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NITAAI-Veda.nyf > All Scriptures By Acharyas > Ramanujacharya > The Life Of Ramanujacarya > Chapter Two > MOVING TO KANClPURAM



When Ramanuja was only sixteen years old, his father, Asuri Kesavacarya, wanted to get him married. Accordingly, he selected a beautiful young girl to be his son's bride and made all the rrangements for the wedding celebration.  The festivities lasted for an entire week and all the poor people of the neighbomood were satisfied by the distribution of large amounts of prasddam.After the couple had been married for only one month, however, tragedy struck the  family—KesaŽvacarya left this world. KantimatTwas afflicted with terrible grief, and for Ramanuja also it was a time of great sorrow. Now that Kesavacarya had left them, Bhutapuffwas no longer a happy place for the family, and they  decided to move to the city of Kahci. Ramanuja went first to construct a residence for them, and when it was completed they all moved there.