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The next day as Ramanuja was sitting at home studying the scriptures by himself, Kancipurna came to visit him. As we have heard before, Kancipurna was a pure devotee of the Lord, who was respected by the most aristocratic  brahmanas, though he himself took birth in a sudra family. From his vvery childhood he had absorbed himself in dehotlcionai service to the Deity of Sri Varadaraja. On hot summer days he would serve the Lord by providing  cooling breezes with fans dipped in water, and he was always anxious to obtain the very best fruits and flowers to offer to the Lord. All the people of Kanchi loved him for his simple devotion and gentle behavior. Wherever he went  all vadd feelings and misunderstandings seemed to vanish. Sometimes he would stop in the middle of the road as if stunned, staring into the distance I give an expression of great happiness on his face.It was said that he  conversed with Lord Varadaraja himself and that the Lord made His intentions ,known through the words of Kancipurna. Despite his birth in a sudra family, most of the brahmanas in kanchipuram recognized his exalted  devotional qualities and offered him all respects. Only a few, nho were very proud off their high birth and knowldge of the scriptures,, said he was insane or an imposter. One of these, as you might imagine, was a davaprakasa.