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NITAAI-Veda.nyf > All Scriptures By Acharyas > Ramanujacharya > The Life Of Ramanujacarya > Chapter Two > RAMANUJA'S EXPULSION FROM SCHOOL



The final confrontation was not long in coming. Only a few weeks after Ramanuja's deliverance of the princess, all the students were assembled to hear Yadavaprakasa lecture on the mantras, sarvam tfialv idam rahma—'everything  is brahman' and, neha ndndsti kincana there is nothing else in this world'. He was presenting the impersonalist philosophy in such an expert way that all his students were captivated by his explanations of the oneness of the jiva  soul and the Supreme Brahman. Only Ramanuja showed any signs of unhappiness at the acdryas statements.At the end of the class he spoke up, saying, "The words sarvam khalv idam brahma do not mean that the Supreme  Absolute Truth is nothing but the sum total of all creation. Rather, it is seen that the universe comes from the Supreme as His energy, is maintained by Him and, in the end it dissolves back into Him. He maintains His own separate  identity, although everything is indeed a part of His expanded energy. The words neha ndndsti kincana do not mean that there is no variety at all in this world. Rather, we should understand that all the varieties of creation are held  as one, just as separate pearls are held on one thread, although they are still individual entities. Thus, we can see how everything is both one and separate at the same time.On hearing his teachings nullified by Ramanuja in this  way, Yadavaprakasa became very angry and he spoke harshly, "If you do not like my explanations of the scriptures, then do not come to me any more."As you wish, sir," Ramanuja replied. He then worshipped the feet of his  teacher and left the school, never to return again.