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Not Jong after Kuresa regained his sight, Ramanuja decided to leave VSdavadri and return to his previous residence at SrTRahgam. On the way, he stopped for some time at Vrsabhacala, near Madurai, to worship Lord  Sundarabahu in the temple there. In previous times the great female devotee, Andal, had composed a prayer which said, "O Lord Hari, if you will accept me, I will offer you a hundred pots of sweet rice and a hundred pots of butter."

Shortly after composing this prayer, Andal left this world and returned to the abode of the Lord. Now, Ramanuja fulfilled her prayer by offering Lord Sundarabahu the hundred pots of sweet rice and the hundred pots of butter she had  promised Him. For this act Yatiraja became known as the elder brother of Anc/al.From Vrsabhacala Ramanuja and his disciples went on to SrT Vifliputur, the birthplace of Ano'al.There he saw the Deity of SesasayT Narayana and  offered prayers to Anqial in the temple dedicated to her. Continuing on their journey, the Vaisnavas passed through Alvar Tirunagiri, SrTVaikuntha, and other holy places, before finally arriving back at SrT Rahgam. Immediately, all  the devotees ran to see Lord Rahganatha, their Lord and master. When the people of the town heard that Yatiraja and his fol¬lowers had returned, they felt as if they had re¬gained their lives. At that time Kuresa was also reunited  with his spiritual master, falling at Yatiraja's feet with tears of ecstasy in his eyes.