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May the pastimes of Shri Krishna reduce the miseries in the material world and nullify all unwanted desires.  The pastimes of the Lord are like shikarini.  They overpower the pride of even the nectar produced on the moon, for they distribute the sweet fragrance of the concentrated loving affairs of Shrimati Radharani and the gopis.  May the Supreme Lord who is known as the son of Shrimati Sachi devi be transcendentally situated in the innermost core of your heart.  Resplendent with the radiance of molten gold, He has descended in the age of Kali by His causeless mercy to bestow what no incarnation has ever offered before, the most elevated mellow of devotional service, the mellow of conjugal love.

Narrator:  What is the need for such an elaborate introduction!  Gentlemen! Please here me!  Last night Lord Siva in the role of a devotee, spoke to me in a dream.  He said, “O Rupa Gosvami, O expert dramatist, this delightful place is near Kesi tirtha on the slope of Govardhana Hill.  This grove, on the bank of the Yamuna river, is very pleasant and it is full of aromatic and beautiful flowers.  At this moment, eager to see the forest of Vrndavana, the advanced devotees, expert at relishing the mellows of devotional service, have arrived here.  The minds of these devotees is full of love for Shri Krishna, the son of Nanda.  Krishna is the crown jewel of all youths and he is decorated with many fresh flowers.  He is as playful as a maddened cuckoo and he is the original tutor of all flute masters.  He is an ocean in which the sharks, which are the minds of the gopis, perform pastimes.  The devotees who have now arrived are extremely fortunate.  In this place the gopis searched for the Lord and in this grove by the Yamuna the festive rasa dance occurred.  Constantly hearing of the pastimes of Krishna the Lord of Gokula, the advanced devotees, expert at relishing the mellows of devotional service, constantly cry and roll about on the ground.  Thus they pass their days with great difficulty.  Therefore at this very moment, agitated by separation from Mukunda, they are about to give up their lives.  Please protect them by giving them a little of the nectarean river of Lord Mukunda’s pastimes.  My mercy will fully empower you to do this.”  These were the words of Lord Siva, the spiritual master of the universe.  I shall now obey his order.  Even though the poetry in this play of mine may not be very beautiful, the learned devotees will take delight in it, because it is fragrant with the descriptions of Lord Hari.  Just as an intelligent devotee, after bowing down, reverentially drinks the nectarean water which has bathed the salagrama sila, even though that water may have originally come from a well.  Now, remembering the worshipable Supreme Personality of Godhead, I will unfold the poetry of this wonderful drama.  Shri Krishna, the eternal Supreme Personality of Godhead, stays within the centre of the great and splendid forest of Vrndavana, decorated with many groves and elegant pavilions.  He is an unlimited ocean of mercy.  He is very pleased to perform pastimes in Vraja, and he engages in amorous pastimes with the gopis.  May He always delight me.  When this play is performed, those unacquainted with the nectar of transcendental mellows will become indifferent, and those expert at relishing the mellows of devotional service will become delighted, just as the poetic cuckoos are greatly pleased by the same mango that was neglected by the prosaic camels.  Springtime had arrived and the full moon of that season inspired the Supreme Lord, who is complete in everything, with new attraction to meet the beautiful Shrimati Radharani at night to increase the beauty of their pastimes.

Purnamasi: I am going to bring Shrimati Radharani to Shri Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead.  O king of actors, have my words, which are like a bouquet of flowers, become a decoration for your ears?  Have you heard me? 

Narrator: O, how is it that the celebrated Paurnamasi has arrived here!  Just see! In the company of a friend, Nandimukhi, she has slowly left the house of Maharaja Nanda and is entering the street.  She wears a reddish garment on her breast, and she is the white-haired wife of Sandipani Muni.  She is the disciple of Narada and she appears as splendid as Savitri the wife of Brahma.

Nandi:  O mother, if you are going to bring about the meeting of Shri Krishna with Shrimati Radharani, then why did Radharani leave the land of Gokula, which is so favourable for that meeting and secretly resided in the sacred village of Santanu-vasa?

Purnamasi:  Because of fear of cruel King Kamsa my child.

Nandi:  O mother, how did the king find out about Shrimati Radharani?

Purnamasi:  Kamsa learned about Shrimati Radharani’s great beauty in this way; although the treasure of Radharani’s transcendental qualities was carefully concealed, the knowledge of it was nevertheless spread far and wide.  Those qualities are just like musk perfume, which, even if carefully hidden, clearly manifests its sweet aroma.

Nandi:  O mother, Yasodadevi’s nurse Mukhara, brought her grand-daughter Radharani to Gokula, and arranged for her to accept the hand of Abhimanyu, the son of Jatila, in marriage.  Never could a more unsuitable match have been made!  Radharani cannot tolerate the touch of the hand of any man other than Krishna.  O mother, how can you remain aloof when this is happening?

Paurnamasi:  Why should I be concerned?

Nandi:  How can you speak in this way?

Purnamasi:  (laughing) This false marriage of Radharani is simply a trick that yogamaya has played to cheat Kamsa.  Radharani and all the other gopis are Krishna’s intimate lovers eternally.

Nandi:  And now that Radharani has returned to Gokula, you have become free of anxiety.

Purnamasi:  O child, what you say is true.  I am no longer worried about Kamsa, although now I am beginning to worry about Abhimanyu.

Nandi:  Why are you worried?

Purnamasi:  Noticing that the black bumblebee of Krishna is fond of sporting amongst the creepers which are the gopis, Abhimanyu has become jealous and now he desires to take the golden lotus flower, which is Radharani to Mathura.

Nandi:  Now yogamaya will intercede.

Purnamasi:  O daughter, independent yogamaya appears to be standing aloof.  Who can understand her activities?

Nandi:  Is there any other way to stop him?

Purnamasi:  O child, simply by speaking sweet and clever words I will stop this shallow Abhimanyu.

Nandi:  O respect mother: Govardhanamala is appointed by King Kamsa to watch over the activities of Gokula.  Why does he not become angry at Krishna for performing pastimes with Candravali?

Purnamasi:  O daughter, Govardhanamala is very proud and he does not consider the royal order very important.

Nandi:  What happened on Candravali’s first meeting with Kanha?

Purnamasi:  O daughter, when they first met they expressed intense love for each other, and further schemes on my part became at once superfluous.

Nandi:  O respected mother, how did you develop such great love for Krishna, and how, understanding that your worshipable Lord Krishna had taken birth, did you leave the city of Ujjayini, and arrive, for the first time in Gokula?

Purnamasi:  O daughter, this was possible by the wonderful instruction I received at the lotus feet of my spiritual master, Narada.

Nandi:  Does the greatly fortunate Sandipani Muni know that you are now staying in Gokula?

Purnamasi:  O yes, He has sent our son Madhumangala, to engage in service here.

Nandi:  You are very kind to Madhumangala.  You have given him the friendship of Krishna, who is like the moon which enlivens the lotus eyes of Nanda Maharaja.

Purnamasi:  O daughter, Shrimati Radharani is the be all and end all of my life.  Please try to expand her love for Krishna.

Nandi:  O respected mother, Shrimati Radharani already loves Kanha to the highest extent.

Purnamasi:  How do you know this?

Nandi:  Because whenever in the course of an ordinary conversation she hears the name ‘Krishna’, she experiences the emotion of intense love and the hairs of her body stand upright in ecstasy.

Purnamasi:  O daughter this is very appropriate because I do not know how much nectar the 2 syllables ‘Krish-na” have produced.  When the holy name of Krishna is chanted, it appears to dance within the mouth.  We then desire many many mouths.  When that name enters the holes of the ears, we desire many millions of ears.  And when the holy name dances in the courtyard of the heart, it conquers the activities of the mind, and therefore all the senses become inert.

Nandi:  O respected mother, accompanied by Lalita, Visakha, Shrimati Radharani worshipped the sungod.  Candravali along with Saibya, Padma and other friends also worshipped goddess Parvati.  I can only guess that it was by the mercy of these goddesses that these gopis attained such wonderful love for Kanha.

Purnamasi:  This is true.  When the gopis of Vraja, whose eyebrows are very beautiful, went to the forest to collect paraphernalia for worship they met Krishna, and their love for him became awakened.

Nandi:  The spontaneous love of Shrimati Radharani for Krishna inspired her friends, and created their good fortune.

Purnamasi:  O daughter, according to my instruction please ask the clever artist Visakha to draw a picture of the son of Nanda to delight the lotus eyes of her friend Shrimati Radharani.

Nandi:  O mother, I will certainly carry out your order.

Purnamasi:  Then, on the pretect of carrying a gift of candies, I will enter the middle of Vrndavana forest.  I will delight the 2 ears of Madhava with the sweetness of the 2 auspicious syllables; “Radha”.

Nandi:  O respected mother, just look at him.  He is going from Gokula to Vrndavana accompanied by Balarama, Madhumangala, Shridama and other friends.  He is caressed by his affectionate parents, Nanda and Yasoda.

Purnamasi:  The beauty of Krishna’s eyes surpasses the beauty of white lotus flowers, his yellow garments surpass the brilliance of fresh decorations of kunkum...His ornaments of selected forest flowers surpass the hankering for the best garments, and his bodily beauty possesses mind-attracting splendour, greater than the jewels known as emeralds.  Now you go to Visakha and I will go, carrying a gift of candies.  (They exit).

18 Scene 2 (Krishna enters)

Krishna:  (looking ahead with great happiness): These beautiful cows are as white and splendid as crystal mountains.  I think that the celestial river Ganges has descended from Indra’s city, taking the form of these cows.  It has done this simply to delight and serve the auspicious Yamuna river, which is performing pastimes here in Vrndavana.

Nanda: My dear son you have spoken very well.  But now let us look at the opulence of the pasturing ground behind us.  (He turns around) From Govardhana Hill to Kaliya lake your pasturing ground appears very beautiful and opulent.  You can see many tops of trees which have a multitude of branches, surrounding the large goshallas.  And it all appears as large and expansive as the ocean.

Krishna:  My dear friend Madhumangala, my father and mother have followed me for a great distance.  We should now enter the groves to grace the cows. 

Yasoda:  My dear son, do not forget to return home this afternoon.  The palatable lunch I will carefuly cook for you, will get cold if you delay.

Madhumangala:  O Yasoda, queen of Gokula, please listen....promise that I will take care of the cows so that there will be no fault on Krishna’s part: (Krishna glances at him affectionately).  Actually Krishna enters the groves because he is joyfully enchanted by the gopis who are eager to enjoy pastimes with him...(his speech remains unfinished)

Krishna:  (embarrassed) This careless fool will now describe my pastimes with the gopis.  I must use my intelligence to stop him.  (Shakes his head).

Madhumangala:  O friend, why do you check me as I speak to your pious mother?

Krishna:  (aside) Alas, because of this inconsiderate fellow, I have fallen into a network of embarrassment.

Madhumangala:  O mother Yasoda, he hastily enters the forest, in yellow garments in order to play with his friends the cowherd boys.

Krishna:  (joyful) What other intention could I have?

Yasoda:  My dear Madhumangala, to speak the truth, Lalita and the other gopis tell me that the cowherd boys greatly harass them.

Nanda:  My dear wife, is there some suitable young girl in Gokula whome we can marry this boy to?

Yasoda:  O pious husband, He is only a little boy, accustomes to drinking milk.  Is this the proper time to marry him off?

Madhumangala: (to Krishna aside) O friend, although you are only a small child accumstomed to drinking milk, thousands of young gopis eagerly drink the nectar of your lips.  (Krishna smiles).

Nanda:  O child, O Mukunda, look at your mother.  Gazing at the great beauty of your moon-like face, as aromatic as a lotus flower, her garments are constantly becoming moistened with a rain of joyful tears from her eyes and the shower of milk from her waterpot like breasts.  (Nanda embraces Krishna).  The great joyfulness of touching you brings a pleasant coolness to me.  That coolness is more pleasant than the coolness of camphor, the moonlight, the cooling Nalada root, the lotus flower or sandalwood paste.

Krishna:  O father, the cows have become very hungry and they are standing here waiting for me.  Please return home.

Nanda:  Let us do what Krishna says.  (Affectionately looking at Krishna, Nanda and Yasoda exit).

(Krishna looking ahead)

Balarama:  O Shridama, look, look.  My dear friend Shridama, see how this forest of Vrndavana is full of transcendental trees and creepers.  The tops of the creepers are full of flowers and intoxicated bumblebees are buzzing aroung them. Humming songs that please the ear and even surpass the Vedic hymns.

Krishna:  O friend Madhumangala, staying here with you and the other cowherd boys, I will delight the birds, beasts, and other inhabitants of the Vrndavana forest with the sound of myflute.  (Krishna places the flute to his lips).

Balarama:  (amazed) Look, the living entities and even the inanimate objects are acting contrarily to their inherant natures.  When Lord Hari, who performs pastimes on thebank of the Yamuna river, plays the flute, the waters of the streams become stunned and solid.  The rocks become softened and melt, and the mountains give up their immobility, tremble and move about.

Madhumangala:  O! How wonderful this is! The cows have drunk the sweet river of nectar which has emanated from the sound of Krishna’s flute, and they are now stunned with intense happiness.  They are sprinkling the fresh flowers and creepers with the great streams of milk trickling from their udders.  (Madhumangala nudges Krishna’s hand) My dear frined the flute, the son of a family of bamboos, why have you become so proud?  It must be because you are producing such an intoxicating sound.  You do not actually produce the sound, however, for you are only the instrument.

Voice from the sky:  The transcendental vibration of Krishna’s flute blocked the movements of the clouds, struck the gandharvas full of wonder and agitated the meditation of great saintly persons like Sanak and Sanandana.  It created wonder in Lord Brahma, wrought intense curiosity that agitated the mind of Bali Maharaja, who was otherwise firmly fixed, made Ananta, the carrier of the planets, whirl around, and penetrated the strong coverings of the universe.  Thus the sound of the flute in the hands of Krishna created a wonderful situation.

Balarama:  (joyfully looking up says to himself) How is that the sage amongst the demigods, Narada Muni, stays within the clouds and recites the verses, playing upon his vina?

(Another rumbling sound emanates from the clouds)

Madhumangala: (looking upwards with fear) Help! Let us flee! Let us flee.

Shridama: O crazy fellow, why are you speaking so foolishly?

Madhumangala:  (frightened looking upwards) O foolish cowherd boy, do you not see?  A four-headed Yaksa or Rakshasha is coming towards us.  He is riding on a swan and he is accompanied by a naked ghost, who holds onto a serpent.  (Madhumangala looks again and trembles)  A Danava whose body is covered with eyes is followed by a horde of demons, which I surmise will become the servant of the dead king Kamsa.  (Frightened, Madhumangala hides, placing his head behind Krishna).

Krishna: (aside) How is it that these controllers of the directions have become attracted by the sweetness of the sound of the flute, and are now staying within the clouds?

Madhumangala: (looking and sighing deeply) These wicked demons have become agitated and stunned with fear only because of the musical sound of my friends flute.  It is for this reason that I remain alive.  (He openly and proudly struts about)  O wicked demons!  Stand! Stand! By cursing you or by striking you with arrows from my bow, I shall crush your lowly heads! (Shaking a stick he jumps about for a moment).

Balarama: (smiling) O friend, do not speak in this way.  These 2 persons are Lord brahma and Lord Siva.  On their left are Indra and the other leaders of the demigods.

Madhumangala:  Indeed this is so.  (Sighs with relief)  I who am full of knowledge cannot help but laugh at you cowherd boys.  Thinking these demigods were Rakshashas, you became frightened and began to flee.

Krishna:  O Friend of the demigods, you have transferred your own faultiness onto them.

Rama:  Look, look! With his eight ears Lord Brahma is listening to the new flute music of Krishna.  Brahma has lost all composure and is rolling in ecstasy on the back of his swan.  (Again there is vina music in the sky) Krishna’s mouth is like the moon and when that moon rises and emanates the nectar of the flute sound, the ocean which is Lord Siva overflows beyond its boundaries.  Jus see, how, after hearing the transcendental sound of Krishna’s flute, Indra, the king of heaven is crying in his heavenly kingdom.  From his teardrops falling on the ground, Vrndavana appeared to have become a celestial residence for the demigods.

Krishna: (aside) My mind shrinks from performing pastimes in the presence of these elderly persons.  Let me go further on.  (He goes under some trees).  O friend, Madhumangala, just see the charming beauty of the forest in the springtime, My dear friend, this forest of Vrndavana is giving great pleasure to our senses in various ways.  Somewhere bumblebees are singing in groups and in some places mild breezes are cooling the entire atmosphere.  Somewhere the creepers and tree twigs are dancing, the malika flowers are expanding their fragrance, and the overabundance of juice is constantly flowing in showers from the pomegranate fruits.

Madhumangala:  How friend how can I delight in your forest of Vrndavana which simply fills me with fear?  I become deighted when I see the 4 kinds of palatable foodstuffs cooked by mother Yasoda, the queen of Gokula.  Those foodstuffs are certainly enchanting to the senses.

Krishna:  O friend, you should offer obeisances to this forest of Vrndavana.  In this forest there are ancient creepers, which can grant whatever you desire.

Madhumangala:  O dear friend, everyone says that you are very truthful.  I will now experiment to see if this is actually so.  (Madhumangala folds his hands) O creepers, I offer my respectful obeisances to you.  My friend is very hungry.  Please give him many sweet laddhu candies.

(Carrying a plate of candies in her hand, Purnamasi enters)

Purnamasi:  O moon-faced Krishna, these candies are relished by the greatest epicures.  Please take them.

Rama:  (smiling) O friend, just see the generosity of this ancient creeper!

Purnamasi:  O Balarama, the generosity of that elderly gopi is well known.

Krishna:  O pious woman, which elderly gopi do you mean?

Purnamasi:  O moon-faced boy, I am speaking about Mukhara-gopi...

Krishna:  What is her granddaughter’s name?

Purnamasi:  Her name is Radha and she is as delightful as moonlight.

Krishna:  (the hairs on his body stand upright, and he says to himself) From the conversation of Mother Yasoda and Mother Rohini, I have reapeated heard of the great beauty and transcendental qualities of this girl (He becomes embarrassed and trembles)

Purnamasi:  (aside) Seeing Krishna’s embarrassment, Balarama has now gone away from Krishna’s side.

Krishna:  (again he says to himself) I must conceal my lofe for Shrimati Radharani, and these ecstatic symptoms.  (Speaking openly) O pious gopi, you should prepare opulent decorations for a great festival on this pleasant day.  Just see thse large and ancient creepers full of flowers.

Purnamasi:  (smiling) O clever Krishna, the opportunity for Your festival has now arrived.  By the desire of the cowherd men, the beautiful gopis will all assemble in this place full of budding and blossoming flowers.

Krishna:  (with his head tilted, he smiles and glances at Purnamasi).  O pious woman, what are you saying?

Purnamasi:  (laughing) O playful boy, don’t be worried.  I am not saying anything contrary to your wishes.  However when the gopis leave their houses empty, your friends will easily steal their butter and yogurt.

Krishna:  O deceptive gopi, why are you laughing?  Just look at this: When the gopis collect beautiful blossoming flowers, they break the twigs and branches in my forest of Vrndavana!  It is your duty ot stop them!

Purnamasi:  O charming boy, when the gopis notice how you are so nicely decorated with bunches of flowers, they become delighted.  In these circumstances how can I prevent them from picking flowers?  (Or they become agitated) by cupid.  In these circumstances how can I restrain them?)

Krishna:  O elderly gopi, your hair is as white as crane feathers and you speak crooked words.  Although the gopis are offenders, you continue to take sides with them.

Purnamasi:  O beautiful boy, how is it that Shrimati Radharani and the gopis have become offenders?  All they have done is stolen some flowers from your favourite punnaga tree.  (Or all they have done is stolen the mind which is the property of you, the best of males).

Krishna:  (aside) O how is it that destiny has again brought me news of Shrimati Radharani.  This news enchants my mind.

Madhumangala: (aside) How is it that Krishna has become so agitated by the sound of the name Radha.  (Openly) O friend, do not become so agitated simply because of this.

Krishna: (with loving anger) Fie on you talkative friend!  What has agitated me?

Madhumangala:  Don’t be angry.  I’m talking about these beautiful, mind-attracting (manohara) laddus.

Krishna:  O friend, I was confused.  Some laddus are called manohara and others mauktika.

Madhumangala:  (laughs) O friend, I am not trying to bewilder you by making a pun on the name of the star ‘Radha’.  How am I bewildering you?

Purnamasi:  (aside) As this boy teases Krishna,Krishna appears to have become embarrassed, because his heart is full of love for Radha.  Thus all my desires have now become fulfilled.  (Openly) O handsome boy, the star Radha moves in the sky.  How can you attain her, even if you greatly desire - it, if you remain on this earthly planet?

Krishna:  (smiling he glances at the sky and afterwards approaches Balarama) O noble Balarama, it is now midday.  Please take the cows to the shore of the Yamuna river and let them satisfy their thirst.  Also take these delicious laddu candies and enjoy them.  I wish to rest for a moment with my dear friends, Shridama and Subala.

          (Rama and the cowherd boy friends exit).

Purnamasi:  (aside) I must go and see if the picture of Krishna is completed.  (Thus having greeted Shri Krishna she circumambulates him).

Krishna:  (takes one step and then pauses) O friend Shridama, have you ever seen this Radha, the most beautiful girl in the universe.

(Shridama smiles with embarrassment and lowers his face)

Subala:  O friend, how can you ask if he has seen her before?  Radha is his sister.

Krishna:  Let us go to this grove of kadamba trees near the bank of the river.  My mind is greatly agitated by the thought of Radha.  I will try to absorb it in the pastimes of playing the flute.  (They exit).

Purnamasi: (walking about, she notices Radha and Lalita.  Purnamasi becomes joygul) Why is my child Radha playing here, accompanied by her friend who is making her laugh?  (She hides behind a creeper).

          The beauty of Shrimati Radharani’s eyes forcibly devours the beauty of the newly grown lotys flowers, an th beauty of her face surpasses that of an entire forest of fully blossomed lotuses.  Her bodily lustre seems to place even gol in a painful situation.  Thus the wonderful, unprecendented beauty of Shrimati Radharani is awakening in Vrndavana.

Purnamasi:  For the present I will avoid joking with these two and instead I will go to Vishaka.  (Purnamasi exits).

(Followed by Lalita, Radha enters)

Radha:  O Lalita, what is the noble Purnamasi doing?

Lalita:  O friend, she is constructing an altar at the base of a tamal tree for the worship of Your sun-god.

Radha:  (looking ahead) I think this is the forest of Vrndavana, whose beauty you have described again and again.

Lalita:  O friend, this is the banyan tree where Kanha performs pastimes.

Radha: (agitated, she says to herself) What sweetness is in these 2 syllables! (Openly) O frined, whom did you say?

Lalita: (smiling) I said Kanha.

Radha:  (aside) O this name is very enchanting to the minds of beautiful young girls.  I wonder what the owner of this name is like?  (Concealing her emotions she speaks openly) O friend, I think I will go now and collect gunja berries in this grove.

Lalita:  (jokingly) O friend, your body is so beautiful that even a shadow of its beauty cannot be found anywhere in the universe.  Although your eyes are eagerly moving to gather these gunja berries, do not enter this grove of creepers.  In this place resides a demigod who performs pastimes in this grove.  His beautiful complexion is as dark as black eye cosmetics.  He easily casts a spell on beautiful young firls, and attracts them to become his lover.

Radha:  (somewhat frightened, she gives up her joking smile) O friend Lalita, you know that you are attracted by this demigod.

Lalita:  (Laughs) Why should he try to attract me?  It is not I that he wants to attract, but you who are so dazzlingly beautiful.

Radha: (She listens and becomes full of wonder.  She says to herself) Amazing! What an enchanting sound!  (She loses composure).

Lalita: (Looking at Radha, she says to herself) She is like a tender young deer that has just fallen into the hunter’s net.

Radha: (with great difficulty, she regains compure.  She says to herself) I must find the person who has made this sound, which is like a river of nectar.

Lalita: (approaches Radha) O Radha, please tell me what is happening within your pure mind?

Radhika:  Why do you say this?  Why do you think something extraordinary is happening?

Lalita:  O dear friend, please tell me why you have become so suddenly overwhelmed?

Radhika: (embarrassed) I do not understand what sorts of sounds is now moving from this grove of kadamba trees and entering my ears, O friend, because of this sound, I have attained a situation which is greatly condemned for a chaste housewife.

Lalita: Ah, it is the sound of the flute.

Radhika:  (agitated) What sort of Flute sound is this?  This sound makes me tremble, even though it is without snow.  It pierces me, even though it is not a weapon.  This sound makes me burn, even though it is not at all hot.  I understand the nature of this flute music!  Let us not speak deceptively.  Some charming mantra has been read by some clever magician.

(Vishaka enters, carrying a picture in her hand).

Vishaka:  (Observes Radha and says to herself)  She appears completely transformed.  She may have been biten by the sound of Kanha’s flute.  I will ask her about it.

O white-faced Radha, the tears from your lotus eyes are muddying the ground.  Your breathing is causing your upper garments to dance, and the hairs of your body are standing on end.  I think these ecstatic symptoms are being manifested because of the sweetness of the sound of Lord Madhava’s flute, which has now entered your ears.

Radhika: (not hearing Vishaka’s words, Radha trembles): O Lalita, I hear that sound again.

Lalita: O delicate Radha, a sound is now gliding from the mouth of the flute on the shore of the Yamuna river.  That sound is the Garuda which defeats the snakes of the gopi’s composure, and that sound is the Danvantari who cures the severe illness of the gopi’s shyness.  That sound is the Agastya Muni who drinks the ocean of the pious gopi’s pride.

Radhika:  O friend, there is a greatly painful emotion in my heart.  If it does not go away I will not be able to sleep.

Vishaka:   O Radha, in my hand I am holding the medicinal herb which will cure your disease.  Please take it.

Radhika:  O Vishaka, let us go to this shady place full of blossoming lotus flowers, near the courtyard, and we shall look at this medicine of yours.  (They exit).