest of Vrndavana enhances the moonlight, Lord Hari beautifies the forest of Vrndavana, and your friend Radha beautifies Lord Hari.  The abode of pure love of God decorates your friend Radha with its splendour.

Lalita: Alas, Alas! O Vishaka, look! The candrakanta jewels are melting.  They are washing away the decoration of sandalwood paste on the altar for the worship of the sungod.  Come, let us go there.  We will lead the way throught the flower garden.

Krishna: O dear Radha, do not leave me.  (He clutches the edge of her sari).

Radhika: Let me go, let me go! My friends are calling me.

Krishna: O cruel girl, do not lie to me.

Radhika: (smiling) O goddess Sarasvati, I offer obeisances unto you.  You will certainly testify to my truthfulness.

Krishna: (gently laughing) You are as splendid as a lotus flower and this black bumblebee (of Krishna) worships the great flood of the sweet fragrance of your super-excellent prema, which has come to him from a great distance.  That agitated, humming bumblebee is moving from here to there in the flood of that fragrance, aspiring to taste the sweet nectar of the lotus flower of your mouth.  Furthermore, after having observed how the pearls on your necklace have attained the liberation of a residence on your breasts, I desire to attain a tiny particle of that same contact.  After having left my affectionate friends and come here alone to enjoy your company, this harshness of yours is unfair.  O beautiful, slender girl please give up these injustices and satisfy me with drops of nectar and a festival of intimate union.

(Radha becomes embarrassed) O beloved, look, look, as a small child, the moon was nourished by drinking the nectar of the ocean, lord of the waters.  That moon now appears as a pitcher of cooling medicine which removes the fever of the multitude of lotus flowers.  Appearing as the chief priest for chanting mantras in the sacrifice performed by the chakravaka birds, that moon is not purifying and beautifying the area near the bank of the Yamuna river.  The round moon is now decorated with all the beauty of springtime, and the light of that moon is now kissing the pavilion in the grove.  Let us go there.  (They exit).