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NITAAI-Veda.nyf > All Scriptures By Acharyas > Ramanujacharya > The Life Of Ramanujacarya > Chapter Two > MEETING WITH MAHAPURNA



Meanwhile, on the order of his guru, Mahapurna journeyed to KahcTpuram and arrived there after travelling steadily for four days. He immediately went to the temple to see Lord Varadaraja, and as he was leaving he happened to  meet KancTpurna, who invited him to spend the night at his dsrama. The two devotees passed the evening in discussing topics about the Lord,Early the next morning they set out together for the holy well and, as they approached,  saw RaŽmanuja coming with a water jug on his shoulder to perform his daily service for Lord Varadaraja. Kancipurna said, "I must leave you now to worship the Lord in the temple. Here is Ramanuja; go and tell him of your  intentions.Mahapurna was very happy to see the effulgent young devotee coming towards him, appearing so pure and free from the vices of this world. Instinctively he began to chant prayers from Yamunacarya's Stotrasratna.  Hearing these beautiful hymns in praise of Lord Narayana being sung in such a sweet voice, Ramanuja stood silently, listening intently to the verses. Then he approached Mahapurna and inquired, Sir, who has composed these  wonderful verses, that so sweetly praise the qualities of the Supreme Lord?Just by your singing this morning my heart has been uplifted.These hymns were composed by my spiritual master,the venerable Yamunacarya,Mahapurna  replied.Ramanuja was very pleased to hear the name of the famous devotee, but he inquired in a concerned voice,


I had heard that the great Alabandara was afflicted by illness. Is he now recovered?How long is it since you were  in his presence?It is but five days since I left the side of my gurw mahardja,replied Mahapurna, "and at that time he had just recovered from his sickness.Ramanuja was relieved to hear this news, and, being anxious to associate  further with the saintly Mahapurna, he invited him to stay at his house. Then Mahapurna explained the purpose of his coming to Kahcipuram. "I have come to this holy city at the request of the great soul Yamunacarya, simply to  meet with you and invite you, on his behalf, to come to Rahgaksetra, so that we may have your association.Ramanuja could hardly believe such an exalted devotee was even aware of his existence, let alone being desirous of his  association. However, Mahapurna reassured him by saying, "My master wishes to see you, and it is for this purpose alone that I have come here. His health has been much impaired by repeated illness, and, although he now  seems a little better, I think that we should start immediately if you wish to fulfill his desire.Ramanuja was so pleased by this unexpected news that he could only ascribe his good fortune to the mercy of Lord Varadaraja. Excitedly  he said to Mahapurna, "Please wait here for a short while unŽtil I have delivered this water to the temple and aken the Lord's permission to leave.Saying this he hurried off towards the temple, ust a short time later he returned, all  ready to start on the journey. Mahapurna asked, "What about your family? Should you not first inform them of your intentions?"Obedience to the order of the guru is more imŽportant than any considerations of household life," replied  Ramanuja. "Let us depart at once, for I am eager to see SrT Yamunacarya.