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NITAAI-Veda.nyf > All Scriptures By Acharyas > Ramanujacharya > The Life Of Ramanujacarya > Chapter Seven > KURESA'S MERCY



After residing for some time at SrT Rartgam, KuŽresa, who had been blinded by Koluttuhga's men, went with his wife and children to Krsnacala. There he worshipped the Deity known as SrT Sundarabhuja and composed many  beautiful prayers in glorification of Lord Visnu and LaksmTdevT.When he learned that Yatiraja was now staying at >cidavadri, he went there, desiring to take shelter at the lotus feet of his beloved guru once more.Coming before  Ramanuja, Kuresa fell at his feet to offer obeisances. Raising him from the ground and embracing him warmly, Yatiraja said, "Today I have been purified by the touch of this great soul. This is an auspicious day for me." Kuresa shed  tears of joy and was so overcome by emotion that he could say nothing in reply.A few days later, while Ramanuja was talking with Kuresa, he instructed him to go back to KancTpuram. "Go and take shelter of Lord Varadaraja," he  told him, "for He will surely remove your blindŽness. King Koluttuhga is now dead, and so there is nothing to fear.Assisted by his wife and two sons, Kuresa went straight to KancTpuram where he engaged in the worship of SrT  Varadaraja. All day he would remain in the temple, constantly reciting bhajans in praise of the Supreme Lord. Eventually the Lord spoke to him, saying, "Kuresa, what is your desire? WhatŽever you want I shall give to you.

Kuresa then replied, "O Lord, my only prayer is that You bestow Your mercy on Caturgrama and deliver him from material existence.This prayer wonderfully reveals the true nature of a pure devotee, for it was this Caturgrama who  had caused all of Kuresa's suffering. Originally one of Kuresa's disciples, he had turned away from his spiritual master and become a minister in the court of King Koluttuhga. When the king was endeavourŽing to get signatures from  various Vaisnavas admit ting the supremacy of Lord Siva, it was Caturgrama who advised him that the submission of Yatiraja alone would be enough to bring about the converŽsion of the kingdom. Thus, although this sinful man  had been the cause of so many difficulties for the devotees, still Kuresa prayed that Lord Varadaraja would have mercy upon him.The Lord accepted this request and Kuresa conŽtinued singing His glories. Again the Lord spoke to  His devotee, offering him a benediction. This time Kuresa said to the Lord, "May King Koluttuhga be the object of Your greatest mercy." When Lord Varadaraja agreed to this, Kuresa was filled with ecstasy and without regard for his  own wellbeing, he left the temple and returned to his dsrama.