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NITAAI-Veda.nyf > All Scriptures By Acharyas > Ramanujacharya > The Life Of Ramanujacarya > Chapter Three > TAKING SANNYASA



When she had left, Ramanuja walked back to the temple of Lord Varadaraja, praying constantly to the Lord within his mind, "0 Lord Narayana, please allow this servant of yours to take full shelter at Your lotus feet." When he reached  the temple, he bowed down before the Deity and prayed, "My dear Lord, from this day I am Yours in every way. Please accept me.Then he obtained saffroncolored cloth and a staff that had been touched by the lotus feet of Sri  Varadaraja.'He went outside the temple and, after bathing, lit a sacrificial fire on the banks of the lake there. At that time KancTpurna, being inspired by Lord Varadaraja, approached him and gave him w name Yatiraja. Ramanuja  then accepted the tridanda of Vaisnava sannyasa, which symbolizes the surrender of thoughts, words, and deeds to the service of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. When the ceremony was completed, Yatiraja, in his saffron  robes, appeared as effulgent as the rising sun.