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NITAAI-Veda.nyf > All Scriptures By Acharyas > Ramanujacharya > The Life Of Ramanujacarya > Chapter Seven > THE PRINCESS'S DISTRESS



In fact, when the princess, whose name was Bibi Lachimar, came to learn that some brdhmartas had taken the Deity away, she was overwhelmed with grief, and all her father's efforts to console her were in vain. She refused to eatand grew weaker day by day, until it seemed she would certainly die if something were not done at once to remedy the situation. In great anxiety, the Emperor prepared to dispatch a company of soldiers to pursue the brah manasand take the Deity from themóby force if necessary. When Bibi Lachimar heard of this, she begged that she be allowed to accompany them, and the doting father readily acceded to her request.Therefore, in command of the troopof soldiers and surrounded by many servants, the princess mounted a decorated palanquin the next day and departed from the city of Delhi to find the form of the Supreme Lord who had so captivated her. A young man namedKuvera very much desired to marry Bibi Lachimar, and, in hopes of winning the princess's favor, he also went along with the party.In the meantime Ramanuja and his followers had been travelling as swiftly as they were able, and bythis time they were far ahead of their pursu¨ers. On this journey they were greatly assisted by the candalas, who carried the Deity and showed them the easiest routes to the south. Aided in this way, the Vaisnavas arrived atYSdavadri still a long way ahead of the pursuing Muslims.Thinking that there still might be danger, Yatiraja had SrTRamapriya installed in a concealed room in the temple, where He was worshipped in secret with only a fewdevotees aware of His presence. Meanwhile the princess continued southwards with her retinue, determined to recover the Deity who was the Lord of her heart. However, when they reached the borders of her father's domain, shebecame filled with despair, believing that she would never again set eyes on her worshipful Lord. Overwhelmed by lamentation, she shed many bit¨ter tears, and none of Kuvera's words of consola¨tion could alleviate her suffering.