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NITAAI-Veda.nyf > All Scriptures By Acharyas > Ramanujacharya > The Life Of Ramanujacarya > Chapter Three > RAKSAIAKAMBAL'S PRIDE



Six months passeced by quickly, while Ramanuja "By your carelessness a whole pitcher of water is wasted felt great satisfaction in hearing all the truths of Vaisnava philosophy from Mahapurna. One day, while both Ramanuja and  Mahapurna were away from home, Raksakambal went to the well to get water. It so happened that Mahapurna's wife was drawing water at the same time, and while so doing a few drops from her pitcher fell into that of  Raksakambal, who immediately flew into a rage. "Are you blind?" she shouted. "Look what you have done! By your carelessness a whole pitcher of water is wasted. Do you think that you can sit on my shoulders just because you  are the guru's wife? Just remember that my father's family is of a supe¬rior lineage to yours, so how can I use water that has been touched by you? But why should I blame you, for having fallen into the hands of this husband of mine  all my caste and position is lost.When she heard these harsh words, Maha¬purna's wife, who was by nature calm and modest, begged forgiveness from Raksakambal. However, being very disturbed by the woman's anger, she set  down her pitcher and began to weep quietly.When Mahapurna returned and found his wife in that distressed condition, he asked her what was the cause of her unhappiness. When he learned of everything that had taken place at  the well, Mahapurna became thoughtful. Eventually he said, "It is no longer the will of Lord Narayana that we should remain here, and for this reason he has caused you to hear these unkind words from the mouth of Raksakambal.  Do not be sorry over this matter, for whatever the Lord ordains is for our good. Because we have not worshipped the lotus feet of Lord Rahganatha for a long time, He now desires that we go back to Him.