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On hearing their cries, Ramanujacarya came out of his trance and said to his disciples, "My dear children, why do you cry out in lamentation like uneducated men? Do you think this body can endure forever? Am I not fixed in yourhearts for all time? Therefore, give up this useless wailing and understand the will of the Lord.To this the disciples all replied, "O master, as always your instructions are perfect. Nonetheless, it is impossible for us to bear the painof separation which must surely overwhelm us if you leave us now. Out of pity for your children, we beg you to remain with us for some time more.In response to this request, Ramanuja agreed to stay with them for three more days.He ordered that all of his disciples should come there, and, when they were assembled, he delivered his final instructions. "Worship all Vaisnavas as you worship your guru," he told them. "Have faith in the previous dcdryas andnever be controlled by the senses. Never be satisfied simply by worldy knowledge. Study the scriptures which describe the glories of the Supreme Lord. Transcendental knowledge can overcome the pushings of the mind andsenses. Be indifferent to the promptings of the mind. Always relish the chanting of the holy name and qualities of the Lord. The best way to serve the Lord is rendering service to his devotees. Never follow the ways of a Vaisnava formaterial gain. Always endeavor for purity."Every day spend some time in contemplating the greatness of the spiritual master, and every day study the teachings of the Vaisnava dcdryas. Always associate with those who aresurrendered to the Lord. Avoid those who teach paths other than devotional service and those interested in sensual pleasures. One who sees the Deity as stone, the guru as an ordinary man, the devotees in terms of caste or bodilydesignation, carandmrta as ordinary water, the holy name of the Lord as a mundane sound vibration, or the Supreme Lord as one of the demigods, is certainly destined for hellish life." When Yatiraja had finished speaking, the

disciples questioned him further, asking how they should conduct themselves while in this world. Again Ramanujacarya instructed them, "One who has surrendered to Lord Narayapa should not be concerned about his future,depending always on the Lord's mercy. All duties should be performed as acts of devotion to the Lord and never for material gain."Study the Srubhdsya and teach it to othersó this service is the most pleasing to the Lord. If this is notpossible, then study the teachings of other devotees and then instruct some disciples. If you are unable to do this, then go to a holy place and reside there or go to VSdavadri and serve the Lord there. If you cannot do this, thenremain where you are and surrender to your guru and meditate on the Vaisnava mantras, if all of these are impossible, then simply seek out a purehearted Vaisnava and associate with him constantly."Discriminate carefullybetween friends, enemies, and those who are indifferent. Those who are Vaisnavas will be your friends, the atheists and blasphemers will despise and hate you,, and the worldly men will be indifferent. Associate joyfully with thedevotees, rigorously avoid the blasphemers, and never be disturbed by the materialistic plans of worldly men. Never flatter princes and worldly men, seeking to earn your livelihood thereby. Remember that the Supreme Lordalways takes care of those who are surrendered to Him.Take shelter of Him and have faith in Him alone. If you follow these instructions, then you will never be separated from me. Why should one grieve over the disappearance ofthe temporary body?