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NITAAI-Veda.nyf > All Scriptures By Acharyas > Ramanujacharya > The Life Of Ramanujacarya > Chpter Eight > DISAPPEARANCE OF KURESA



For the next two years all the Vaisnavas passed their days in SrT Rahgam just as they had done preŽviously, singing bhajans in praise of Lord Hari and hearing Ramanuja's wonderful discourses on the revealed scriptures. By this  time Kuresa was a very old man and was unable to rise from his bed. Therefore Yatiraja and the other devotees would come to him every day to chant the holy name and discuss the pastimes of the Lord. One day, while all the  Vaisnavas were holding joyful kirtana, Kuresa began to shed tears of ecstasy. Taking hold of his gurus lotus feet, he pressed them to his heart. In this position he gave up his life.On witnessing the departure of this exalted Vaisnava  from their midst, all the devotees were griefstricken, and Ramanuja himself was seen to shed tears. After a short while the acarya controlled his intense feelings of separation and spoke to the others, comforting them and reminding  them that Kuresa was now undoubtedly in the direct association of the Lord. Then he said, "Parasara, Kuresa's son, is just like the son of Lord Rahganatha Himself. From today you should accept him as your leader. His devotion  is like that of his father, and his wisdom is incomparable. Therefore, he is fully qualified to take the position of acarya.Then he seated Parasara on the vyasasana and put a flower garland around his neck. He embraced the son of  Kuresa and bestowed all his blessings on him, empowering him to spread the glories of the Supreme Lord.Kuresa's body was burned on the banks of the Kaveri, and the devotees passed the rest of the day performing the  congregational chanting of the holy names of Lord Hari. in this way all grief was removed from the hearts of the devotees. Every day for the next month a great festival was held in Sri Rahgam to celebrate Kuresa's return to the  abode of the Lord, and Vaisnavas from all over south India came to take part in the festivities. Many poor people and those who were lame or blind also came there, and all of them were fed sumptuously with prasada from Lord  Rahganatha.