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NITAAI-Veda.nyf > All Scriptures By Acharyas > Ramanujacharya > The Life Of Ramanujacarya > Chapter Two > DELIVERANCE OF THE PRINCESS



Apart from his great learning in the science of Vedanta, Yadavaprakasa was also expert in magical arts, particularly in driving out ghosts and evil spirits. Once it so happened that the princess of KancTpuram came to be possessed  by a fearful brahmardksasa ghost. As Yadavaprakasa's expertise in dealing with such situations was widely known, he was at once summoned to the palace. However, despite all his mantras, the ghost that was possessing the girl  remained completely unmoved. Laughing in a hideous shrill voice, the ghost within the princess called out,"Yadavaprakasa, of what use are all your mantras? You are wasting your time. Go back home." Determined not to be  defeated, Yadavaprakasa continued with his attempts to exorcise the evil spirit, but to no avail. Again the brahmardksasa spoke. "Why do you waste your strength in vain? Your power is much inferior to mine. The only way that you  will be able to force me to leave the body of this beautiful princess is by bringing here your youngest disciple, the devoted Ramanuja. His purity is the only force that can overcome my potency.Yadavaprakasa then sent word for  Ramanuja to come to the palace without delay. When that great devotee of Lord Visnu arrived there and understood the situation, he spoke to the evil spirit, asking it to leave the body of the princess. The brahma raksasa replied,  speaking through the girl, "I will leave this body if you kindly place your lotus feet on my head." Such was the purity of Ramanuja's devotion that even this evil fiend could understand the benefit of taking shelter of such a great soul.


With the permission of his teacher, Ramanuja placed both of his feet on the girl's head, saying, "Now leave this place at once and give us some sign by which we may know in truth that you have departed.The ghost replied, "Look  now, I am leaving this beautiful body, and as a sign I shall break the topmost branch of the nearest banyan tree." At once the highest branch of the banyan tree cracked and fell to the ground, while the princess began to look around  her in amazement, like one who has just awakened from sleep. When she was informed by her maidservant of all that had taken place, she hung her head in shame and hurried away to the inner apartments of the palace. When the  King of KancT heard of his daughter's Ramanuja placed both of his feet on the girl's head.complete recovery, he hurried to worship the lotus feet of Ramanuja and express his gratitude. From that day on Ramanuja's fame spread  throughout the kingdom, and his name was on everyone's lips. Yadavaprakasa, however,was not at all pleased by the turn of events, seeing that his position had been minimized by one of his own students. Now everyone was  aware that Ramanuja was far greater in spiritual potency than Yadavaprakasa, and this was not at all to the liking of the proud mayavadl In addition, Ramanuja's intense devotion to Lord Visnu was completely incompatible with the  dry monistic doctrines expounded by his teacher. Therefore, it seemed that conflict between the two was inevitable.