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NITAAI-Veda.nyf > All Scriptures By Acharyas > Ramanujacharya > The Life Of Ramanujacarya > Chapter Seven > DISCOVERY OF SRl YADAVADRIPATI



After the conversion of Visnuvardhana and his priests to Vaisnavism, Yatiraja remained in that city for several months in order to properly instruct his new disciples. Then, accompanied only by the fol¬lowers who had come with him  from SrfRahgam, he travelled on to the town of Yadavadri.One morning, a few days after their arrival, Ramanuja was walking through a tulasx grove when he saw something unusual sticking out a little way from underneath an  anthill. Calling for his fol¬lowers, he had them dig in that place, and it quickly became apparent that what Yatiraja had discov¬ered was a beautiful Deity of Lord Narayana. The Deity was cleansed and then installed upon an altar.

The older inhabitants of the town recalled their fathers speaking of a Deity known as k£davadripati, who had previously been worshipped there. "When a party of fierce Muslims attacked this country," they continued, "all the  inhabitants of the town fled in terror. The brahmanas hid the Deity somewhere to prevent the invaders from seiz¬ing Him. Since that time nobody has seen Lord VSdavadripati. Because of the greatness of your devotion, it seems the  Lord has decided to make Himself visible once more.Ramanuja then confirmed the words of the el¬ders by saying, "This is certainly Lord VSdavadripati, for last night He appeared to me in a dream and requested that His service be  reestablished in this place. Now all of you must work together to construct a beautiful temple for the worship of the Lord.Following the order of the acarya, Yatiraja's disci¬ples and all of the townspeople set to work. That same day  they constructed a spacious straw cottage in which Lord Y§davadripati might be worshipped.In less than one year, by dedicated performance of devotional service, a beautifully decorated stone temple was built in the town of  VSdavadri, and with great pomp, the Lord was moved to His new resi¬dence. A nice lake was dug outside the entrance to the temple, and the water was used for the daily bathing of the Lord. Around the shores of the lake the white  clay used by Vaisnavas for marking their bodies with tilaka was discovered. Previously they had to bring all of their tk[aka clay from the village of Bhaktagrama, and so this discovery saved them considerable inconvenience.