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NITAAI-Veda.nyf > All Scriptures By Acharyas > Ramanujacharya > The Life Of Ramanujacarya > Chapter Seven > BIBI LACHIMAR FINDS HER LORD



One night, unknown to anyone, Princess Bibi Lachimar slipped away from her attendants into the darkness of the forest. Only Kuvera noticed her absence, and he also left the party and went with her as she continued on farther  towards the south. Thinking only of her beloved Lord, the princess journeyed on, while Kuvera acted as a servant, bringing fruits from the forest to keep her alive.After travelling for several weeks, the couple ar¬rived at the town of  Yasaavadri. As if by divine inspi¬ration, Bibi Lachimar was certain that their long quest would end at this place. Being guided by the townspeople, she came to the temple of SrT Yasavadripati. There she fell at the feet of the

Vaisnavas and begged them to allow her to see her beloved Ramapriya once more. When Yatiraja came there, he saw at once that the girl's heart was filled with pure devotion. Thus, although she was a Muslim by birth, he ordered  that she be admitted to the temple to behold the beautiful form of SrT Ramapriya.From that time on Bibi Lachimar remained at YSdavadri, engaging in the service of the Lord and constantly singing His glories. After a short time she  gave up her body. Being immersed in continual thoughts of SrT Ramapriya, she returned to His eternal abode.