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Ramanuja continued to study the scriptures at home, and he asked his mother and aunt to tell no one about Yadavaprakasa's treacherous dealings. Some months later the acarya returned to Kancipuram along with all his  disciples, except for Govinda. When Diptimati asked Yadavaprakasa about her son, he told her that after Ramanuja's disappearance they had journeyed to Benares, where they took darsana of Lord Visvanatha and bathed in the  Ganges. They had stayed there for two weeks. One day whilst taking bath in the river, Govinda had discovered a Siva linga in the water. Seeing this as the will of the Lord, Govinda had immediately be gun to worship Lord Siva in this  form.As he continued his worship, day by day his devotion to Lord Siva had become more and more fixed. Thus, when they arrived at Kalahasti on the return journey, he told his teacher and the other students that he no longer  wanted to return to KancTpuram. He had decided to stay in that holy shrine of the Saivites and dedicate his life to the worship of Lord Sahkara.DiptimatT was not an ordinary woman, and, rather than feeling distress at hearing this  news, she became completely joyful, considering herself blessed to have such a saintly son. Soon after this she went to Kalahasti to visit Govinda, and, on seeing how he was completely absorbed in worship of Lord Siva and freed  from material hankering, her happiness increased many times over.At first Yadavaprakasa was fearful when he saw that Ramanuja was still living, but he thought the young man must be unaware of the plot he had made to kill him.  In the presence of KantimatT he pretended to be overwhelmed with joy at finding her son safe and sound. "You cannot imagine," he told her, "the suffering and anguish all of us underwent when we were unable to find him in the  forest.In actuality the teacher was feeling very ashamed of his wickedness now that he saw Ramanuja's humble behavior. Turning to the young man, he spoke affectionately,My child, from this day you should come once more to  study with me.May the Lord continue to shower His blessings upon you." From that day on Ramanuja resumed his studies with Yadavaprakasa.