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However, the most fortunate of all were the dev¬otees of Sri Rahgam, for they were able to see Yatiraja constantly and listen every day to his discourses on the glories of Lord Narayana. From miles around people came to see the  great dcdrya and on his order took up the path of devotional service.For many more years Ramanuja continued to re side in the holy city of Sri Rahgam—until he was one hundred and twenty years old. During his life he had  established seventyfour centers for the Sri Vaisnavas and had many thousands of followers, including several kings and many wealthy landowners. Apart from the householders, he numbered amongst his followers 700  sannydsis, 12,000 brahmacdris, and 300 ketti ammais, (ladies who had taken vows of renunciation). Eventually, seeing that his mission on earth was now completed, he decided to give up his frail body and return to the abode of  the Lord. Seeing their spiritual master becoming fixed in a mood of intense devotion, many of Yatiraja's disciples were overcome and began to lament loudly.