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NITAAI-Veda.nyf > All Scriptures By Acharyas > Ramanujacharya > The Life Of Ramanujacarya > Chapter Three > DEPARTURE OF MAHAPURNA



Without waiting for Ramanuja to return, Mahapurna and his wife then collected together their few possessions and departed for Sri Rahgam. While Mahapurna was staying with him in KancTpuram, Ramanuja had been very  happy, looking upon his guru as the representative of Lord Narayana. During those six months they spent together, Ramanuja had studied about four thousand verses composed by the great Vaisnavas of south India. That morning  he had gone out to purchase fruit, flowers, and new cloth with which to make an offering to his guru, but, when he. returned to his house, he found Mahapurna's quarters deserted After searching all over the house, he inquired from a  neighbor, who told him that Mahapurna and his wife had left Kanci to return to SrT Rahgam. Anxious to discover what could have caused his guru's abrupt departure, Ramanuja went to speak to Raksakambal. She told him, "I had  a quarrel with the wife of your guru when we went to fetch water from the well this morning. I hardly spoke any harsh words to her at all, but the great man was so enraged that he left here almost immediately. I had heard that a  sadhu is supposed to have given up all feelings of anger, but it must be that he is a new sort of sddhu. I offer millions of obeisances at the feet of your sddhu.Ramanuja could hardly believe his ears when he heard his wife speak in  such a contemptuous and sarcastic way about Mahapurna, and he could not restrain his feelings. "0 sinful woman," he cried out, "it is a great sin even to look at your face." Having said this, he left the house and went to the temple  to offer the fruits and flowers he had purchased to Lord Varadaraja.