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NITAAI-Veda.nyf > All Scriptures By Acharyas > Ramanujacharya > The Life Of Ramanujacarya > Chapter Two > MAHAPURNA IS SENT TO KANCT



However, Yamunacarya did not depart from the world at this time, and a few days later, to everyone's surprise, he seemed to recover from his illness. He left his dsrama and took darsana of Lord Rahganatha, just as he had done  previously. Everyone was inspired to hear him talk again about the glories of Lord Visnu.One day two brahmanas from Kanhcipuram arrived to see Yamunacarya, having heard of his imminent departure from the world. They  were surprised to find the great acarya sitting up and discussing the scriptures, apparently fully recovered from his sickness. When Yamunacarya learned the two brahmanas were from KahcTpuram, he immediately inquired from  them about the welfare of Ramanuja. They told him he had now given up hearing from Yadavaprakasa and was studying the scriptures alone. Yamunacarya was very pleased to hear that the young devotee was now freed from the  dangers of hearing maydvdda philosophy, and there and then he composed eight verses glorifying the mercy of the Lord upon His devotees.He then instructed Mahapurna, one of his senior disciples, "Please go to Kanhci and bring  Ramanuja here, for I long to see him in the midst of our company of Vaisnavas.Mahapurna offered obeisances at the feet of his guru, and that same day he departed to carry out his order.