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Later that day, Ramanuja went to persuade KancTpurna to take lunch at his house the next day.Eventually KancTpurna agreed, saying, "Tomorrow I shall break free from the modes of nature by receiving food at the house of a  pure devotee.The next morning, Ramanuja instructed his wife, Raksakambal, that she should cook the very best preparations to honor their exalted guest, Sri KancTpurna. At once she began to cook and before noon had prepared  many different types of food. Seeing this Ramanuja was very pleased, and he set out for Kahcipurna's dsrama to bring him to take prasadam.KancTpurna could understand all Ramanuja's intentions, and so he came by another  way to his friend's house. When he arrived, he said to Raksakambal, "Mother, today I have to go to the temple very quickly. Please serve me with whatever is immediately available, for I cannot stay here for more than a few  minutes.My husband has gone to your house to bring you here,Raksakambal replied.If you wait for a short time he will soon return.I am afraid I cannot wait here for a moment,said KancTpurna. "How can I neglect my service of Lord  Varadaraja just for the sake of my stomach?So Raksakambal arranged a sitting place for Kancipurna and then with great attention served him all the different preparations she had cooked. As soon as he had finished eating,  KancTpurna stood up and cleaned the place where he had been eating with water mixed with cow dung. He offered his obeisances to Raksakambal and then quickly left the house, taking his leaf plate with him to discard at a  distant place. Raksakambal gave away all the remaining prasadam to a sudra woman and then, after taking a bath, began to cook again for her husband.In the meantime Ramanuja returned home and was very surprised to find his  wife still cooking. "Did KahcTpurna not come here?" he asked. "Why are you cooking again? Where is all the prasadam that you prepared this morning?Mahatma Kahcipurna came here," replied Raksakambal, "but he said that he  could not wait for you, as he had service to perform in the temple. Therefore, I served him his lunch and then gave whatever was left to a sudra woman.How could I serve you with the remnants of a sudras meal?Ramanuja was very  disturbed to hear his wife speak in such a way. "You foolish woman!" he exclaimed. "How can you think of Kahcipurna as no more than a sudral Because of you I am now unable to take the prasada of that purehearted devoŽtee,  and this is my great misfortune." Having said this, he sat down unhappily with his head in his hands.