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When they were fully rested, Ramanuja blessed the canddlas and continued with his party on their westward journey. That afternoon they came to another village and were guided to the house of a brahmana named SrT Rahgaá dasa. When they arrived the husband was still out begging alms, but his pious wife, Celahcalamba, considered herself fortunate to get this opportunity to render service to Vaisnavas. She invited them into the house, seated themá nicely and then immediately entered the kitchen to begin cooking. A short time later SrT Rahga dasa returned home and was also delighted to see so many Vaisnava guests in his house, including the famous amanujacarya.Whená the cooking was completed, the food was offered to Lord Visnu, and then the prasddam was distributed to the devotees, who all ate very heartily. For two days they remained in the house of Sri Rahga dasa, and just before leaving,á Yatiraja gave initiation to both husband and wife.When the Vaisnavas continued their journey, Sri Rahga dasa went with them as a guide. By evening they had reached a place known as Vahnipuskarini, where they remained forá two days. Then, taking leave of Sri Rahga dasa, they continued on to the village of Salagrama, where they stayed with a brdhmana named AndhrapGrna, who was a very renounced devotee. Having seen his good qualities,á Ramanuja initiated AndhrapGrna, who then became his personal servant. From that time on he always remained with his guru, desiring only to serve his lotus feet.AndhrapGrna told Yatiraja of a great devotee named PGrna whoá lived in the village of Bhakta grama, not far from Salagrama. Passing through Nrsimhaksetra, they then travelled to Bhaktagrama and remained for some time in the associaČtion of Sri Purna.