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NITAAI-Veda.nyf > All Scriptures By Acharyas > Ramanujacharya > The Life Of Ramanujacarya > Chapter Three > MAHAPURNA IS SENT TO KANCHI AGAIN



After the disappearance of Sri Yamunacarya, none of his disciples was able to discourse on the scriptures in the same wonderful way that he had done. Tiruvarahga was now in charge of the dsrama, but he lacked the ability to  expound the meaning of the scriptures as his master had done. Everyone admired his devotional qualities and noted the fact that he spent so much of his time worshipping the Lord, but still the atmosphere in the dsrama was not  what it had been before.At that time both the married and unmarried devotees used to live together in the dsrama, while the wives would live in separate quarters outside in the city. Their time was passed for the most part in  worship of the Deity and the chanting of bhajans glorifying the Lord.In this way a year passed by uneventfully. On the anniversary of Alabandara's disappearance all his disciples gathered together, and Tiruvarahga addressed the  assembly. "It is now one year," he began, "since our gurwmahdrdja, Sri Yamunacarya, left us to return to the abode of Lord Narayana. While he was with us it was our great good fortune that every day we were able to hear his  nectarean words. However, since his disappearance no one has been able to describe the glories of the Lord in such an exquisite manner or expound all the subtle points of the scriptures as he was able to do. Although he  instructed that I should take over his poŽsition at the dsrama, I have to admit that I am incapable of properly executing this duty."All of you may recall how, just prior to his departure, our master desired to see SrT Ramanuja of  KancTpuram and sent Mahapurna there to fetch him. It is that great soul alone, the intimate friend of Kahcipurna, who, having been chosen by Sffman Alabandara himself, is competant to take on the responsibility as dcdrya for  this dsrama. Therefore, let one of us go to KancTpuram and, after initiating him, bring him here to Sri Rahgam. He will spread the teachings of Yamunacarya all over India, as he promised to do whilst looking at the body of our  preceptor."All the assembled devotees unanimously accepted Tiruvarahga's proposal, and Mahapurna was chosen to go to Kancipuram to initiate Ramanuja and bring him to Sri Rahgam. He was told, "If at present he is  reluctant to abandon the association of Kahcipurna, then do not press the matter. You may remain in

Kahci for one year, instructing him in all the bhaktusdstras. He need not be told that your purpose is to bring him to SrT  Rahgam.