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When they learned that Ramanujacarya was going to leave them and return to SrT Rahgam, all the devotees in YSdavadri were very unhappy at the prospect of their imminent separation. When they presented their distress before  him, Yatiraja gave permission for a stone murti of himself to be made. When it was completed, he said to them, "When you are feeling sorrow because of separation from me, all of you come before this murti. By contemplating this  form here, your unhappiness will be removed.At about the same time the devotees of Bhutapuri, Ramanuja's birthplace, also made an image of their guru and installed it in the temple according to the proper Vedic rituals. When  he heard about this, Yatiraja shed tears and said, "The people of BhutapurThave made me their captive by the love and devotion that they unceasingly offer to me.