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For over an hour Ramanuja remained at the well, rapt in ecstasy, reciting Queen Kunff's prayers from the Srimad'Bhdgavatam in glorification of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Eventually three women carrying water pitchers  approached the well, and, upon seeing them, Ramanuja controlled his emotions and proceeded on towards Kancipuram.Ever since her son had set off on the pilgrimage to northern India, Ramanuja's mother, Kantimati, had  been in a state of constant lamentation, shedding tears of separation. Thus, when he suddenly appeared at the doorway of the house, she could not at first believe it was actually him. Only when he paid obeisances and spoke to  her was she fully convinced. Then she was filled with happiness and began to inquire from him, "My dear child, how is it that you have returned so soon? Where is Govinda? I thought that it would be at least six months before you  returned from your pilgrimage to the holy Ganges.When the whole story had been related to her, Kantimati was horrified by the evil intentions of Yadavaprakasa, but also delighted to hear of the great mercy the Lord had shown her  son. At that moment Ramanuja's aunt, Diptimati, the mother of Govinda, came to the house along with Ramanuja's young wife. They were also overjoyed to see he had returned safely. They then began to cook offerings for Lord  Narayana, and, just as they were serving prasadam, Kahcipurna, who had heard of Ramanuja's arrival, came there. The two devotees warmly embraced one another, and Ramanuja invited KancTpurna to take prasadam as their  honored guest. That night the feelings of joy in that small house were practically unlimited.