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The next morning when he arose and recalled the instructions the Lord had given him in the dream, Yatiraja felt great joy. When he had finished all his morning duties, he walked over to the monastery where Yajnamurti was  staying. On seeing the blissful effulgence in Ramanuja's face the impersonalist was completely amazed, thinking to himself, "Yesterday, Ramanuja returned to his asrama greatly disappointed and on the verge of defeat. But today  he returns looking like one of the gods. I can see that he is divinely inspired, and thus it is futile to argue with him any longer. This man has indeed attained full perfection. Anger and Dr,de never approach him, and his face giows  with a transcendent beauty. I shall atone for my sinfulness by becoming his disciple and thus destroy the root of my false pride."Having made this decision, Yajnamurti fell down to offer obeisances to Ramanuja, who then adjessed  him, "O Yajnamurti, such behavior is notproper for a great man like yourself. Why this delay in resuming the debate?0 great soul," replied the scholar, "I am no longer the same wrangler who has tried to overcome you with clever  arguments for so many days. I will argue no longer with a pure devotee such as yourself. I stand before you not as a rival, but as your eternal servant. Please fill up my darkened heart with the light of your purity."Yatiraja was not  surprised by the transformation that had taken place in Yajnamurti, for he clearly recalled the words spoken to him by Sri Devaraja, the Deity installed in the dsrama. He realized that it was only through the mercy of the Lord that the  proud pandita had gained the jewel of humility. Then, speaking in a gentle voice, Ramanuja said to the scholar, "May the name of sri Devaraja be ever glorified, for his grace can melt even the stones. To give up pride in one's  learning is all but impossible for any man, but by His mercy it has been made possible. You are supremely fortunate.When I have been given the chance to meet a pure devotee such as yourself, then I am indeed fortunate," said  Yajnamurti. "Now please instruct me. Show me how to become a devotee of theLord."On receiving this surrender from the famous pandita, Yatiraja at once prepared to initiate him into the Vaisnava sampradaya.Yajnamurti anointed  his body with tilaka and then accepted the symbolsof Lord Visnu: the conchshell, disc, club and lotus. Because he had been delivered by the mercy of sri Devaraja, Ramanujacarya gave Yajnamurti the name Devarajamuni and  instructed him, "Now that your learning has been freed from the contamŽination of pride, it can shine forth upon the world. You should engage yourself in writing books which perfectly explain the behavior and philosophy of the  Vaisnavas." It was in accordance with this orŽder fromhis guru that Devarajamuni later wrote two wonderful devotional literatures, Jndnasdra and Prameya'Sdra.