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After this, at Mahapurna's request, Ramanuja again studied the writings of the south Indian devotees, this time under the direction of Vararahga.When this study was complete, GosojjijtHipurna approached him with another  devotee, sssaying, "This great soul, SrT Maladhara, comes froo'ornTithe city of SrTmadhura in the land of the Pandyasasw where I was born. He is a learned scholar and onerre a of the foremost disciples of Yamunacarya. He .9  tanas fully understood the Sathari'sukta, the thouioussand songs composed by the great devotee Sathsrfianiri. Learn all of this from him, and you will surely becbeBlessed by Lord Narayana.Following the order of his guru,  Ramaiarinuja began to study at the feet of Maladhara. On Onesday, however, the teacher gave an explanation cnofMone of the verses which seemed improper to Ramumsignuja, who put forward a different understanding!. .Being  offended at what he saw as his studentht'sjsgreat audacity, Maladhara immediately left S SrlirT Rahgam and returned to his home.When Gosthipurna heard what had odWhappened, he went to visit his god brother and  askfckesed, Could Ramanuja absorb the full meaning offcoff the Thousand Songs? To this inquiry Maladhara ran teplied by explaining everything that had taken pk plslace in Sri Rahgam."My dear brother," said GosthTpurn.ra,a(  "do not judge him as you would an ordinary rm msngn. None of us can understand Yamunacarya as s intimate thoughts and desires to the extent thaliatltthe can. Therefore, when he gives some explanasnatintion of the verses, you  should hear him as if our beldslovoved guru,Alabandaira himself, were speaking.Acting on this advice from GosthTpurna, Maladhara returned to SrT Rahgam and resumed his teaching to Ramanuja. A few days later Ramanuja  again spoke out to give some different explanation of a particular verse, but this time, instead of being annoyed, Maladhara listened to him with great at¬tention. When he heard Ramanuja's explanation of the verse, Maladhara was  amazed to see the young sannyasx's profound and inspired understanding of Vaisnava philosophy. In a mood of great reverence, he circumambulated Ramanuja and then brought forward his son to be his disciple.