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NITAAI-Veda.nyf > All Scriptures By Acharyas > Ramanujacharya > The Life Of Ramanujacarya > Chapter Three > LORD VARADARAJA'S INSTRUCTIONS TO RAMANUJA



The next day Kahcipurna arose and set off at once to return to Kahci. When Ramanuja heard of his return, he went to visit his friend. The two devotees felt great pleasure in regaining one another's association after such a long  period of time. After they had been talking for several hours, Ramanuja fully revealed his mind to KahcTpurna. "Since I left the school of Yadavaprakasa," he told him, "I have continued to study the scriptures alone. But there are  certain points I cannot understand, and this is causing a great disturbance to my mind. Please beg the Lord to enlighten me, for I know Sri Vara daraja will never deny any request that comes from your lips." KancTpurna agreed to  Ramanuja's request.The next day when the young brahmana came to visit him, he spoke very confidentially, "Last night Lord Varadaraja spoke to me and told me I should reveal the following six truths to you. These are the four  verses the Lord spoke to me:


aham eva param brahma jagat karana.karanam

ksetrajnesvaror bhedah siddha eva mahdmate

moksopdyo rxydsa evajandnam mukpim icchatdm

mad'bhaktandm jandndm ca nantim asmritir isyate

dehdvasdne bhaktdndm daddmi paramam padam

purndcdryam mahdtmdnam samdsraya gundsrayam

iti rdmdnujdrya mayotyam vada satvaram


Firstly, I am the Supreme Brahman, the cause of material nature, from which this universe has come into being. Second, the separate existence of the jiva souls and the Supreme Lord is an eternal truth. Third, surrendering to the  lotus feet of the Supreme Lord is the only true path for those who desire liberation. Fourth, devotees will certainly be liberated even if by chance they fail to remember Me at the time of death. Fifth, as soon as My devotees give up  their present bodies, I bring them to My supreme abode. Sixth, you should immediately take shelter of Mahatma Mahapurna, the reservoir of all good qualities. These are My instructions for Ramanuja.When Ramanuja heard these  words, he began to dance in ecstasy. He had not revealed his six doubts even to KancTpurna, but now the Lord had supplied the answers to all of them. Having offered obeisances to Sri Varadaraja and to KancTpurna, he returned  home and prepared to depart for SrT Rahgam. There he hoped to find Mahapurna, one of Yamunacarya's disciples, and take initiation from him.