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NITAAI-Veda.nyf > All Scriptures By Acharyas > Ramanujacharya > The Life Of Ramanujacarya > Chapter Four > THE HUMILITY OF DEVARAjAMUNI



A few days later, four intelligent, devoted young men approached Ramanuja and begged for initiation from him. When he had heard their request, Yatiraja considered the matter for a little while and then told them, "Go to  Devarajamuni and become his disciples. He is not only a great pandita, but also a most advanced devotee of Lord Narayana." Accepting this order with great respect, the four young men duly became disciples of Devarajamuni.  That previously arrogant scholar, however, was not t all pleased to find himself in a position where he iad to accept worship and veneration from disci¬ples. "What a disturbance this is to me," he thought, "I have been endeavoring  with all my strength to rid myself of vanity, but now I am forced to become a guru and listen to my praises being sung."In bewilderment he approached Ramanuja and humbly submitted, "O master, I am your surrendered servant.  Why do you behave so cruelly towards me? By your grace I have endeavored to shake off the demon of false pride, so why do you hurl me once more into the arms of vanity by order¬ing me to become a guru? I am not detached  enough to accept such a position, so please allow me to remain here as your menial servant. For me, to be in such a position would be the supreme perfection."Highly pleased by his disciple's words, Yatiraja embraced evarajamuni  and said warmly, "I did all this simply to test whether you had truly over¬come your pride. Now that you have passed the test, you should remain here with me and Lord Devaraja." Devarajamuni was very satisfied to receive this  order from his guru. He passed the remaining years of his life absorbed in rendering service to the lotus feet of his spiritual master and Lord Devaraja.