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NITAAI-Veda.nyf > All Scriptures By Acharyas > Ramanujacharya > The Life Of Ramanujacarya > Chapter Two > RAMANUJA'S STUDENT LIFE



One of Yamunacarya's chief sannydsi disciples was SriSailapGrna. He had two sisters, the elder named Kantimati and the younger named Diptimati. Kantimati was married to a very pious brah mana known as Asuri  Kesavacarya. Because of his expertise in the performance of all five kinds of fire sacrifice, he was also known as Sarvakratu.Years passed by, and the couple lived happily in the village of Bhutapuff, but, because they still had no  children, Kesavacarya became disturbed at heart. He decided to perform a fire sacrifice to please the Lord and thus beg Him for the gift of a son. For this purpose he journeyed with his wife to the temple of Sri Parthasarathi on the  shores of the ocean, in what is now the city of Madras. There they performed sacrifices together, begging the Lord to be merciful to them and grant them the benediction of a son.Certainly Lord Visnu was pleased by their prayers,  for about one year later KantimatTgave birth to a baby boy, who bore all auspicious marks on his body. This was in the year AD 1017, and it was this child who grew up to be renowned all over the world as Sri Ramanujacarya, the  great devotee of Lord Narayana.At about the same time, Kantimati's younger sister, Diptimati, also gave birth to a son. On hearing the news of the births of his two nephews, Sailaporna, the intimate disciple of Yamunacarya,  came to visit them. He was astonished to see all the auspicious marks on the body of Kantimati's son, and he gave him the name Ramanuja, a name of Laksmana which means the younger brother of Rama. To Diptimati's son  he gave the name Govinda.