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A few days later when Yadavaprakasa was instructing his students from the Taittiriya Upanisad, he made the statement that the Supreme Brahman is Truth, Knowledge, and Infinity. On hearing this impersonal idea of God,  Ramanuja could not con Ramanuja could not contain himself. He immediately objected to his teacher's explanation.tain himself. He immediately objected to his teacher's explanation, saying, "No, this verse means that the  Supreme possesses Truth, Knowledge and Infinity, but still He has His own existence beyond these attributes.Angered by this unexpected interruption, Yadavaprakasa replied, "You presumptuous child, if you won't accept my  explanations, then why do you come here? Why not go home and start a school of your own?" When he had composed himself somewhat, he went on more quietly, "Your explanation is not in accordance with Sahkaracarya or any  of the previous acaryas, so kindly keep your impertinence to yourself.By nature Ramanuja was humble and meek, and so he tried to avoid such confrontations with his teacher. However, he was also absolutely devoted to  knowledge of the truth; thus, when he heard the misleading monist interpretations being put forward by Yadavaprakasa, he was sometimes unable to contain himself. In the presence of the other students Yadavaprakasa used to  make light of these challenges, but in his heart there began to arise a growing fear and hatred for the boy "As he grows older," he contemplated, "this boy will strongly establish the dualistic philosophy of devotion. This must not be  allowed to happen I will do whatever is necessary to protect the doctrine of monism, even if it means that I have to kill