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NITAAI-Veda.nyf > All Scriptures By Acharyas > Ramanujacharya > The Life Of Ramanujacarya > Chapter Seven > YATlRAjA IN THE FOREST



Whilst his disciple was the hands of Koluttuhga, Yatiraja had been able to escape from sri Rahgam undetected. In the forest to the west of the city he met up with Govinda, Dasarathi, Dhanurdasa, and his other followers.  Fearing pursuit by the king's officers, they proceeded quickly through the forest in a westerly direction, walking constantly for two days and two nights without food of any kind. Eventually they lay down exhausted at the foot of a hill,  their feet blistered and their bodies cut by the forest thorns. In a short time the whole party was asleep.Near to where Ramanuja and his disciples lay was a village inhabited by canddlas, men of very lowly birth. When some of the  villagers saw a group of brdhmanas sleeping near to their homes, they were very anxious to render whatever service they could to these holy men. Therefore, without disturbing the sleepers, they collected large quantities of  different types of fruits from the forest and stacked them all around where the brdhmanas lay. Then they lit a fire nearby and stood waiting for the brdhmanas to awaken so that they could learn what had brought them to that remote  region.Eventually, Yatiraja and the others awoke re¬freshed from their sleep. When they saw the fruits, the fire, and the forest dwellers standing there ready to serve them, they could understand that Lord Narayana was protecting  them from the dangers of the forest. They quickly bathed in a nearby river and then, after offering the fruits to Lord Hari, they satisfied their hunger by feasting on theprasd' dam. From the words of the villagers Yatiraja came to  understand that they had crossed the border of the Chola kingdom and were now safe from the pursuit of Koluttuhga's men.