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Sri Mathura Mahatmya




harir api bhajamanebhyah

prayo muktim-dadati na tu bhaktim


mathure dhanyam-namami tvam


0 Mathura, I offer my respectful obeisances to you. You are glorious because you award the sacrifice of gradual advancement in devotional service, which Sri Hari does not personally give to those who worship Him but rather awards them liberation.




dhanyanam hrdayananda

pradam sangrhyate muda

mahatmyam mathura-puryah



I am joyfully compiling the glories of Mathura, which is the crest jewel among all holy places and which awards happiness to the hearts of pious people.




tatrasyah papa-haritvam. adi-varahe


vimsatih yojananam tu

mathuram mama mandalam

yatra tatra naro snato

mucyate sarva-patakaih


Mathura takes away all one's sinful reactions. It is stated in the Adivardha Purdna as follows:The measurement of Mathura-mandala is 20 yojanas. If human beings take bath at any place within Mathura-mandala they will achieve liberation from all their sinful reactions.




pade pade tirtha-phalam

mathuraya vasundhare

yatra tatra naro snato

mucyate ghora-kilbisaih


O earth, at every step in Mathura-mandala one can achieve the result of travelling to all holy places. By taking bath at any place within Mathura people are delivered from grave sins.





purusanam duratmanam

narakarti-hara devi

mathura papa-ghatini


O Devi, this abode of Mathura destroys all one's sinful reac¬tions and vanquishes the pangs of hell even for sinful persons who are devoid of all religious principles.




krtaghnas ca surapas ca

cauro bhagna-vratas tatha

mathuram prapya manuja

mucyate sarva-kilbisaih


If cheaters, drunkards, thieves, or those who break their vows go to Mathura, they will also become free from all sinful reactions.


TEXT 7-8


suryodare tamo nasyed

yatha vajra-bhayan nagah

tarksam drstva yatha sarpa

megha vata-hata iva

tattva-jhanaa yatha duhkham

simham drstva yatha mrgah

tatha papani nasyanti

mathura-darsanat ksanat


As the darkness is dissipated by the sunshine, as a mountain is broken into pieces by the strike of the thunderbolt, as a snake runs away in fear of Garuda, as a cloud is pushed away by the force of the wind, as one's miseries are mitigated by achieving knowledge of the truth, and as other animals run away on seeing a lion, all one's heaps of sinful reactions are destroyed at once simply by seeing the land of Mathura.




sraddhaya bhakti-yuktas ca

gatvd madhuputim narah

brahmahapi visuddhyeta

kim punas tv anya-pataki


When a most sinful person who has killed a brdhmana can become purified by going to Mathura with faith and devotion then what to speak of other sinful people!





gacchatas tu pade pade

nirasani vrajanty asya

papany eva saiiratah


A person who goes to Mathura with a desire to take bath there, at every step his sinful reaction are removed from his body.




anusahgena gacchan hi

vanijyenapi sevaya


papam tyaktva divam vrajet


Even if a person goes to Mathura with a purpose of doing business and takes his bath and eats his meal there, he is at once liberated from all his sinful reactions and goes to heaven.




namani gmnatam asyah

sadaiva tvamhasah ksayah

sada krta-yugam catra

sada caivottarayanam


One who chants the holy name of the Lord in Mathura is always freed from sinful reactions. Satya-yuga and Uttarayana are always present in Mathura.




yah srnoti vararohe

mathuram mama mandalam

anyenoccaritam sasvat

so 'pi papaih pramucyate


O Devi, if one even hears the name of Mathura uttered by someone else, then such a person also attains liberation from his sinful reactions.




tri-ratram api ye tatra

vasanti manuja mune

tesam punanti niyatam

sprstas carana-renavah


Ordinary people can be purified by touching the dust from the feet of persons who have lived in Mathura for even three days.




padme patala-khande hara-gauri-samvade


krishna-krida-karam sthanam

mathurayas tatam bhuvi

punya madhupuri yatra



In the conversation between Lord Siva and Parvati recorded in the Pdtdla-khanda oiPadma Purdna it is stated:The places near the bank of Yamuna are the abode of krishna's pastimes. Within this tract of land there is a most sanctified place called Mathura, which destroys all one's sinful reactions.




yatha trna-samuham tu

jvalayanti sphulihgikah

tatha mahdnti papani

dahate mathura-puri


As blazing fire burns heaps of grass into ashes, the abode of Mathura burns the most grave sins into ashes.




skande kasl-khande


hrdyam madhuvanam prayo

yamunayas tate mahat

adyam bhagavatah sthanam

yat punyam hari-medhasah

papo 'pi jantus tat prdpya

nispapo jdyate dhmvam


It is also stated in Skanda Purina, Kdsi-khanda, as follows:There is an enchanting place of Lord krishna's pastimes known as Madhuvana on the bank of the Yamuna. This is the most holy land for the devotees of Lord Hari. Sinful people can certainly become sinless by attaining this land.




atha punya-pradatvam yatha adi-varahe

yat punyam asvamedhena

yat punyam rajasuyatah

mathurayam tad apnoti

tri-ratra-sayanad yaml


Mathura is the bestower of auspiciousness. It is stated in theAdi-vardha Purdna as follows:The piety one achieves by performing the Asvamedha and Rajasuya sacrifices can easily be achieved simply by residing in Mathura with controlled senses for three days.




vimsatir yojananam tu

mathuram mama mandalam

pade pade 'svamedhlyam

punyam natra vicarana


My abode of Mathura consists of twenty yojanas. There is no doubt that at every step there one obtains the result of performing an Asvamedha sacrifice.




snanena sarva-tirthanam

yat syat sukrta-sancayah

tato 'dhikataram proktam

mathure sarva-mandale


The amount of piety one accumulates by taking bath in all the holy places is easily obtained simply by residing in Mathura.




caturnam api vedanam

punyam adliyayanac ca yat

tat punyam jayate pumsam

mathuram vadatam satam


The amount of piety a person obtains by studying the four Vedas is obtained by saintly persons simply by uttering the word Mathura.




svodbhava-papa-haritvam. yathd adi-varahe

anyatra hi krtaiii papain

tirtham asadya nasyati

tirthe tu yat krtam papain

vajra-lepo bhaved dhmvam


Mathura takes away all one's sinful reactions. In the Adi-vardha Purdna it is stated:The reaction of commiting sinful activities elsewhere is nul¬lified by visiting holy places, but if one commits sinful activities in a holy place then it certainly strikes him with the force of a thunderbolt.




mathurayam krtam papam

mathurayaiii vinasyati

jhanato 'jhanato 'vapi

yat papam samuparjitam

sukrtam duskrtam vapi

mathurayam pranasyati


If one commits sin in Mathura his sinful reaction will be counteracted only in Mathura. Any sinful activities or pious ac¬tivities commited either knowingly or unknowingly are certainly destroyed by the influence of the abode of Mathura.


TEXT 24-25


yatra krsnena sahclrnam

kriditam ca yatha sukham

cakrahkita pada tena

sthane brahma-maye subhe


esa divya purl devil

nitya-kalam sugopitd

bhakta tvam mama sisya ca

kathita te vasundhare


O beautiful lady, this transcendentally spiritual abode of Mathura, where Lord Sri krishna, whose lotus feet are adorned with various auspicious marks such as the disc, has spontaneously per¬formed His divine pastimes is always confidential. O goddess Vasundhara, since you are My devotee and disciple I am disclosing this truth to you.



na maya kathitam devi

brahmanas ca mahatmanah

nidrasya na maya purvam

kathitam ca vasundhare

maya su-gopitam hy etad

guhyad guhyatamam smrtam


O goddess Vasundhara, I have never before revealed this truth to anyone including Lord Brahma and Lord Siva. Because this abode of Mine is the most secret of all secrets, I always keep it confidential.




anyatra dasabhir varsaih

prarabdham bhujyate tu yat

kilbisam tan maha-devi

mathure dasabhir dinaih


O MahadevI, the sinful reaction that takes ten years to nullify elsewhere is destroyed in Mathura in ten days only.





mathurayam krtam papain

mathurayam pranasyati


sthitva talra labhen narah


In the Vayu Purdna it is stated:Sins commited in Mathura are destroyed also in Mathura. If a human being resides there he automatically achieves religiosity, economic development, sense gratification, and liberation.





padme patala-khande

bahu-janmani papani

sahcitani nivartayet

mathura-prabhavam papam

nasyati ksana-matratah


It is stated in Padma Purana, Pdtala-khanda, as follows:Sinful reactions accumulated from many many births are destroyed in due course of time, but those sins are destroyed at once in Mathura.




atha saiva-tirthadhikatvam. yatha adi-vardhe

na vidyate hi patale

nantarikse na manuse

samarii tu mathuraya hi

tirthe mama vasundhare


Mathura is the topmost of all holy places. It is stated in the Adi-vardha Purana as follows:O Vasundara, there is no holy place in the lower planetary system, higher planetary system, or the earthly planet that is equal to My abode of Mathura.




tatra dharani-prasnah

naimisam puskaram caiva

purim varanaslih tatha

etan hitva maha-bhaga

mathuram kim prasamsasi


On hearing this, mother earth asked the Lord:O supremely opulent Lord, why are You glorifying Mathura rather than glorifying other holy places such as Naimisaranya, Puskara, and VaranasI?





mathureti su-vikhyatam

asti ksetram param mama

su-ramya ca prasasta ca

janma-bhiimih priya mama


Sri Varahadeva replied:Famous by the name of Mathura, My most dear abode is attrac¬tive and unlimited. It is My birthplace and is very dear to Me.


TEXT 33-34


sarvesam devi firthanam

mathuram paramam mahat

krsnena kriditam yatra

td ca suddham pade pade

cakrahkitarii hi tat sarvam

krishnasyaiva padena tu


krtani saha gopakaih


O Devi, among all holy places, Mathura is the most important because Lord Sri krishna peformed many pastimes there. Every step of this land is purifying. It is the abode of Sri krishna's childhood pastimes with His cowherd boy friends and this place is decorated with the marks of Sri krishna's lotus feet.




yani tirthani tany eva

sthapitani majarsibhih

etat te kathitam saram

maya satyena suvrate


O chaste lady, I am telling you the truth that the topics regard¬ing all the holy places of Mathura that were established by the great sages are the essence of all.




na tirtham mathuraya hi

na devah kesavat parah


There is no holy place superior to Mathura and there is no God superior to Kesava.





srnu tattvena me bhumi

kathyamanam atho 'naghe

mathureti su-vikhyatd

yasmin ksetre priya mama


It is stated in the Adi-vardha Purdna:O Vasundara, now hear attentively to whatever truth I am explaining to you. The place where My most dear consort Sri Radha resides is renowned as Mathura.




su-ramya su-prasmsta ca

janma-bhumir mama priye

bhavisyati vararohe

dvapare samsthite yuge


O beautiful one, in Dvapara-yuga this beautiful and unlimited abode of Mathura will become My birthplace.




yayati-nrpa-vamse 'ham

utpatsyami vasundhare

atani pahca varsanam

atra sthasyami niscayah


O Vasundara, I will certainly take birth in the dynasty of King Yayati and reside there for five hundred years.




skande mathura-khande ndrada-vakyam

smu dharmam maha-prajna

yat tvam prcchasi dharma-vit

gopyath sapta-purinam tu

mathura-mandalam smrtam


Sri Narada Muni has said in Skanda Purdna, mathura-khanda, as follows:O most learned one, O knower of religious principles, please hear about the religious topics that you have inquired. Among the seven abodes the abode of Mathura is the most confidential.





trimsad-varsa-satdni ca

yat phalam bharate varse

tat phalam mathuram smaran


The result one obtains by performing pious activities in any part of India for thirty-three thousand years is obtained simply by remembering Mathura.




tatha hi adi-vdrahe

maha-maghyam prayage ca

yat phalam labhate narah

tat phalam labhate devi

mathurayam dine dine


It is stated in the Adi-varaha Purana as follows:O Devi, the result one attains by taking bath at Prayaga on the full moon day in the month of February is attained in Mathura every day.




karttikydm caiva yat punyam

puskare tu vasundhare

tat phalam labhate martyo

mathurayam dine dine


The piety a person achieves by taking bath at Puskara on the full moon day in the month of Karttika is achieved every day in Mathura.




varanasyam tuyai punyam

rdhu-graste divdkare

tat phalam labhate devi

mathurayam jitendriyah


The amount of piety one achieves by taking bath in the holy place of VaranasI during a solar eclipse is achieved by a self-con¬trolled person simply by living in Mathura.




purne varse sahasre tu

varanasyam tu yat phalam

tat phalam labhate devi

mathurayam ksanena hi


O Devi, the result one receives by residing at Varanasi for one thousand years is achieved by residing in Mathura for simply a moment.




padme patala-khande

purne varsa-sahasre tu

tirtha-rajesu yat phalam

tat phalam labhate devi

mathurayam dine dine


It is stated in Padma Purana, Pdtala-khanda, as follows:The result one obtains by residing at Prayaga, the King of holy places, for one thousand kalpas is obtained in Mathura every day.




godavari-avadasako naro yah

ksetre kurunarii ksiti-dayako yah

san-masakan sadhayate gayayam

samam bhaven no dinarn ekam mathure


If a person performs austerities on the bank of Godavari for twelve months, donates lands at Kuruksetra, and performs austerities in Gaya for six months, it is still not equal to the piety achieved by residing in Mathura for one day.




na dvaraka kasi kanci na maya

gadabhrto yasya samam na tirtham

santarpita yad yamuna-jalena

vahchanti no pitarah pinda-danam


Holy places like Dvaraka, Kahcl, Haridvara, and Gaya are never equal to Mathura. By offering oblations to the forefathers by the water of Yamuna in Mathura, the forefathers no longer desire any oblations.





mathurayam prakurvanti


ye naras te 'pi vijheydh

papa-rasibhir anvitah


Therefore it is stated in the Uttara-khanda of Padma Parana:Know that those who consider Mathura an ordinary place are certainly sinful.




sri-krishnakhyam param brahma

yatra kridati sarvadd


'dhikam yat tat kim ucyate


Can there be any doubt that the place where the Supreme Brahman Sri krishna constantly performs His transcendental pas¬times is topmost among all holy places?




nirvana-khande ca

tarn purim prapya mathuram

madiyam sura-durlabham

khano bhutvdndhako vapi

pranan eva parityajet


In the Nirvana-khanda it is also stated:One should reside in the holy place of Mathura, which is rarely attained by the demigods, even if one has to reside there as blind or lame. (In other words, one should give up the desire for going elsewhere and live there until death while ignoring the visible faults.)




patala-khande ca

na drsta mathura yena

didrksa yasya jayate

yatra tatra mrtasyapi

mathure janma jayate


In the Pdtala-khanda it is also stated:A person who has never seen Mathura but has a great desire to see that place will certainly take birth in Mathura after his death regardless of where he leaves his body.




asahkhya-tirthasrayatvam. yatha adi-varahe


sasti-koti-satani ca

tirtha-sarikhya tu vasudhe

mathurayam mayodita


Mathura is the shelter of innumerable holy places. In the Adi-vardha Purdna it is stated:O Vasudha, I have manifested six-hundred-sixty billion holy places in Mathura.




skande mathura-khande

bhume rajamsi ganana

kalenapi bhaven nrpa

mathure yani tirthani

tesam sahkhya na vartate


In the Skanda Purana, Mathura-khanda, it is stated as follows:O King, the particles of dust in this world may be counted in due course of time but it is impossible to count the number of holy places that are present in Mathura.




atha nivdsopadesah. padme patala-khande

kuru bhoh kuru bho vasam

mathurayah purim prati

yatra gopyas ca govindas

trailokyasya prakasakah


Instruction for residing in Mathura is given in the Padma Purana, Pdtala-khanda, as follows:O human beings, I am telling you again and again to reside in Mathura where Lord Govinda who increases the happiness of the people of the three worlds is residing accompanied by the gopis.




re re samsara-magnadya

siksam ekam tit me smu

yadicchasi sukhath sanaram

vasam kuru madhoh pure


O living entities absorbed in material existence, I am giving you the ultimate instruction. Please hear. If you desire to attain happiness, then reside in Mathura.




yadlccheh para-samsaram

vahilram mathuram kuru

nauko sa prerakah krsno

bhoh sive para-karakah


O ParvatI, if you wish to cross the ocean of material existence, then use the land of Mathura as a boat because both the boat and the sailor is Lord krishna Himself.




aho loko mahan andho

netra-yukto na pasyati

mathure vidyamane 'pi

samsrtim bhajate sada


Alas! Although the people of this world have eyes they have become totally blind. Otherwise why are they always wandering throughout material existence rather than living in Mathura?



manusiih yonim atulam

labdhva bhagyasya yogatah

vrthaivayur gatam tesam

na drspa mathuram purim


Alas! Even after receiving the human form of life due to good fortune, those who did not see the land of Mathura are certainly wasting their valuable life.




aho mateh sudaurbalyam

aho bhagyasya daurvidham

aho mohasya mahima

mathura naiva sevyate


Alas! It is to be understand that such people are weak at heart, unfortunate, and bewildered by the illusory energy of the Lord, hence they do not serve Mathura.




sapadam sampadam jn atva

sapayam kayam uccakaih

capalam cahcalam caiva

drstva mat-puram asrayet


Realising that wealth is full of dangers, that the body is full of obstacles, and that money is always restless, every human being should take shelter of My abode.




skande mathura-khande

tatraiva bhavatam bandhuh

pandavanam suhrt sakha

satvatandm priyah saksad

yadavanam kuleesvarah


It is stated in Skanda Purdna, Mathura-khanda, as follows:At that place, your friend, the well wisher of the Pandavas, the beloved Lord of the devotees, and the protector of the Yadavas, is personally present.




krishnah kamala-patraksah

so 'vaitrno yudhisthira

ramena saha devakyam



O Yudhisthira, in that holy land of Mathura the lotus-eyed krishna and Baladeva have appeared from the womb of Devaki, the wife of Vasudeva.




tasya karmany anekani

parigitani suribhih

jatani mathure dese

tarn purlim ko na sevate


Learnned scholars always sing about the unlimited pastimes of Sri krishna in Mathura. Therefore after taking birth in Mathura, who will not like to serve that abode?





mathuram ca parityajya

yo 'nyatra kurute ratim

mudho bhramati samsare

mohito mama mayaya


Therefore in the Adi-vardha Purana it is stated:A foolish person who expresses his attachment to leave Mathura and reside elsewhere certainly becomes bewildered by My illusory energy and always wanders throughout the material existence.




skande mathura-khande

mathuram ca parityajya

yo 'nyatra kurute sprham

durbuddhes tasya kirn jnanam

ajnanena vimohitah


In the Skanda Purana, Mathura-khanda, it is stated as follows:If even after achieving the shelter of Mathura one longs for some other place, then where is the intelligence of such a sinful person? He is certainly illusioned by ignorance.





matra pitra parityakta

ye tyakta nija-bandhubhih

yesam kapi gatir nasti

tesam madhu-puri gatih


Mathura is the shelter of unsheltered people. In the Adi-vardha Purana it is stated as follows:The abode of Mathura is the only shelter of those who have been rejected by their mother, father, relatives, and friends and who have no other shelter.




papa-rasibhir akranta

ye daridrya-parajitah

yesam kvapi gatir nasti

tesam madhu-puri gatih


The abode of Mathura is the only shelter of those who are filled with unlimited sinful reactions, who are afflicted with poverty, and who have no other alternative.




ye ca yoga-paribhrasta

ye tapo-dana-varjitah

yesam kvapi gatir nasti

tesam madhu-puri gatih


The abode of Mathura is the only destination of those who are unsuccessful in their attempt to perform mystic yoga, who are devoid of austerities and giving charity, and who have no other shelter anywhere.




sruti-smrti-vihina ye


yesam kvapi gatir nasti

tesam madhu-puri gatih


The abode of Mathura is the only shelter of those who have not studied the Vedas or the revealed scriptures, who are devoid of cleanliness and proper etiquette, and who have no other shelter.




sarat sarataram sthanam

guhyanam guhyam uttamam

gatim anvesamananam

mathure parama gatih


The abode of Mathura is the only shelter for those who are engaged in searching for a place that is the essence of all places, the most confidential among all confidential places, and the supreme destination of all.




pade pade samakranta

ye vipadbhir ahar-nisam

yesam kvapi gatir nasti

tesam madhu-puri gatih


The abode of Mathura is the only shelter of those who are facing danger at every step day and night and who have no other shelter.




atha nitya-hari-sannidhanatvam. adi-varahe

mathurayh param ksetram

trailokye napi vartate

yasmad vasamy aham devi

mathurayam tu sarvada


Lord Hari eternally resides in Mathura. In the Adi-varaha Purana it is stated:O Devi, since I constantly reside in Mathura, there is no place superior to Mathura within the three worlds.




aho 'ti-dhanya mathura

yatra sannihito harih

sarvesam yatra papanam

praveso na hi vidyate


Oh, the abode of Mathura is glorious, because Lord Sri Hari always resides there and no sinful activities can enter into it.




padme paitala-khande

aho madhu-puri dhanya

yatra tisthati kamsaha

tatra deva-munih sarvo

vasam icchati sarvada


In the Padnna Purana, Patdla-khanda, it is stated as follows:Oh, the abode of Mathura where Sri krishna the killer of Kamsa is residing iis glorious. The demigods and the sages always desire to reside thene.




sri-bhagavaite prathama-skande

aho alam slaghyatamam yadoh kulam

aho alam slaghyatamam madhor vanam

yad esa pumsam rsabhah priyah sriyah

sva-janmana cahkramanena cahcati


In the Srimiad-Bhdgavatam (1.10.26) it is said:Oh, how supremely glorified is the dynasty of King Yadu, and how virtuoius is the land of Mathura, where the supreme leader of all living be;ings, the husband of the goddess of fortune, has taken His birth amd wandered in His childhood.





tat tata gaccha bhadram te

yamunayas tatam sucim

punyam madhuvanam yatra

sannidhyam nityada hareh


In the Srimaad-Bhdgavatam (4.8.42) it is said:My dearr boy, I therefore wish all good fortune to you. You should go tco the bank of the Yamuna, where there is a virtuous forest namesd Madhuvana, and there be purified. Just by going there one draws nearer to the Supreme Personality of Godbad, who always lives there.





rdjadhdnl tatah sabhut


mathura bhagavan yatra

nityam sannihito harih


In the Srimad-Bhdgavatam (10.1.28) it is said:Since that time, the city of Mathura had been the capitol if all the kings of the Yadu dynasty. The city and district of Mathunare very intimately connected with krishna, for Lord krishna lives here eternally.




sri-visnu-purane prathame 'mse

hatva ca lavanath rakso

madhu-putram maha-balam

satrughno mathuram nama

purim tatra cakara vai


In the Visnu Purana, Part One, it is stated as follows:After killing the powerful demon Lavana, who was the si of the demon Madhu, Satrughana established the city of Mahra there.




yatra vai deva-devasya

sannidhyam hari-medhasah

sarva-papa-hare tasmims

tapas tirthe cakara sah


This holy place of Mathura, where Sri krishna, the Lord of Lords, constantly resides with His devotees and where Dhruva Maharaja performed his austerities, is the destroyer of all sinful reactions.





catvarimsad yojananam

tatas tu mathura smrta

yatra devo harih saksat

svayarii tisthati sarvada


In the Vayu Parana it is stated as follows:The holy place of Mathura, where Lord Sri Hari is always directly residing, is renowned as measuring forty yojanas.




atha sii-bhagavat-krpa-labhyatvam. adi-varahe

na tat-punyair na taj-jhanair

na tapobhir na taj-japaih

na labhyaih vividhair yajhair

labhyam mad-anubhavatah


Mathura is attained by the mercy of the Lord. In the Adi-vardha Purana it is stated:Only by My mercy can a human being attain the abode of Mathura. Otherwise one can never attain it by accumulating piety, by accumulating knowledge, by performing austerities, or by per¬forming various sacrifices.




sn-visnoh krpaya nunam

tatra vaso bhavisyati

vina visnoh prasadena

ksanam ekam na tisthati


Without the mercy of Lord Visnu no living entity can live in Mathura for even a moment. On the other hand if one is favored by the Lord, then he will certainly be able to live there.




padme uttara-khande

harau yesam sthira bhaktir

bhuyasiyesu tat-krpa

tesam eva hi dhanyanam

mathurayam bhaved ratih


In the Padma Purdna, Uttara-khanda, it is stated as follows:Only those fortunate souls who have achieved unflinching devotion at the feet of Sri Hari and who have been sufficiently favored by Him become attached to the abode of Mathura.




atha bhagavad-dhyanadi-labhyatvam. adi-varahe

yada visuddhas tapa-adina janah

subharaya dhyana-dhana nirantaram

tadaiva pasyanti mamottamam purim

na canyatha kalpa-satair dvijottama


Mathura is attained through meditation on the Lord. In the Adi-vardha Purdna it is stated as follows:O best of the twice born, only when human beings become completely purified by undergoing various purificatory processes such as performing austerities and constantly follow the process of auspicious meditation can they see My highest abode. Otherwise no one can attain it even in hundreds of kalpas.




moksa-pradatvam. adi-varahe

ya gatir yoga-yuktasya

brahmajnasya manisinah

sa gatis tyajatah pranan

mathurayam narasya ca


Mathura is the giver of liberation. In the Adi-vardha Purdna it is stated as follows:The destination that thoughtful sages who are conversant with the knowledge of the Absolute Truth attain by giving up their bodies through mystic yoga is attained by ordinary people simply by residing in Mathura.




tirthe caiva grhe vapi

catvare pathi caiva hi

yatra tatra mrta devi

muktim yanti na canyatha


O Devi, if persons give up their bodies anywhere in Mathura such as in a house, on the water, in the land, on the road, or in a courtyard, they will certainly attain liberation.




kasy-adi-puryo yadi santi loke

tasam tu madhye mathuraiva dhanya


nrnam caturaha vidadhati moksam


Although there are many holy places in this world such as KasI, the abode of Mathura is the best of all, for by taking birth there, by taking initiation there, and by giving up the body there one surely attains liberation.




na yogairya gatir labhya

manvantara-satair api

anyatra helaya satra

labhayte mal-prasadatah


The destination that great yogis cannot achieve by practising mystic yoga for millions of kalpas elsewhere is easily attained through My mercy by people who live in this place.




na papebhyo bhayam yatra

na bhayam yatra vai yamat

na garbha-vasa-bhir yatra

tat ksetrarii ko na samsrayet


Who will not like to take shelter of such a place where there is no fear from sinful reaction, no fear from Yamaraja, and no fear from the miseries caused by living in a womb?




vina sahkhyena yogena

vina svatma-vicintanam

vina vrata-tapo-danaih

sreyo vai praninam iha


Even if living entities do not cultivate knowledge, practice mys¬tic yoga, realise the science of the self, observe vows, undergo austerities, or give in charity at this place, they will still undoubted¬ly attain the goal of life.





mathurayam mrta hi ye

kulat patanti ye vrksas

te 'pi yanti param gatim


What to speak of human beings, if even insects, worms, flies, or trees die in this holy land, they will also attain the supreme destina¬tion.






mathurayas ca mandalam

yatra pranan vimuhcanti

siddha yanti param gatim


In the Vardha Purdna it is stated as follows:If fortunate souls leave their bodies in the holy land of Mathura, which consists of 20 yojanas, they certainly attain the supreme destination.




padme patala-khande


jlva-himsa-ratasya ca


punar janma na vidyate


In the Padma Purdna, Pdtdla-khanda, it is stated as follows:By offering oblations in Mathura for the benefit of a dog-eater, a dumb person, or an envious person, they no longer have to take birth again in the material world.




pranalyam ista-khacite

smasane vyomni mancake

attdle va mrto devi

mathure muktim apnuyuh


If a human being leaves his body in a drain, in a building, in a crematorium, in the air, on a raised platform, or on a high platform in Mathura, he will certainly attain liberation.


TEXT 96-97



mathura-tlrtham atulam

visrutam loka-sat-krtam

yatra krishnas tu gopalaih

samam kriditavan jale

tatra gatva nam brahman

mucyate sarva-patakaih'

tri-ratram usitas tatra

niraharo jitenariyah

viharantam jale krishnam

dhyayan mukto bhaven narah


In the Vdmana Purdna it is stated:O Brahma, if one goes to the holy place of Mathura, which is unparalleled, famous, and glorified by everyone and where Lord krishna enjoyed water sports with His cowherd boyfriends, he be¬comes freed from all sinful reactions. If after fasting three days and remaining self-controlled a person meditates on Lord krishna engaged in water sports in Mathura, then he becomes liberated.





astlha mathura nama

trisu lokesu visruta

krishna -pada-rajo-misra


sparsanena naras tasya

mucyate sarva-bandhanat


In the Saura Purdna it is stated as follows:In this world there is a most sacred holy place called Mathura, which is famous in the three worlds. The roads of Mathura have become purified by the dust from the lotus feet of Sri krishna. By touching these particles of dust human beings become freed from all kinds of bondage.





mathurayam vasisyami

yasyami mathura-putim

iti yasya bhaved buddhih

so 'pi bandha vimucyate


In the mathura-khanda it is stated as follows:A person who thinks, "I will go to Mathura and reside there," also achieves liberation from all material bondage.


TEXT 100


atha visnu-loka-pradatvam. brahmande

ye pasyanty acyutam devaiii

mathure devakl-sutam

te visnu-lokam asadya

na cyavante kadacana


Mathura is the bestower of Visnuloka. In Brahmdnda Purdna it is stated as follows:Those who take darsana of Lord Acyuta, the son of Devakl, in Mathura certainly attain the abode of Visnu and never fall from there.


TEXT 101


yatram karoti krishnasya

sraddhaya yah samahitah

sarva-papair vinirmukto

visnulokam sa gacchati


A self-controlled person who faithfully goes to Mathura with a desire to take darsana of Sri krishna becomes free from all sinful reactions and returns to the abode of Visnu.


TEXT 102


striyo mlecchas ca sudras ca

pasavah paksino mrgah

mathurayam mrta ye ca

visnu-lokam vrajanti te


Women, mlecchas, sudras, animals, birds, deer, and others who leave their bodies in Mathura go to the abode of Visnu.


TEXT 103


muka jadandha-vadhiras


kalenaiva mrta ye ca

gacchanti visnu-mandiram


If persons who are dumb, inert, blind, deaf, or devoid of austerities, self-control, and so on give up their bodies in due course of time in Mathura, then such persons certainly go to the abode of Visnu.


TEXT 104


sarpa-dastah pasu-hatah


labahapa-mrtyavo ye ca

mathure hari-loka-gah


Persons who are bitten by snakes, killed by animals, burnt by fire, or drowned in the water as well as those who commit suicide by strangling to death or by drinking poison will also return to the abode of Visnu.


TEXT 105-106



kalpa-gramena kim tasya

varanasya ca va subhe

mathurayam tu yat puny am

tasya punya-phalam srnu

mathuram ca samasadya

yah kascid mryate bhuvi

api kltah patahgo va

jayate sa caturbhujah


In the Adi-vardha Purdna it is stated as follows:O beautiful one, what is the use of residing in Prayaga or VaranasI for many, many kalpasl Now hear about the result one derives by residing in Mathura. If in due course of time a person attains the shelter of Mathura even in the form of an ant or a fly and then leaves his body there he will attain a four-handed form and return to the abode of Visnu.


TEXT 107


mathnati sarva-papdni

dadati paramam gatim

uttamo hi nam yatra

tena sa mathura smrta


It is stated in the Gautamiya-tantra as follows:The word Mathura refers to the destroyer of all sinful reac¬tions, the bestower of the supreme destination, and the place where exalted human beings reside.


TEXT 108


sarvabhista-pradatvam. brahmanda-purane

satyam satyam muni-srestha

bruve sapatha-purvakam

sarvabhista-pradam nanyan

mathurayah samam kvacit


Mathura is the bestower of one's goal of life. In the Brahmdnda Purdna it is stated as follows:O great sage, I swear that there is no place in this material world equal to Mathura in awarding one the ultimate goal of life.


TEXT 109


skande mathura-khande

ksetra-palo maha-devo

vartate yatra sarvada

yatra visranti-tlrtham ca

tatra kith durlabham phalam


In the Skanda Purdna, Mathura-khanda, it is stated:What result is difficult to attain in a place where Lord Siva is always present as the protector and where the holy place called Visrama-tirtha is situated?


TEXT 110



tri-varga-da kaminam ya

mumuksunam ca moksada

bhakticchor bhaktida kas tarn

mathuram nasrayed budhah


In the Padma Purdna, Uttara-khanda, it is stated as follows:This holy place awards religiosity, economic development, and sense gratification to those who are full of material desires. It awards liberation to those who aspire for liberation, and it awards devotional service to those who desire devotional service. There¬fore what intelligent person will not take shelter of Mathura?


TEXT 111


tatraiva patala-khande parvati-prasnah

uktodbhutas ca mahima

mathuraya jatadhara

muner bhuvo va saritah

prabhavah kena va vibho

krishnasya va prabhavo 'yam

samyogasya pratapavan


In the Padma Purdna, Pdtala-khanda, Parvati inquires as follows:O wearer of matted hair, you have described the wonderful glories of Mathura-. Now please tell me: Is this land glorious be¬cause of the sages living there, because of the importance of the land, or because it is adorned with the Yamuna? Or its influence because Lord krishna is related to this land?


TEXT 112


tatraiva sri-mahadevottaram

na bhumika-prabha.vas ca

sarito va varanane

rsinam na prabhavas ca

prabhavo visnu-tarake


Lord Siva replied:O beautiful faced girl, it is not due to the glories of the land, the river, or the sages; rather it is due to the influence of Lord Visnu's holy name, which delivers everyone.


TEXT 113


tatha paraka-cic-chakter

ubhe tat-pada-karake

tad eva srnu bho devi

prabhavo yena vartate


It is also due to the influence of Lord Visnu's internal potency. The Lord's holy name and His internal potency help a living entity attain the supreme abode of Lord Visnu. Now please hear about their influence.


TEXT 114


sri-krishna-mahima sarvas

cic-chakter yah pravartate

tarakam parakam tasya

prabhavo 'yam andhatah

tarakae jayate muktih

prema-bhaktis ca parakat


The glories of Sri krishna that emanate from His internal poten¬cy are known as tdraka and pdraka. From the tdraka influence one attains liberation, and from the pdraka influence one attains loving devotional service.


TEXT 115-116


tatraiva srl-bhagavad-vakyam

ubhau mantrav ubhe namni


nana-namani mantras ca

tan-madhye saram ucyate

ajhatam athava jhatam

tarakam japate yadi

yatra tatra bhaven mrtyuh

kasyam tu phalam adiset


In the Padma Purdna, Patdla-khanda, the Supreme Lord said as follows:Among My many names and many mantras those two names and those two mantras are most dear to Me. There is no doubt that if a person chants the tdraka-mantra knowingly or unknowingly, then wherever he leaves his body he will attain the result of leaving his body at Kasl.


TEXT 117


vartate yasya jihvagre

sa pumal loka-pavanah

chinatti sarva-papani

kasl-vasa-phalam labhet


If the tdraka holy name constantly remains on the tip of one's tongue, such a person can purify the entire world, counteract all sinful reactions, and achieve the result of living at Kasl.


TEXT 118


iti taraka-mantro 'yam

yas tu kasyam pravartate

sa eva mathure devi

vartate 'tra varanane


O beautiful Devi, as this tdraka-mantra is famous at KasI, it is also famous in Mathura.


TEXT 119


atha parakam ucyeta

yatha-mantram yatha-balam

parakam yatra varteta



Now I am describing the characteristics and potency of the paraka-mantra. Wherever the paraka-mantra becomes manifest, opulences and mystic perfections automatically follow.


TEXT 120


pujyo bhavati trailokye

satayur jayate puman


vartate yatra parakam


A person who takes shelter of the paraka-mantra is worshiped in the three worlds, he lives for one hundred years, and he achieves the eight mystic perfections headed by anima, by which one can become smaller than an atom.


TEXT 121


parakam yasya jihvagre

tasya santosa-vartita

paripurno bhavet kamah

satya-sahkalpata tatha


One who constantly keeps the paraka-mantra on the tip of his tongue is always satisfied and all his desires and resolutions are easily fulfilled.


TEXT 122


dvi-vidha prema-bhaktis tu

snita drsta tathaiva ca


tad-gato jneya-laksanah


Loving devotional service is of two types—srutd, or that which is awakened by hearing, and drstd, or that which is awakened by seeing. The principle symptom of loving devotional service is uninterrupted bliss.


TEXT 123


asru-patam kvacin nrtyam

kvacit premati-vihvalah

kvacit tasya maha-murccha

mad-guno glyate kvacit


Persons who execute loving devotional service sometimes shed tears, sometimes dance, sometimes become overwhelmed in ecstasy, sometimes fall unconscious to the ground, and sometimes sing about My transcendental qualities.


TEXT 124


tha prapancatitam. adi-varahe

anyaiva kacit sa srstir

vidhatur vyatirekini

na yat ksetra-gunan vaktum

isvaro 'pisvaro yatah


athura is transcendental to the material world. In the Adi-araha Purana it is stated as follows:Mathura is completely different from the creation of the reator, because even the controller of this world is unable to escribe the unlimited qualities of this holy place.


TEXT 125


skande mathura-khande

tan-mandalam mathuram hi

visnu-cakropari sthitam

padmakaram sada tatra

vartate sasvatam nrpa


In the Skanda Purana, mathura-khanda, it is stated as follows:O King, this Mathura-mandala is situated above the disc of Lord Visnu. It has the shape of a lotus flower and is eternally manifest.


TEXT 126


padme patala-khande

rsir mathura-namatra

tapah kurvati sasvate

tato 'sya mathuram nama-

bhavad adhyam sriya yutam


In the Padma Purana, Patdla-khanda, it is stated as follows:A great sage named Mathura performed austerities in this eternal abode of the Lord. That is why this glorious and opulent place has been renowned as Mathura.


TEXT 127


iatraiva nirvana-khande

nityam me mathuram viddhi

vanath vrndavanam tatha

yamunam gopa-kanyas ca

tatha gopala-balakan


In the Padma Purana, Nirvdna-khanda, it is stated as follows:You should know for certain that My Mathura, Vrndavana, Yamuna, cowherd boys, and cowherd girls are all eternal.


TEXT 128


aho na jananti nara durasayah

purim madlyam paramam sanatanim


manoramam tarn mathuram param gatim


Alas, only sinful people cannot know My abode, which is eter¬nal, most enchanting, the supreme destination, and which is glorified by the kings of the demigods, sages, and serpents.


TEXT 129


atha deva-traya-rupatvam. padme patala-khande

ma-kare ca u-kare ca

a-kare canta-samsthite

mathurah sabda-nispanna

om-karasya tatah samah


Mathura is the personification of Lord Brahma, Lord Visnu, and Lord Siva. In Padma Purana, Patdla-khanda, it is stated as follows:If one accumulates the three letters ma, u, and a from the word Mathura, then one derives the word aum or omkara. Therefore the word Mathura is equal to the word om.


TEXT 130


maha-rudro ma-karah syad

u-karo visnu-samjhakah

a-karo 'ntyas tu brahma syat

tri-sabdam mathuram bhavet


The letter ma refers to Lord Siva, the letter u refers to Lord Visnu, and the letter a refers to Lord Brahma. Therefore this word Mathura is a combination of Lord Brahma, Lord Visnu, and Lord Siva.


TEXT 131


tada varah srestha uktah

satya evabhavat tatah

sa tri-devamayi murtir

mathuri tisthate sada


This word Mathura has been described as the highest of all and the actual truth has become manifest from this. Therefore the abode of Mathura is the personification of the three Lords.


TEXT 132


atha sri-visnu-bhakti-pradatvam. padme uttara-khande

anyesu punya-tirthesu

muktir eva mahaphalam

muktaih prarthya harer bhaktir

mathurayam ca labhyate


Mathura is the bestower of devotional service to Visnu. In Padma Purdna, Uttara-khanda, it is stated as follows:In other holy places liberation is the ultimate result, but the speciality of Mathura is that it awards one devotional service to Hari, which is aspired for by even liberated persons.


TEXT 133


tri-ratram api ye tatra

vasanti manuja mune

harir dadyat sukham tesam

muktanam api durlabham


O great sage, one who resides in that abode for even three days receives from Lord Hari happiness that is rarely attained by liberated souls.


TEXT 134




sevanad durlabha hi ya

parananamaayi siddhir



In the Brahmdnda Purdna it is stated as follows:The most blissful perfection that remains unachieved even by serving all the holy places of the three worlds is achieved simply by the touch of Mathura.


TEXT 135


skande mathura-khande

smaranti mathuram ye ca

mathuresam visampate

sarva-tirtha-phalam tesam

syac ca bhaktir harau para


In the Skanda Purdna, mathura-khanda, it is stated as follows:O Maharaja, those who remember Mathura and Hari, who is the Lord of Mathura, attain the result of visiting all holy places and achieve the pure devotional service of Lord Hari.


TEXT 136


atha svatah parama-phalatvam.

padme patala-khande

aho madhu-puri dhanya

vaikunthac ca gariyasi

dinam ekam nivasena

harau bhaktih prajayate


Mathura is the bestower of all auspiciousness. In Padma Purdna, Patala-khanda, it is stated as follows:Oh, this abode of Mathura is glorious and superior to the abode of Vaikuntha, because by residing there for one day one's devotion to Lord Hari is awakened.


TEXT 137


atha sapta-purinam tu

sarvotkrstam tu mathuram

sruyatam mahima devi



O Devi, among the seven major holy places such as Ayodhya, Kasi, and KaficI, the holy place of Mathura is the topmost. Now please hear about its glories, which are superior to the glories of Vaikuntha.


TEXT 138



bhur-bhuvah-svas-tale vapi

na patala-tale 'malam

nordhva-loke maya drstam

tadrk ksetram vasundhare


In the Adi-vardha Purdna it is stated as follows:O Vasundara, a more sanctified holy place than Mathura is not found in the earthly planet, in the outer space, in heaven, in the lower planets such as Patala, or in the upper planets such as Maharloka, Janoloka, and Tapoloka.


TEXT 139



labhanam mathura-labho

jhananam jnanam uttamam

pritlnam parama pritir

gatlnam gatir uttama


In the Vardha Purdna it is stated as follows:Attainment of Mathura is the highest attainment, knowledge of Mathura is the highest knowledge, love and devotion for Mathura is the supreme love and devotion, and of all goals Mathura is the ultimate goal 0f life.


TEXT 140


rahasyanam rahasyam ca

kriyanam ca maha-kriya

etan marana-kale tu

smartavyam manasapi ca

yadlcchet paramam siddhim

samsarasya ca moksanam


It is the essence of all mysteries, the most important activity among all activities. One should remember this holy land of Mathura even at the time of death. If one desires to attain the highest perfection of life, either loving devotional service or liberation from material existence, then he should certainly remember Mathura,


TEXT 141


a tnathura-mandala-simajnanam. adi-varahe

vimsatir yojananam tu

mathuram mama mandalam


The knowledge about Mathura's measurement. In the Adi-vardha Purana it is stated as follows:The exact measurement of My most sanctified abode of Mathura is twenty yojanas.


TEXT 142


tatha padme yamuna-mahatmye

ramyam apsarasam sthanam

yasmims cancalatam gatah

yayavarah pura vipras

tapasvl vijitendriyah


In the Padma Purana, Yamuna-mdhdtmya, it is stated as follows:There is a place that is enchanting to the Apsaras, or the heavenly girls. Long, long ago a self-controlled, ascetic, mendicant, brdhmana also became restless at this place.


TEXT 143


cira-kalam prataptam tarn


sprsta vari-kanenenam

mocayitva hi patakat


prapayat tarn suralayam


Although this brdhmana performed severe austerities for a long time he was burnt by the fire of Indra's curse. But just by touching the water of the Yamuna he was delivered from all sinful reactions and was taken to heaven in an airplane that was as bright as the sun.


TEXT 144



vanaprasthair yatha-vidhi

mathura-mandalam prapta

tasmad devarsi-sevita


Those sages who belong to the vdnaprastha order of life respectfully worship the sacred river Yamuna by offering in¬gredients like arghya. When the Yamuna reaches the abode of Mathura even the great sages serve her.


TEXT 145


pavayitiva kiirun desan

surasenan samavisat

vanani dvadasa sphita-

sphitani guna-sampada


After purifying the land of the Kauravas, this sacred river Yamuna enters into the land of King Surasena. There are twelve forests within Mathura-mandala. According to their qualities and opulences, some of them are big and some of them are small.


TEXT 146


kramad visrantim asadya

visranta kesavalaye




Gradually this river Yamuna reaches the holy place called Visranti and takes shelter at the house of Lord Kesava. Thereafter 11 flows over the top of Sudarsana cakra and then passes the holy Place of Visrama-ghata.


TEXT 147


ily upakramya

aslista vasudevena

sat-krtyabhyarcya tapani

samprapta punya-salila

su-punyam dhrauvyam dsramam


Thereafter the sacred river Yamuna is respectfully worshiped and embraced by Sri Vasudeva. Then by the order of the Lord she goes to the auspicious place of Dhruva Maharaja.


TEXT 148


samprapad punya-salila

su-punyam renukasramam

dlksito yatra ramo 'bhut



From there Yamuna, whose water is most sacred, goes to the holy place called Renukasrama, where Parasurama performed a fire sacrifice to kill the ksatriyas.


TEXT 149


tatah prayata yamuna


istam sakuntaleyena

sararigair yatra saptabhih


Thereafter Yamuna goes to the sacrificial arena of Bharata, who performed an Asvamedha sacrifice there. In that asrama Bharata, the son of Sakuntala, performed a sacrifice with seven spotted dear.


TEXT 150


atha sa saptabhir medhyaih

somapendro 'py amadyata

tatah pratyahmukhi bhutva

samprapta saukarim purim

yasyam dharam samuddhartum

utpannas cadisukarah


After receiving the seven spotted dear as an offering, Indra the King of heaven became greatly pleased. Thereafter Yamuna flows toward the west and reaches the place known as Saukarapurl, where Lord Narayana assumed the form of the original boar to deliver the earth.


TEXT 151


tatas tarn nagarim sauri

bhutva pratyahmukhi punah

parikramya viniskranta

jihma-gatyeva pannagi


After circumambulating this place, Yamuna flows toward the west in a winding path like a snake.


TEXT 152


tatah sa surasenebhyah

pahcalanam vimukti-da

istakasramam apede

vasisthayatanam mahat


After delivering the inhabitants of Surasena and Pancala, the ver Yamuna goes to the place of sage Vasistha known as 'stakasrama.


TEXT 153


etena yaya-varam adhikrtya saukari-vatesvara-paryantam mathura-

mandalam jneyam. evam eva sarvasu diksvapi jneyam.

vimsati-yojanatmake bahu-tlrthavat tvaya visesah.


From this description it is to be understood that the boundary of Mathura starts from the asrama of the mendicant brdhmana and ends at Vatesvara, near the appearance spot of the original boar incarnation. This applies to all four directions. Since innumerable holy places are situated within this twenty yojana area of Mathura, the land of Mathura has become especially significant.


TEXT 154


mathura- khande

mathura-mandalam tad dhi

yojananam tu dvadase

yatra tirtha-sahasrani

krishna-rama-krtani ca


In the mathura-khanda it is stated as follows:The holy tract of land called Mathura-mandala is spread over twelve yojanas. There are thousands of holy places situated within this Mathura-mandala, wherein Lord krishna and Lord Balarama enjoyed unlimited pastimes.


TEXT 155


tatha hi vaisisthyam

gavyutir dvadasamayi


tatrapi mathura devi

sarva -siddhi-vidhayini


A specific description is also given therein as follows:Within this tract of land there are twelve forests situated within he area of twenty-four krosas, or forty-eight miles. Among these elve forests is Mathura, which certainly bestows all perfection.


TEXT 156


tatrapi padmakrter vaisistyam

idam padmam maha-bhage

sarvesam mukti-dayakam

karnikayam sthito devi

kesavah klesa-nasanah


In the same scripture Mathura is described as having the shape of a lotus flower in the following words:The shape of Mathura-mandala is like a lotus flower and it awards liberation to the living entities. Lord Kesavadeva, who destroys the miseries of the living entities, is situated on the seed vessel of this lotus flower.


TEXT 157


karnikayam mrta ye tu

te nara mukti-bhaginah

madhya-patra mrta ye ca

tesath muktir vasundhare


Those human beings who give up their bodies within that place are eligible for liberation, and those who give up their bodies on the petals of that lotus also attain liberation.


TEXT 158


pascime tu harim devam


drstva tarn deva-devesam

kith manah paritapyase


On the western side of this lotus-shaped Mathura is Govardhana Hill, where Lord Harideva is situated. If one takes darsana of this Lord of lords, then what need does he have to lament?


TEXT 159


uttarena tu govinama

drstva devam param subham

nasau patati samsare

yavad dhuta-samplavam


North of the Harideva temple is the temple of the most auspi¬cious Govindadeva. By taking His darsana one does not have to return to this material world up to the time of annihilation.


TEXT 160


visranti-samjhakam tlrtham

purva-patre vyavasthitam

yam drstva tu nam yati

muktim nasty atra samsayah


The holy place called VisrantI is situated on the eastern petal of that lotus. There is no doubt that a human being who sees this place attains liberation.


TEXT 161


daksinenottamam viddhi

pratimam divya-rupinim

maha-kayam su-rupam ca


yam drstva manujo devi

brahmaloke mahlyate


O Devi, in the south there is a large, beautiful, transcendental Deity, which looks exactly like Lord Kesava. One who sees this Deity is worshiped in Brahmaloka.


TEXT 162


athatra kala-visese nivasa-phalam. adi-varahe tatra jyaisthe

jyaisthasya sukla-dvadasyam

snatva tu niyatendriyah

mathurayam harim drstva

prapnoti paramam gatim


The results of residing in Mathura at different times. In the Adi-vardha Purdna it is stated as follows:If a person takes bath on the day of DvadasI that falls during the waning moon and takes darsana of Lord Harideva in Mathura with a controlled mind, he attains the ultimate goal of life.


TEXT 163


caturmasye. adi-varahe

prthivyam yani tirthani

a-samudra-saramsi ca

mathurayam gamisyanti

supte caiva janardane


In the Adi-vardha Purdna, Caturmasya is described as follows:During the time of Caturmasya, when Lord Hari goes to sleep, all the holy rivers, lakes, and seas of this world go to Mathura.


TEXT 164


caturo varsikan masan

madhu-purya vasemahi

sarvani tatra tirthani

vividhani vasanti ca


Myself and all the demigods reside in Mathura during the four months of Caturmasya. At that time all the holy rivers and lakes reside there.


TEXT 165


tatraiva janmastamyam

janmastami-dine prapte

tatra yo mam prapasyati

janma-koti-krtam papain

tat-ksanad eva nasyati


In the same scripture JanmastamI is glorified as follows:A person who takes darsana of Me in Mathura on the day of JanmastamI at once destroys the sinful reactions accumulated from millions of births.


TEXT 166


bhadre masi mamastabhyam

yah karoti mamarcanam

sarvam papam parityajya

mama sthanam sa gacchati


A person who worships Me on the day of JanmastamI i Mathura is relieved from all his sinful reactions and returns to M abode.


TEXT 167-168


sarvam taptam tapas tena

sarvam danam ca taih krtam

yaih krtam mathuram gatva

bhadrestamyam vasundhare

snatva visranti-tlrthesu

pujanam me 'valokanam


Those who on the day of JanmastamI have seen Me and wor¬shiped Me after taking bath at Visrama-ghata in Mathura are understood to have performed all austerities, observed vows, and given in charity.


TEXT 169


visesatah karttike. padme karttika-mahatmye narada-vakyam

yatra kutrapi dese ca

karttike snana-danatah

agni-hotra-samam puny am

pujayam tu visesatah


In the Padma Purana, Kdrttika-mdhdtmya, Narada Muni speaks as follows:If a person takes bath in a holy river, gives in charity, and worships the Lord in the month of Karttika, wherever he may be he will attain the result of performing an Agnihotra sacrifice.


TEXT 170


kumksetre koti-guno

gangayam api tat-samah

tato 'dhikah puskare syad

dvarakaydm tu bhargava


But if a person performs those activities of taking bath, giving charity, and worshiping at Kuruksetra he attains one million times more results than the performance of an Agnihotra sacrifice. This also applies to the Ganges. O son of Bhrgu. if someone performs these activities in Puskara or in Dvaraka he attains even more benefit.


TEXT 171


krishna-salokya-do masah

puja-snanais ca karttikah

anyah puryas tat-samana

bhavanti mathuram vina


If a person takes bath and worships krishna in the month of Karttika he attains sdlokya, or residence in the Lord's abode. No other holy place is equal to Mathura.


TEXT 172


damodaratvam hi hares

tatraivasit yatah kila

mathurayam tatas turjo


karttiko mathurayam vai

paramdvadhir isyate


Since Lord Hari's pastimes of being bound by the rope of Yasoda took place in the abode of Mathura, observing the vow in the month of Karttika pleases the Lord krishna the most. It has been said that following Damodara-vrata in the month of Karttika in Mathura brings immense pleasure to krishna.


TEXT 173


yatha maghe prayagah syad

vaisakhe jahnavi tatha

karttike mathura sevya

tatrotkarsah paw na hi


Just as one should take bath at Prayaga in the month of February or take bath in the Ganges in the month of April, similar¬ly one should serve the holy place of Mathura in the month of Karttika.


TEXT 174


mathurayam narair urje

snatva damodaro 'rcitah

krishna-mpa hi tejheya

 natra karya vicarana


There is no doubt that those who worship Lord Damodara in the month of Karttika in Mathura after taking bath there are extremely dear to krishna.


TEXT 175


durlabhah karttiko vipra

mathurayam nrnam iha

yatrarcitah svakam nipam

bhaktebhyah samprayacchati


O brdhmanas, it is extremely rare for persons of this world to observe the Karttika vow in Mathura-mandala, for by worshiping Damodara in the month of Karttika in Mathura the Lord awards the worshiper the liberation of having the same features as the Lord.


TEXT 176


bhuktim muktim harir dadyad

arcito 'nyatra sevinam

bhaktim tu na dadaty eva

yato vasya-kari hareh


If one worships krishna elsewhere He awards one material en¬joyment and liberation; but He never awards devotional service, which even controls Him.


TEXT 177


sat tanjasa barer bhaktir

labhyate karttike naraih

mathurayam sakra api



Yet if people go to Mathura and worship Sri Damodara only once in the month of Karttika, they immediately obtain that devo¬tional service to Hari.


TEXT 178


mantra-dravya-vihinam ca

vidhi-hinam ca pujanam

manyate karttike devo

mathurayam mad-arcanam


Worship offered in the month of Karttika in Mathura without proper mantras, proper ingredients, and proper rules and regula¬tions is regarded by the demigods as worship of Me.


TEXT 179


yasya papasya yujyeta

marandnta hi niskrtih

tac-chuddhy-artham idam proktam

prayascittam su-niscitam

karttike mathurayam vai



The proper substitute for a person whose only other atonement for counteracting his sinful reactions is death is to worship Lord Damodara in Mathura during the month of Karttika.


TEXT 180


sulabha mathura loke

pratyabdam karttikas tatha

tathapi samsarantiha

nara mudha bhavambudhau


The abode of Mathura is easily available in this world, and the month of Karttika also comes every year. Nevertheless foolish people do not take advantage of this and prefer to drift in the material ocean.


TEXT 181


kim yajhaih kirn tapobhir va

tirthair anyais ca sevitaih

karttike mathurayam ced

arcyate radhika-priyah


If one can worship krishna, the Ibeloved Lord of Radha, in the month of Karttika in Mathura-marridala, then what is the need of his performing all kinds of sacrifices, undergoing all kinds of austerities, and visiting all holy places?


TEXT 182


yani sarvani tirihani

nada nadyah saramsi ca

karttike nivasainty atra

mathure sarv'a-mandale


All holy rivers, ponds, and Hakes of this world reside in Mathura-mandala in the month of Karttika.


TEXT 183


paropahasam uddisya

karttike harisevaya

mathurayam laibhed bhaktim

kim punah sraddhaya narah


If a person achieves devotional service to Hari simply by serv¬ing Him in Mathura in the month <of Karttika just to tease others, then what can be said about faithfuil persons?


TEXT 184


tatraiva dhumrakesam prati yama-vakyam

tasman nrpatmaja sreyah

param kihcin na-not; vidyate

karttike mathurayam ca

sri-damodara -piijanat


Sri Yamaraja spoke to Dhumrakesa as follows:O Prince, there is nothing more beneficial than the worship of Lord Damodara in the month of Karttika in Mathura.


TEXT 185


na catra samsayah karyah

isitrtvam idam hareh

raja hi kasyacid dhrtva

sarvasvam cet prayacchati

parasmai kasya kas tatra

niyanta syat prabhor yatha


If a King takes everything from one person and gives it to another, can anyone chastise the King? There is no doubt that this is the greatness of Lord Hari.


TEXT 186


ayam sarvesvarah snman

anyatha kartum isvarah

aty-alpam bhuri kurute

bahu tuccham ca manyate


The Supreme Personality of Godhead Lord Hari is capable of effecting any change, and as such He can transform a small object into a big one and a big object into an small one.


TEXT 187


tatrapi prabodhinyam ati-visesah. padme karttika-mahatmye.

tavad garjanti tirthani

vajimedhadayo makhah

mathurayam priya visitor

yavan nayati bodhini


It is stated in Padma Purdna, Kdrttika-mdhdtmya, as follows:Until Utthana Ekadasi, which is very dear to Lord Hari, occurs in Mathura, all holy places and sacrifices such as the Asvamedha sacrifice are said to be auspicious.


TEXT 188





sannidhyam sltalam gmam


For those who are burnt by the blazing forest fire of material existence and those who are hankering after material enjoyment and happiness, the lotus feet of Sri krishna are the only cooling shelter.


TEXT 189


bhava-pantha-jananam vai

prapikeyam prabodhani

katham na sevate mudhair

mathurayam kirn anyatah


If persons who are travelling on the path of material life hap¬pen to be in Mathura on the day of Utthana Ekadasi, then what foolish person will not serve her?


TEXT 190


mathurayam tu kim vacyam

jagare hari-sannidhau

karttike bodhiriim prapya

tatah sreyah param hi na


What can I describe about receiving Lord Hari's mercy on the day of Utthana EkadasI in Mathura? There is nothing more auspicious than observing this EkadasI in Mathura in the month of Karttika.


TEXT 191


rajyam anyatra santyajya

sphitam nihata-kantakam

karttike mathurayam vai

kaimutyam jagaram caret


That is why I say that even if one is to receive a vast kingdom, one should give that up and observe the vow of Utthana EkadasI by remaining awake at night in the month of Karttika in Mathura.


TEXT 192


atha dvadasyam. visnu-purane

urjasya sukla-dvadasyam

snatva vai yamuna-jale

mathurayam harim drstva

prapnoti paramam gatim


The glories of DvadasI are described in the Visnu Purana as follows:If a person takes bath in the Yamuna on the DvadasI day that falls during the waxing moon in the month of Karttika and sees Lord Hari in Mathura, then such a person attains loving devotional service, which is the ultimate goal of life.


TEXT 193


atha bhism-pahcake. padme bhismam prati sri-krishna-vacanam

tvaya krte vratepascat

khyasyate bhisma-pancakam

ye tatra janma-bhumau me

karisyanti maha-vratam

mathurayam tu gahgeya

tesam bhaktih kare sthita


In trie Padna Purana Lord krishna glorifies the Bhisma-paiicaka vow "beforeBhlsma in the following words:O son )f the Ganges, after you observe this vow it will be renoxvned ts Bhisma-paiicaka. Those who observe this great vow at My birtlplace in Mathura will easily obtain devotional service to Me.


TEXT 194


sarvabhaumas tv indra-padam

brahmalokas tathaksayam

yoga-siddhim ca muktim ca

prito yacchami sarvasah


I become pleased with those who observe this vow, and I award them the position of an emperor, king of heaven, infallible Brahma, oi all mystic perfections and liberations.


TEXT 195


durlabho bhakti-yogo me

mama vasya-vidhayakah

karttike mathurayam ca

vratenanena labhyate


Devotional service to Me by which one can control Me is very dlffic-ult to attain. But if a person follows the vow of Bhlsmapaficaka in the month of Karttika in Mathura he can also attain that devotional service to Me.


TEXT 196


puranantare ca

sarvabhista-pradam proktam

mathure bhisma-pahcakam


In another Parana it is stated as follows:Observance of the vow of Bhisma-paiicaka in Mathura fulfills all one's desires.


TEXT 197


yatha bhavisye

bhisma-pahca-dine prapte

mathura-mandale hareh

nidra-ccheda-kare punye

paduke cavalokayet


In the Bhavisya Purana it is stated as follows:If one visits Mathura during Bhisma-paiicaka, then he should take darsana of the lotus feet of Lord Hari there on the day of PrabodhinI Ekadasi


TEXT 198


atha mathura-vanantargata-madhupuri-mahatmyam. skande mathura-khande

madhor vanam prathamato

yatra vai mathura-puri

madhu-daityo hato yatra

harina visva-murtina


The glories of Madhuvana are described in the Skanda Purana, gathura-khanda, as follows:The holy place of Mathura-puri is situated in this Madhuvana. Hari, the Lord of the entire universe, killed the demon Madhu at this place.


TEXT 199


tatraiva bhagavad-vasa

avirbhavo harer nrpa

visramas ca hares tatra

devanam ca nrpottama


0 King, the Supreme Lord certainly resides there. Lord Visnu and the demigods take rest here.


TEXT 200


yo vai madhuvane snati

yamuna-jalam asritah

sarva-tirthesu sa snatas

tat-phalam labhate dhruvam


A person who goes to Madhuvana and takes bath in the water of the Yamuna attains the result of taking bath at all holy places.


TEXT 201


sarvesam nrpa siddhih syat

tasmin madhuvane nrnam

tapasa bhakti-yogena

snana-matrena karmana


0 King, just by undergoing austerities with devotion at this P'ace or simply by taking bath there persons achieve all perfection.


TEXT 202


aho madhuvanam dhanyam

yatra ramah sahanujah

karoti karma lokanam

hitaya ca manisinam


Oh, that sanctified place of Madhuvana is glorious because Balarama with His brother krishna performed many wonderful pastimes there for the benefit of thoughtful persons.


TEXT 203


mardito yatra krsnena

cograsenatmajo 'surah

pavitah sparsa-matrena

gatim nitas ca yoginam


In this forest Lord krishna killed various demons headed by Kamsa, the son of Ugrasena. Just by the touch of Sri krishna this demon Kamsa became purified and achieved the destination ob¬tained by the yogis.


TEXT 204


tasmin madhuvane rajan

durghatam kirn hari-priye

vaktum namani tirthanam

sakyante na mayadhuna

tasmin madhuvane yani

mahatmyam ca nrpottama


O King, nothing is impossible in Madhuvana, which is very dear to Lord Hari. O King, I am unable to name or describe the glories of all the holy places of Madhuvana.


TEXT 205


aho madhuvanam drstam

srutam va tat su-sevinam

sthitam va yaih suratitam

dhanyas te bhuvi manavah


Oh, those who have seen, heard, properly served, glorified, or r resided in Madhuvana forest are certainly glorious in this world.


TEXT 206


evam pradaksinam krtva

navamim sukla-kaumudim

sarvan kulan samadaya

visnuloke mahiyate


If a person circumambulates this place on the ninth day of the ; waxing moon in the month of Karttika, he and his entire family are : worshiped in the abode of Visnu.


TEXT 207

kim vidyaya kim tapasa

kim jnanena ca karmana

yesam vaso madhuvane

nabhun nrpa naradhamah


What will a fallen soul who has not resided at Madhuvana gain by his education, austerities, scriptural knowledge, or pious activities?


TEXT 208




tatra madhye tu tat sthanam


tatra vai vasino loka

muktim yanti na samsayah


In the Adi-varaha Purana it is stated as follows:Within that place the particular spot that resembles the half moon certainly awards liberation to its inhabitants.


TEXT 209


aradha-candre tu yah snanam

karoti niyatasanah

tenaiva caksaya lokah

praptas caiva na canyatha


There is no doubt that a person who eats moderately and takes bath at this half moon shaped spot surely achieves the inexhaustible abode.


TEXT 210


aradha-candre mrta ye ca

mama lokam vrajanti te

anyatra tu mrta ye ca

aradha-candre krta-kriyah

te'pi muktim gamisyanti

dahadi karanair yutaha


If a person leaves his body at this half moon shaped spot, he attains My abode of Goloka. But if a person leaves his body somewhere else and his funeral or other post death activities are performed there, he also attains liberation.


TEXT 211


yavad asthiny aradha-candre

yasya tisthanti dehinah

tavat sa papa-kartapi

brahma-loke mahiyate


If the ashes of a sinful person are placed in this half moon haped spot, then as long as those ashes remain there he will espectfully reside in Brahmaloka.


TEXT 212


kande mathura-khande


samvatsarantorja mase

sitastamyam prayatnatah

yatram madhuvanasyasya

kurvanti hi tapodhanah


In the Skanda Purana, mathura-khanda, it is stated as follows.The ascetics certainly come (and circumambulate) Madhuvana on the eighth day of the waxing moon in the month of Karttika.


TEXT 213




kumudasya tu masasya

mathurayam vasundhare

navamyam pradaksinam krtva

puto bhavati patakat


In the Adi-varaha Purana it is stated as follows:By circumambulating Mathura on the ninth day of the waxing moon in the month of Karttika persons become freed from all inful reactions.


TEXT 214


brahma-ghnas ca surapas ca

go-ghno bhagna-vratas tatha

mathuram pradaksini-krtya

sarva-bandhat pramucyate


If killers of brahmanas, drinkers of wine, killers of cows, or persons who have fallen from their vows circumambulate the land of Mathura, they will certainly become liberated from all sinful reactions.


TEXT 215


kramatah pada-vinyasa

yavantah sarvato disah

tavantah kula-sambhutah

svarge tisthanti sasvatah


As many steps as one takes in the four directions of Mathura, that many of his forefathers live perpetually in heaven.


TEXT 216


anya-desa-gato diirat

parikramati yo narah

tasya sandarsanda eva

putah syur gata-kalmasah


Although one who has circumambulated the land of Mathura lives in a far away country, when other people see such a person they become sinless and pure.


TEXT 217


sruto yais tu vidura-sthaih

krta-yatro nam naraih


te 'pi yanti param gatim


If a person hears about the topics of another person who has circumambulated the holy land of Mathura, then he also becomes free from all sinful reactions and achieves the supreme destination.


TEXT 218


mathurayam nam gatva

drstva devam svayambhuvam

pradaksinayam yat punyam

tat punyarii labhate hi sah


Any person who goes to Mathura and takes darsana of the Deity of Svayambhu certainly achieves the piety of circumambulating Mathura.


TEXT 219


atha janma-sthana-mahatmyam. skande



mathurayam sadanana

janma-sthanam samasadya

sarva-papaih pramucyate


The glories of Lord krishna's birthplace are described in the Skan-da Purdna as follows:O six-headed Karttikeya, a person who chants the holy names of the Lord and takes darsana of Sri krishna's birthplace in Mathura while fasting becomes liberated from all sinful reactions.


TEXT 220


atha karttike. padme


karttike janma-sadane

kesavasya ca ye narah

sakrt pravistah sri-krishnam

te yanti param avyayam


The glories of the Lord's birthplace during the month of Karttika are described in the Padma Purdna as follows:Those persons who have entered into the birthplace of Sri krishna even once in the month of Karttika certainly obtain the inexhaustible Supreme Lord krishna.


TEXT 221


tatraiva prabodhanyam


ekaivaikadasi krishna-

janma-gehe krta naraih

tato 'dhikam prakartavyam

loke kincin na vidyate


Also in the Padma Purana the glories of the Lord's Birthplace during the PrabodhinI day are described as follows:Those who have once observed the vow of Utthana Ekadasi at the birthplace of Sri krishna in Mathura have no further duties to perform.


TEXT 222


ratrau jagaranam tatra

pritya kurvanti ye narah


sada jagrati jagrati


Those who joyfully remain awake on the night of Utthana Ekadasi at the birthplace of krishna in Mathura finish their illusory sleep in the form of material existence, and as such they always remain awake.


TEXT 223


anyatrapi priya visnor

jagare syat prabodhinl

kirn pwiar mathurayam sa

tato vai janma-sadmani


If by observing Utthana Ekadasi by fasting and keeping awake at night elsewhere one achieves piety, then what can be said about the piety one will achieve by observing this Ekadasi in Mathura or particularly at the birthsite of krishna?


TEXT 224


atha srl-kesavasya mdhdtmyam. ddi-vdrdhe


pradaksinl-krta tena

sapta-dvipa vasundhara

pradaksini-krto yena

mathurayam tu kesavah


The glories of Lord Kesavadeva are described in the Adi-vardha Purana as follows:A person who has circumambulated Sri Kesavadeva in Mathura is understood to have circumambulated the entire earth, consisting of seven islands.


TEXT 225


iha janma-krtam papam

anya-janma-krtam ca yat

tat sarvam nasyate sighram

klrtane kesavasya ca


The sinful activities that a person has committed in this life and in many previous life are all immediately destroyed simply by singing the glories of Kesava.


TEXT 226


tatraiva suptotthita-kesavasya darsana-phalam


suptotthitam harim drstva

mathurayam vasundhare

na tasya punar avrttir

jayate sa catur-bhujah


The result of seeing Lord Kesava awaken from sleep is also described in the Adi-varaha Purana as follows:O earth, one who takes darsana of Kesavadeva as He wakens from His sleep in Mathura does not return to the material world but attains a four-handed form and goes to the spiritual world.


TEXT 227


suptotthitam tu vasudhe

drstam yair mukha-pahkajam

sapta-janma-krtam papam

tat-ksanda eva mucyate


O Vasudha, a person who sees the lotus feet of Sri krishna when He wakens from His sleep at once destroys all sinful reactions accumulated from seven previous births.


TEXT 228


padme karttika-mahatmye


suptam utthapya govinama

tan mukham sutika-grhe

pasyanti krta-punya ye

tesam kim bhagyam ucyate


In the Padma Purana, Karttika-mdhdtmya, it is stated as follows:How will I describe |the good fortune of those pious persons who see the lotus face of Sri Govinda after He wakes up from His sleep at His birthplace in Mathura?


TEXT 229


visnu-purane sasthe 'mse


urjasya sukla-dvadasyam

snatva vai yamuna-jale

mathurayam harim drstva

prapnoti paramam gatim


In the Visnu Purana it is stated as follows:By taking darsana of Sri Hari after taking bath in the water of the Yamuna on the twelfth day of the waxing moon in the month of Karttika in Mathura one obtains loving devotional service, which is the ultimate goal of life.


TEXT 230


atha sri-bhagavan-murtinam mahatmyam. adi-varahe


dirgha-visnum samalokya

padmanabham svayambhuvam

mathurayam sakra devi

sarvabhlstam avapnuyat


The glories of seeing the Deities of the Supreme Lord are described in the Adi-varaha Purana as follows:O Devi, simply by once taking darsana of Dlrgha Visnu, Padmanabha, and Svayambhu Deva in Mathura all one's desires become fulfilled.


TEXT 231




visranti-samjnakam drstva

dirgha-visnum ca kesavam

sarvesam darsanat punyam

ebhir drstaih phalam labhet


It is also stated:One who sees Dirgha Visnu, Lord Kesavadeva, and the holy place called Visranti-tirtha attains the result of seeing all the deities of Mathura.


TEXT 232


udaye mamakam tejah

sada visranti-samjhake

madhyahne mamakam tejo

dirgha-visnau vyavasthitam

kesave mamakam tejo

dina-bhage caturthake


In the morning when the sun rises My prowess always stays at Visranti-tirtha, at midday it stays in the Deity of Dirgha Visnu, and in the evening when the sun sets it remains in Kesavadeva.


TEXT 233


atha sri-krishna-parivardnam

ekanamsam tato devim

yasodam devakim tada

maha-vidyesvarim drstva

mucyate brahma-hatyaya


The glories of the associates of Sri krishna.


Thereafter if one sees Ekanamsa, Yasoda, Devaki, and the goddess Mahavidya then he gets liberation from the sin of killing a brahmana.


TEXT 234


atha bhutesvarasya


mathurayam ca deva

tvam ksetra-palo bhavisyasi

tvayi drste maha-deva

mama ksetra-phalam labhet


The glories of Bhutesvara Mahadeva.O Lord, O Mahadeva, you will be the protector of My holy land of Mathura-mandaia. By seeing you one will obtain the result of seeing My holy land.


TEXT 235


drstva bhutapatim devam

varadam papa-nasanam

tena drstena vasudhe!

mathuram phalam-apnuyat


O Vasudha, if one sees Bhutesvara Mahadeva, who destroys sinful reactions and awards benedictions, then one will obtain the result of visiting the entire land of Mathura.


TEXT 236




yatra bhutesvaro devo

moksadah papinam api

mama priyatamo nityam

deva bhutesvarah parah


In the Nirvana-khanda it is stated as follows:That great Bhutesvara of Mathura awards liberation even to the sinful people and is certainly very dear to Me.


TEXT 237


katham va mayi bhaktim sa

labhate papa-purusah

yo madly am param bhaktam

sivam sampujayen na hi


How can a sinful person who does not worship My great devotee Lord Siva achieve devotional service to Me?


TEXT 238



prayas te manavadhamah

bhutesvaram na smaranti

na namanti stuvanti va


Those low-class people who do not remember Bhutesvara, offer obeisances to Bhutesvara, or offer prayers to Bhutesvara are certainly bewildered by My illusory energy.


TEXT 239


atha visranti-mahatmyam. skande


tatra tirtham maharaja


bhramitva sarva-tirthani

visrantim yanti sattvatah


The glories of Visranti-tirtha are described in the Skanda Purdna as follows:O King, in Mathura there is a famous holy place called Visranti, where saintly persons take rest after travelling to all holy places.


TEXT 240


tatraiva badari-mahatmye


visranti-tirthe vidhivat

snatva krtva tilodakam

pitrn uddhrtya narakad

visnulokam prapadyate


In the Skanda Purdna, Badarl-mdhdtmya, it is stated as follows:If one takes bath at Visranti-tlrtha and offers oblations of sesame seeds to the forefathers with rules and regulations, then his forefathers are delivered from hell and return to the abode of Visnu.


TEXT 241


yadi kuryat pramdaena

patakam tatra manavah


bhasml-bhavati tat-ksanat


If by mistake one commits sinful activities at that place, then simply by taking bath at Visranti-tlrtha the reaction of that sin is at once burnt to ashes.


TEXT 242




tato visranti-tlrthakhyam

tirtham ahgho-vinasanam


klesa-visranti-dam nrnam


In the Saura Purdna it is stated as follows:In Mathura is situated the renowned holy place called Visranti-tirtha, which takes away all one's sinful reactions. This holy place gives respite to those who are suffering the miseries of material existence.


TEXT 243


tatra tirthe krta-snano

yo 'rcayed acyutam

naram sa mukto bhava-santapad

amrtatvaya kalpate


Any person who takes bath at this holy place and worships Lord Acyuta becomes eligible to be freed from the miseries of material existence.


TEXT 244-245


padme yamuna-mahatmye



mathurayam tatha puri

pratyah-mukhyam ca saukaryam

bhagirathyas ca sahgame

phalam uttara-kuloktam

tat-kalinayam satadhikam

tad eva koti-gunitam

visrantau kathyate budhaih


In the Padma Purana, Yamuna-mahatmya, it is stated as follows:The result one obtains by taking bath at the confluence of the Ganges and the Yamuna, at the place where the Yamuna emanates from the Kalinda Mountain, at Mathura, at Adi-varaha-tirtha, or at the banks of the Yamuna where it flows west is multiplied one hundred times if one takes bath at Visranti-tlrtha on the bank of the Yamuna in Mathura. This is the verdict of learned people.


TEXT 246




visranti-samjnakam nama

tirthath trailokya-durlabham

yasmin snato naro devi

mama loke mahlyate


In the Adi-varaha Purana it is stated as follows:The Supreme Lord said, O earth, the holy place of Visranti is extremely rare within the three worlds. By taking bath at this place one becomes worshiped in My abode.


TEXT 247


ganga-sata-gunam proktam

yatra kesi-nipatitah

kesyah sata-gunam proktam

yatra visrantito harih


The place on the bank of Yamuna known as Kesl-ghata, where the demon KesI was killed, is said to be one hundred times more auspicious than the Ganges. But Visranti-tirtha, where krishna took rest after killing Kamsa, is one hundred times more auspicious than Kesl-ghata.


TEXT 248




ardha-candrad viseso 'sti

tlrthe visranti-samjnake

dahadi-karane tatra

gardhabho pi catur-bhujah


It is thus stated:This Visranti-tlrtha is more special than the half moon shaped holy place because by performing funeral rites and other activities here even an ass attains a four-handed form.


TEXT 249


vasudevo vasen nityama

tasmin sthane nrpottama

visrantim kurute yena

tena visranti-samjnakam


O King, at this place Lord Vasudeva eternally resides. Because the Lord takes rest here, this place is known as Visranti-tlrtha.


TEXT 250


puranantare 'pi



visrantau roma-romasu

ksaura-karmani dahe ca

punar-janma na vidyate


In another Purana it is stated as follows:If a person shaves his head and face and also performs funeral rites at Visranti-tlrtha, then he does not take birth again in the material world for millions of kalpas.


TEXT 251


atha gatasramadeva-mahatmyam. adi-varahe


sarva-tirthesu yat snanam

sarva-tirthesu yat phalam

tat phalam labhate devi

drstva devam gatasramam


The glories of Gatasrama-deva are described in the Adi-varaha Purana as follows:O Devi, the result one obtains by visiting and taking bath at all holy places is obtained by a person simply by taking darsana of Gatasrama-deva in Mathura.


TEXT 252


kala-trayam tu vasudhe

yah pasyati gatasramam

krtva pradaksinam bhiru

visnulokam sa gacchati


O Vasundara, a person who sees and circumambulates Gatasrama-deva in the morning, at noon, and in tk evening goes to the abode of Visnu.


TEXT 253


athardhacandra-sthitani yamuna-tirthani catur-vimsatih. adi-varahe


avimukto narah snatva

muktim prapnoty asamsayam

tatratha muhcati pranan

mama lokam sa gacchati


The glories of the twenty-four tirthas situated on tk half moon shaped bank of the Yamuna in Mathura. In \htM-vardha Purana it is stated as follows:If one takes bath at the holy place called Avjoubt he undoub¬tedly attains liberation, and if one leaves his bodythere he goes to My abode.


TEXT 254


visranti-samjhakam nama

tirtham trailokya-visrutam

yasmin snatva naro devi

mama loke mahiyate


By taking bath at Visranti-tlrtha, which is famous in the three worlds, one is worshiped in My abode.


TEXT 255


asti canyataram guhyam


tasmin snato naro devi

mama loke mahiyate


On the bank of the Yamuna there is aaother holy place called Guhya, which destroys one's attachment for material life. If one takes bath there he is worshiped in My abode.


TEXT 256


prayagam nama tirtham tu

devanam api durlatham

yasmin snato naro devi

agnistoma-phalam labhet


The holy place in Mathura called Pnyaga is rarely attained even by the demigods. By taking bath there a person obtains the result of performing an Agnistoma sacrifice.


TEXT 257




tatas tirtham prayagakhyam

pavitram papa-nasmam

pitrbhyas tatra yad daitam

tad aksayataram bhuvet


In the Saura Purana it is stated as follows:Thereafter there is a holy place called Prayaga, which destroys all one's sinful reactions. By offering oblations to the forefathers there one achieves inexhaustible piety.


TEXT 258


tat tirtham sevamanasya

krishnam ca jagatam gurum

nihsamsayam manusyasya

na punar-janma-sambhavah


There is undoubtedly no possibility of taking birth again for a person who serves this holy place of Prayaga and Jagad-guru Sri krishna.


TEXT 259




tatha kanakhalam tirtham

guhyam tirtham param mama

snana-matrena tatrapi

naka-prsthe sa modate


In the Adi-varaha Purana it is stated as follows:. After that there is a most confidential holy place called Kankhala. Just by taking bath there one goes to heaven and enjoys.


TEXT 260


asti ksetram param guhyam

tindukam nama namatah

tasmin snatva naro devi

mama loke mahiyate


O Devi, next is the famous confidential holy place called Tin-duka; by taking bath at this place one becomes worshiped in My abode.


TEXT 261


tatah param surya-tirtham


vairocanena balina

suryas tvaradhitah pura


After that there is the holy place called Surya-tirtha, which destroys all one's sinful reactions. King Bali, the son of Virocana, worshiped the sun-god there.


TEXT 262


adityo 'hani sahkrantau

grahane candra-suryayoh

tasmin snato naro devi

rajasuya-phalam labhet


O Devi, by taking bath at Surya-tlrtha on Sunday, when the sun enters into a particular zodiac sign, or during a lunar or solar eclipse a person attains the result of performing a Rajasuya sacrifice.


TEXT 263




tatah param vata-svami

tirthanam tlrtham uttamam

vata-svamiti vikhydto

yatra devo divakarah


In the Saura Purdna it is stated as follows:North of Surya-tirtha is an excellent holy place called Vatasvaml, where the sun-god is renowned as Vatasvaml.


TEXT 264


tat tlrtham caiva yo bhaktya

ravi-vare nisevate

prapnoty arogyam aisvaryam

ante ca gatim uttamam


A person who serves this holy place with devotion on Sunday achieves good health, opulence, and the supreme destination after death.


TEXT 265




yatra dhruvena santaptam

icchaya paramam tapah

tatra vai snana-matrena

dhruvaloke mahiyate


In the Adi-vardha Purdna it is stated as follows:A person who simply takes bath at the place where Dhruva Maharaja performed severe austerities out of his own will is worshiped in the planet of Dhruvaloka.


TEXT 266


dhruva-tirthe tu vasudhe

yah sraddham kurute narah

pitrn santarayate sarvdn

pitr-pakse visesatah


O earth, a person who offers oblations at Dhruva-tlrtha, particularly to his paternal forefathers, delivers all his forefathers.


TEXT 267




dhruva-tlrtham iti khyatam

tlrtham mukhyam tatah param

yatra snanavato mokso

dhruva eva na samsayah


In the Saura Purdna it is stated as follows:After that a famous principle holy place called Dhruva-tlrtha is situated. One who bathes at this place undoubtedly attains liberation.


TEXT 268


skande mathura-khande


gay ay am pinda-danena

yat phalath hi nrnam bhavet

tasma chata-gunam tirthe

pinda-danad dhruvasya ca


In the Skanda Purana, Mathura-khanda, it is stated as follows:The result one obtains by offering oblations to the forefathers at Gaya is multiplied one hundred times if he offers oblations at Dhruva-tlrtha.


TEXT 269


dhruva-tlrthe japo homas

tapo danam surarcanam

sarva-tirtha chata-gunam

nrnam tatra phalath labhet


Chanting mantras, performing sacrifices, undergoing austerities, giving charity, and worshiping at Dhruva-tlrtha bears one hundred times more fruits than at any other holy place.


TEXT 270


adi-varahe purane


daksine dhmva-tirthasya

rsi-tlrtham prakirtitam

tatra snato nam devi

mama loke mahlyate


In the Adi-vardha Purana it is stated as follows:Iir the south of Dhruva-tlrtha there is a famous holy place called Rsi-tlrtha. By taking bath at this place one is worshiped in My abode.


TEXT 271


skande mathuira-khande


tasmin madhuvane punyam

rsi-tlrtham hareh priyam

snana-matrena bhu-pala

harau bhaktih para bhavet


In the Skandai Purana, Mathura-khanda, it is stated as follows:O King, vwithin Madhuvana Forest there is a sanctified place called Rsi-tlrttha, which is very dear to Lord Hari. Simply by taking bath at this pllace one achieves pure devotional service to Hari.


TEXT 272


daksine rsi-tlrthasya

moksa-tlrtham vasundhare

snana-matrena vasudhe

moksam prapnoti manavah


O earth, tto the south of Rsi-tlrtha is the holy place of Moksa-tirtha. Simply^ by taking bath there a person attains liberation.


TEXT 273




tatraiva koti-tirtham tu

devanam api durlabham

tatra snanena danena

mama loke mahlyate


In the Adi-vatraha Purana it is stated as follows:At that pllace is a holy place called Koti-tlrtha, which is rarely attained eventi by the demigods. If one takes bath and gives charity there, fie is wvorshiped in My abode.


TEXT 274


tatraiva bodhi-tirtham hi

pitrnam ati-durlabham

pindan dattva tu vasudhe

pitrlokam sa gacchati


Right next to this place is a holy place called Bodhi-tlrtha, which is extremely rare for the inhabitants of Pitrloka. By offering oblations at this place the person for whose benefit the oblation is offered goes to Pitrloka.


TEXT 275


dvadasaitani tirthani'

devanam durlabhani ca

tesam smarana-matrena

sarva-papaih pramucyate


These twelve tirthas are very rare to achieve even by the demigods. Just by remembering these tirthas people become free from their sinful reactions.


TEXT 276


uttare ivasi-kundasya

tirtham tu nara-samjhakam

nara-tirthat param tlrtham

na bhutam na bhavisyati


But the holy place called Nara-tlrtha, which is situated north of Asi-kunda, is the best of all. There has never been a more holy place than this in the past nor will there ever be one in the future.


TEXT 277


tatah samyamanam nama

tirtham trailokya-visrutam

 tatra snato nam devi

mama lokam sa gacchati


O Devi, next is the holy place of Samyaman-tirtha, which is renowned in the three worlds. By taking bath there one attains My supreme abode.


TEXT 278


dhara-patanake snatva

naka-prsthe sa modate

athatra muhcate pranan

mama lokam sa gacchati


Thereafter the holy place called Dharapatanaka-tlrtha is situated. A person who takes bath there happily resides in heaven, and after leaving his body in heaven returns to My abode.


TEXT 279


atah param naga-tirtham

tirthanam uttamottamam

yatra snatva divam yanti

ye mrtas te 'punar-bhavah


Next is the holy place called Naga-tlrtha. This place is the topmost among all holy places. By taking bath there persons go to heaven, and after their death they do not take birth again.


TEXT 280


ghantabharanakam tirtham


yatra snato naro devi

silryaloke mahiyate


After that there is the holy place called Ghantabharanaka-tirtha, which destroys all sinful reactions. By taking bath there one becomes respected in the abode of the sun-god.


TEXT 281


tirthanam uttamam tirttham

brahmaloketi visrutaam

tatra snatva ca pltva ca

samyato niyatasanah

brahmana samanujnatto

visnulokam sa gacchati


Brahmaloka-tlrtha is the best of all tirthas. After controlling his senses and eating moderately, a person who takes bath and drinks the water of this tlrtha goes to the abode of Visnu by the order of Brahma.


TEXT 282


soma-tirthe tu vasudhe.

pavitre yamunambhasi

tatrabhisekam kurvita


moclate somaloke tu

sa eva natra samsayah


O Vasudha, those pious persons who follow their duties properly and take bath in the water of the Yamuna at the holy place called Soma-tlrtha undoubtedly go to the abode of the moon-god and enjoy life there.


TEXT 283


sarasvatyas ca patanam

sarva-papa-haram subham

tatra snatva naro devi

avarno 'pi yatir bhavet


Thereafter comes the holy place called! Sarasvatlpatana, which destroys all sinful reactions. By taking bath there even the sinful sudras become as worshipable as sannyasls.


TEXT 284


cakratlrtham tu vikkyatam

mathure mama mandale

yas tatra kurute snanam

tri-ratroposito narah snana-matrena manujo

mucyate brahma-hatyaya


There is a famous holy place called Cakra-tlrtha in Mathura. If a person fasts for three days and takes bath there, he immediately becomes freed from the sin of killing a brahmana.


TEXT 285


dasasvamedham rsibhih

pujitam sarvada pura

tatra ye snanti niyatas

tesath svargo na durlabhah


In ancient times the sages always worshiped Dasasvamedha-tirtha. It is not at all difficult to go to heaven for persons who take bath there after controlling their senses..


TEXT 286


tirtham tu vighnarajasya

punyam papa-haram

subham tatra snatam ca manujarii

vighna-rajo na pidayet


Then there is an auspicious holy place called Vighnaraja-tlrtha, which destroys all sinful reactions. A person who takes bath there is never put into difficulty by Vighnaraja, the destroyer of all! obstacles.


TEXT 287


tatas ca koti-tirtham tu

pavitram paramam subham

tatraiva snana-matrena

koti-godanajam phalam


Next is the most auspicious holy place called Koti-tlrtha. Simply by taking bath there one achieves the result of giving one million cows in charity.


TEXT 288


mathura-khanda-mate tu visrantim vina caturvimsatitvam. tatha hi


According to the description of mathura-khanda there are twenty-four holy tirthas besides Visranti-tirtha in Mathura and this is actually a fact.


TEXT 289



tat-firthad daksinottare


moksantam ca yudhisthira


O King Yudhisthira, these twenty-four tirthas beginning from Dasasvamedha-tlrtha up to Moksa-tlrtha are situated north and south of Visranti-tirtha.


TEXT 290


athatratya-parama-prasiddha-tirthanam mahatmyam. atra gokarnasya yatha saura-purane


tato gokarna-tirthakhyam

tirtham tri-bhuvana-snitam

vidyate visvanathasya

visnor atyanta-vallabham


The glories of the most famous holy places of Mathura.The glories of Gokarna are described in the Saura Purdna as follows:There is a holy place in Mathura called Gokarna that is famous in the three worlds. This place is extremely dear to Visnu, the Lord of the universe.


TEXT 291


krishna-gahgayah. adi-varahe


panca-tirthabhiseka ca

yat phalam labhate narah

krishna-ganga dasa-gunam

disate tu dine dine


The glories of krishna-gahga are described in the Adi-varaha Purdna as follows:On any day the holy place of krishna-gahga awards ten times better results than one obtains by taking bath in five holy places.


TEXT 292



vaikuntha-tirthe yah snati

mucyate sarva-patakaih


brahmalokam sa gacchati


The glories of Vaikuntha-tlrtha.One who takes bath in Vaikuntha-tlrtha becomes liberated from all sinful reactions and goes to the abode of Lord Brahma.


TEXT 293-294




eka vardha-samjha ca

tatha narayanl para

vamana ca trtiya vai

caturthi lahgali subha

etas catasro yah pasyet

snatva kiinde 'si-samjhake


kranta tena dhara dhruvam

tirthanam mathuranam ca

sarvesam phalam asnute


The glories of Asi-kunda.A person who after taking bath at Asi-kunda takes darsana of Lord Varaha, Lord Narayana, Lord Vamana, and Larigala is said to have traveled everywhere in the world up to the shores of the four oceans and achieved the result of visiting all the holy places of Mathura.


TEXT 295


catuh-sdmudrikam nama

kupam lokesu visrutam tatra sndto naro bhadre

devais tu saha modate

O beautiful one, near this Asi-kunda is a famous well called Catuh-samudrika. By taking bath from this well water one enjoys happiness in the company of demigods.


TEXT 296


atha kalindi-mahatmyam. adi-varahe


ganga sata-guna prokta

mathure mama mandale

yamuna visruta devi

natra karya vicarana


The glories of Kalindi are stated in the Adi-vardha Purdna as follows:O Devi, the Yamuna of Mathura is one hundred times more auspicious than the Ganges. There is no need to argue about this.


TEXT 297


tatra tirthani guhyani

bhavisyanti mamanaghe

yesu snato naro devi

mama loke mahlyate


O sinless one, all the holy places on the banks of the Yamuna will be carefully protected by Me. One who takes bath in those holy places will be worshiped in My abode.