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NITAAI-Veda.nyf > All Scriptures By Acharyas > Ramanujacharya > The Life Of Ramanujacarya > Chapter Seven > THE DEVOTION OF KUVERA



For all this time Kuvera also remained at Y§davadri, rendering service to the princess like a menial servant. When she gave up her life, he was so over¬come with sorrow that he could no longer stay there. Abandoning his Muslim  ways, he went to SrT Rahgam and took shelter of the lotus feet of Lord Rahganatha. Although he was not allowed to enter the temple, Kuvera remained outside singing the praises of Lord Narayana. He lived on whatever alms the  visitors to the temple would give him, see¬ing everything as the mercy of the Lord.Once, while absorbed in meditation on the Lord, he heard a voice speaking to him, saying, "Be¬cause you are unable to enter the temple, I cannot  bestow My full mercy upon you. Therefore you should go to NTlacala, for Lord Jagannatha is the deliverer of all beings.Having received this order, Kuvera journeyed to Jagannatha Pun. There he was able to see the tran¬scendental  form of SrT Jagannatha as He rode to GunQ'ica in the Rathayatra parade. Constantly glo¬rifying the Supreme Lord, Kuvera passed the re¬mainder of his days at Jagannatha Purl. By his unalloyed devotional service he became  com¬pletely pure at heart and liberated from all material attachments.Although Bibi Lachimar and Kuvera were born in Muslim families, they attained the highest perfec¬tion of life by the purity of their loving devotion. Devotion to  God is always completely spiritual, transcending all barriers of race, caste, and creed. To this day the Deity of Bibi Lachimar, the pure devotee of Ramapriya, is worshipped in several Vaisnava temples in south India.