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Being thus instructed, Mahapurna, along with his wife, set off for KancTpuram. After four days they reached the town of Madurantakam, where there is a Visnu temple with a lake in front of it. While Mahapurna and his wife were  resting beside that lake, Ramanuja suddenly appeared there offering obeisances at his feet. Mahapurna was both surprised and delighted by this unexpected turn of events, and he immediately rose to embrace Ramanuja,

"This is certainly a surprise," he said. "Anything can be accomplished by the grace of Lord Narayana. For what reason have you come here?This must certainly be the plan of Lord Narayana," Ramanuja replied, "for it was only to  find you that I left Kancipuram. Varadaraja Himself has instructed me to accept you as my guru. Please bestow your mercy upon me by initiating me at once." Mahapurna agreed to this request, saying, "Let us go to Kancipuram,  so that the ceremony can be performed before Lord Varadaraja." However, Ramanuja was insistent. "You know There on the banis of the la\e he lit a sacrificial fire.tlhat death makes n no distinction between the tiimely and the  untimenely," he said. "Do you not recall with what high exexpectations I went with you to nmeet SrT Yamunacararya? Providence cheated me tlhen, so why should 111 trust him now by allowing any dlelay? Please give n me  shelter at your lotus feet riight at this very momment."Mahapurna was plpleased by Ramanuja's words, and there on the banknks of the lake in the shade of a fllowering ba\ula tree e he lit a sacrificial fire. In that fiire he placed two rr  metal discs, one bearing the siign of Lord Visnu's a cara and the other that of His conch. When the twovo discs were hot, Mahapurna pressed them onto Ramanuja's right and left arms, tlhus marking them wiwith the signs of Lord  Visnu. Finally, meditating on tr the lotus feet of Yamunacarya, Mahapurna whisperered the Vaisnava mantra into Ramanuja's ear. Wheien the initiation was thus completed, Ramanuja re- returned to KancTpuram, accompanied  by his gururu and his guru's wife.When they arrive/ed, they were welcomed by KahcTpurna, who tooDOk great pleasure in associating with Mahapurna. A. At Ramanuja's request, Mahapurna.then also initiitiated Raksakambai.  Half the house was given ovever to Mahapurna and his wife, and every day Ramaranuja would study the Vaisnava scriptures in his asscsociation.