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About six months before the disappearance of Yamunacarya, Ramanuja's mother, Kantimati, had left this world. Now, Raksakambal, the wife of Ramanuja, was the mistress of the house. She was as beautiful as an apsard,  devoted to her husband and very strict in her cleanliness and observance of ritual. Unfortunately, she had been unable to imbibe her husband's pure love of God and was more attached to the external features of religious ritual.  She was unhappy to see her husband becoming more and more absorbed in devotional sentiments after his return from Sri Rahgam, though she tried to conceal her inner feelings.Ramanuja now passed a lot of his time in the  company of Kahcipurna. Ramanuja was generally in a serious mood and still unhappy at heart due to feelings of separation from Yamunacarya. Understanding his mind, Kahcipurna told him one day,"You should not be troubled  at heart. Just remain fixed in your devotion to Lord Varadaraja and continue to serve him in every possible way. Alabandara has now returned to the abode of Lord Narayana, and it is your duty to fulfill the promises you made  before Him.When he heard these words of instruction, Ramanuja bowed before KancTpurna and said, "Please allow me to be your disciple. Please allow me take shelter of your lotus feet.Immediately, Kancipurna raised  Ramanuja, saying, "You are a brahmana and I am sudra. How can I initiate and receive obeisances from one who is my master? Just have faith in the Lord, and sooner or later He will surely send someone who is fit to be

your guru.Having said this, KancTpurna left to worship Lord Varadaraja. Ramanuja thought to himself, "He is refusing to accept me because he knows how my heart is devoid of all devotional sentiments. How can birth or caste  affect a person who is the intimate associate of Lord Varadaraja? Merely by his merciful glance, Kancipurna can elevate a dogeater to the level of a brahmana. Therefore, if I am able to taste the remnants of his food only once,  then I will gain immeasurable benefit.