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A short time later, a lean and hungry brdhmana came to Ramanuja's house to beg for something to eat. Raksakambal was still shocked by her husband's words, and, when the brdhmana disturbed her, she immediately became  ang'ry and shouted at him in a shrill voice, "Get out of here. Go somewhere else. Who do you think will give you rice here?Hurt by these harsh words, the brdhmana turned away and began to walk slowly towards the temple of Lord  Varadaraja. On the way he met Ramanuja, who was returning home, having made his offering to the Lord. Seeing the brdhmana s dejected features and undernourished body, Ramanuja felt compassion and said to him, "0  brdhmana, it seems that you have not eaten today.I went to your house to ask for a little jprasddam, but your wife became angry and turned me away," replied the hrdhmana.Ramanuja was shocked to hear that a guest had been so  badly mistreated at his house. He was thoughtful for a few moments, and then he said, "Please go back to my house. I will give you a letter, and I want you to tell my wife that you have been sent by her father to deliver it to me.  When she hears this, you can be certain she will feed you with great attention.Ramanuja then wrote out a letter as follows:My Dear Son,My second daughter is to be married soon. Therefore please send Raksakambal to my house  with this man. If you have no pressing business at present, I would be very pleased if you could come as well. However, it is very important that Raksakambal comes here as soon as possible, as it will be very difficult for your  motherinlaw to cater for all the guests alone.Promising that he would be well rewarded for his services, Ramanuja sent the hrdhmana to his house with this letter. When he arrived there, the hrdhmana told Raksakambal, "Your father  sent me here.She was delighted to hear this and received the hrdhmana with great courtesy, feeding him and offering him water for bathing. In the meantime, Ra manuja returned home. "My father has sent this letter for you,"  Raksakambal said modestly and gave it to him.Ramanuja read the letter out loud and then said to her, "I have some urgent business to attend to at present, so you must go alone. If I get finished quickly, then I will try to come later  on. Please convey my greetings to your father and mother." Raksakambal accepted his words, and, after preparing herself for the journey, she offered obeisances to her husband and set out for her father's house, escorted by the  hrdhmana.