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NITAAI-Veda.nyf > All Scriptures By Acharyas > Ramanujacharya > The Life Of Ramanujacarya > Chapter Four > REVEALING THE SECRET MANTRA



Having taken leave of sri Gosthipurna, Ramanuja, in a joyful mood, began to return to sri Rahgam. But as he was walking, he began to think about the potency of the mantra that had been given to him. While thinking in this way,  he became filled with feelings of compassion for the sufferings of all living beings in this material world. Then, as he was walking near the walls of the Visnu temple in Tirukkotiyur, he began to call out to all the people who were  passing by, "Please, all of you, come near to Lord Visnu's temple, and I will give you a priceless jewel!Attracted by his pure expression and unusual words, a large crowd of men, women, and children began to follow him. A rumor  began to spread all over the town that a prophet had appeared who could fulfill all of one's desires. Within a short time a huge crowd had assembled outside of the temple. On seeing this mass of humanity, Yatiraja's heart swelled  with joy. He embraced the two disciples who had accompanied him, Dasarathi and Kuresa, and then climbed up the tower of the temple.In a loud voice he began to address the gathering: "All of you are more dear to me than my  own life. Therefore I have a strong desire to deliver you from the torments and sufferings all of us must undergo in this temporary world. Please recite this mantra which I have obtained for you. Do this, and the Lord's mercy will be  upon you.When they heard Ramanuja's words, all the people in the crowd called out, "Please tell us the mantra. Shower the Lord's blessings upon us!Then Yatiraja called out in a deep resounding voice the mantra he had just  received from Gosthipurna: om namo narayanaya. Immediately the crowd The crowd called out the sacred words together produce ing a sound like thunder.responded, everyone calling out the sacred words together, producing a  sound like thunder. Twice more Ramanuja called out the mantra, and twice more the thunderous response resounded from the crowd.Every person became silent and looked at one another with feelings of deep ecstasy in their  hearts. At that time it seemed that the earth had become Vaikunfha. The faces of the men, women and children were flushed with joy and it seemed that all miseries were gone from the earth. Those who had come running to the  temple hoping to receive gold or jewels, immediately forgot their worldly desires, feeling as if they had been given a diamond in place of a piece of broken glass.As the joyful crowd melted away, men and women came and  prostrated themselves before Yatiraja, considering themselves most blessed to have received such a benediction from that great soul. Ramanuja then climbed down from the tower and began walking towards Gosthipurna's  residence to worship the feet of his guru.