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NITAAI-Veda.nyf > All Scriptures By Acharyas > Ramanujacharya > The Life Of Ramanujacarya > Chapter Seven > KURESA AND LORD VARADARAjA



When Ramanujacarya, who was still residing in YSdavadri, came to hear about these wonderful benedictions that Kuresa had begged from Lord Varadaraja, he sent a message to his disciple in KahcTpuram. In this he said, "My  dear Kuresa, I am very glad to hear of the ecstasy you are feeling from delivering those who have wronged you. However, in this you have shown great selfishness by keeping the happiness to yourself. Now you must make me  happy as well by begging the Lord for the return of your sight. Do you not know that your body and mind are my property? Thus it is your duty to maintain them on my behalf.When Kuresa received this message, he felt jjubilant at  heart, thinking that now Ramanuja had accepted him as a fully surrendered servant. ImŽmediately he hastened to the temple and stood before Lord Varadaraja with folded hands. After singing the praises of the Lord for some time,  KuŽresa heard Lord Varadaraja speak to him once more, saying, "My dear devotee, what is your deŽsire? Tell Me and I shall fulfill your prayer.0 most merciful Lord," Kuresa answered, "some time ago I lost two valuable  possessions belonging to my master. By your grace I would like to recover them this day."Certainly two new eyes will now adorn your body," the Lord said, "and may they bring unlimited pleasure to your master. Just as My devotees  desire only to serve Me, so I take great pleasure in supplying everything to My devotees. In this way our exchanges of love become sweeter and sweeter.Gn hearing these words, Kuresa was overŽwhelmed by ecstasy and fell to the  ground unconŽscious. On awakening he realized that his vision was restored and that he was able to see as before. Bowing down before the Deity, he prayed, "0 Lord, it was You who gave me sight in the beginning of my life, it was  You who took it away and now it is You alone who have restored it to me. Who can understand Your inconceivable pastimes? Your naŽture is pure transcendental bliss, and anybody who comes in contact with You will experience  this bliss. I used to think of this world as a place of misŽery, but, now that You have revealed Yourself, I see only happiness in all directions. How great is my good fortune. How great is Your mercy.When people came to learn of this  miraculous cure by which Kuresa had regained his sight, they were all astonished. Wherever the news spread, it led to an increase in the reverence that was shown for Lord Visnu and the Vaisnava devotees. All the people of south  India thus came to have great faith in the teachings of Ramanujacarya and his followers.